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  1. LiefDuivel

    Wait for check-up, or call emergency line?

    So my 7yp Budgie, Genji, is going for his pshycial/general check up on Tuesday, but he seems a bit off and I wanted to check if it sounds like I should call the emergency line, or wait until his appointment (pending worse symptoms of course) Hes been a bit less social with me, nipping at me and...
  2. G

    Is my conure making my budgie hormonal?

    Hi everyone, my female budgie (Ocean) and my female pineapple conure (Zendaya) are extremely close. So close that I believe that Zendaya is making Ocean hormonal. Ocean constantly lays eggs but immediately abandons them and will go right back to feeding Zendaya. I’m just trying to figure out if...
  3. Zygodactylous

    Budgie cere changed color—Normal or needs vet?

    Hi everyone, I adopted this little friend, Banana, one year ago from a local rescue. I was told they were male but now I am not sure. I don’t know their age. The entire time I’ve had them, they have had a pale bluish cere. Today I noticed it is a solid reddish brown. Is this a normal thing for...
  4. LiefDuivel

    Budgie seems confused, not sure if i should be worried

    My 7 year old budgie, genji, has had no health issues in the years I've had him, and been really healthy. But in the past few days he's been exhibiting strange behavior? Sometimes, usually when I am near the cage, or he's out of the cage with me, he'll stop and tilt his head side ways or crane...
  5. StygianEchoes

    Is this safe as a liner?

    I cannot buy any conventional trays for the bottom of my cage, as it’s too big. So I need to find an alternative. After looking around for a bit, I’ve come across this company called G Floor. I was wondering if these rubber mats (used for garage flooring) would be safe for budgies. I’m most...
  6. ASmallBirb

    Suspected Broken Blood Feather Help (With Additional Issues Due To Recently Passed Away Partner)

    Hi everyone! So, first thing, a quick little hello again! I was on this forum a little bit a few years back, but then got busy, and didn't use it for so long that I forgot I even had an account XD But I am very glad to be back now! Now, to the bigger point at hand here: My two and a bit year...
  7. Limon

    Is coconut oil safe for budgies?

    It's going to be my first time baking birdie bread for Limon and I was wondering if it's ok to grease a ceramic ramekin with coconut oil. I've heard parchment paper isn't the safest so I'm at a loss for what to use instead.
  8. C

    Leg band help please

    My budgie passed last night and I really want to know what his leg band represents? Anyone know what a purple band with the letters BBF 5032 means? He was rescued in Omaha, Nebraska @ 2017. Thank you!
  9. Limon

    Mysterious thing on budgie's feet

    Could anyone identify what this is on my budgie's feet? She's had it ever since I got her, which was back in March. At first I thought it was mites, but she isn't showing any symptoms that suggest that e.g: crustiness around the cere, sneezing and breathing problems. Could it be tiny feathers...
  10. StygianEchoes

    Bird Safe Mats?

    I’ve recently ordered a large outdoor cage for my budgies that will be kept indoors. The problem is that it doesn’t come with a bottom tray, so I’m going to have to find or make my own. I was wondering if anyone knows of any bird-safe material that I could use to cover the bottom with? Would a...
  11. B

    adult budgie that can't fly?

    hi. i made this account just to post this as i'm not quite sure what to do. i have two budgies, male brothers, who are a little under two years old (they turn 2 in june). both are happy, healthy and active. they were purchased from a breeder and their wings have NOT been clipped. the first...
  12. Wendyglc

    Budgie one side wing still bleeding

    Could anyone give me some advice please? I adopted two budgies on Feb 11 and found that the green one's right wing was bleeding on the edge. Their previous owner has cut their fly feathers to prevent them flying away. I had the suspect that he has cut too deep and injured the poor bird...
  13. H


    After my budgie’s mate has died he has become depressed but he is showing signs of a sleepy bird, like tucking his head into his back. I don’t know if this is normal for a grieving budgie and I’m already concerned for him. If you have any other questions regarding the matter please ask me.
  14. BabyBirdMa

    My Parakeets Keep Dying

    First, Gus died suddenly over night and now, Heisenbird has terminal Cancer which is apparently common?! What do I do? How do I protect my birds? Why does this keep happening to me?
  15. MonaBlaire

    Hi all from Southern Ontario

    I’m a new bird mom of Ducky :budgie: and Nandor:bpletm: Both are not yet hand tame so I feel I’m really starting from scratch and am hoping to learn lots from everybody here :greet15: I’ve done tons of reading online but I think having this resource while putting everything into practice will be...
  16. Raisins

    Budgie has to stay in her transport cage for a week

    So, today I brought one of my budgerigars to the vet, because there was a scar on her large growth on the abdomen. They prescribed an antibiotic ointment and feverfew extract and gave me a plastic cone-like thing to put around her head. They also told me to keep her in the transport cage for a...
  17. V

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots?

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots? Or are they rather aggressive or territorial? We have a parrotlet and a budgie living in the same room (our living room). Each has its own cage, but cages stay open, birds spend daytime with us, only sleeping in cages. I'd...
  18. B

    Poor Posture in Budgie?

    My budgie tends to lean forward when perching, which I assume isn't normal because my other budgie sits up straight. He also been sneezing often these past months, and has some extra weight behind his legs. Any ideas on what it could be about? Money's too tight to see a vet atm so help would be...
  19. J

    Budgie That Gurgles

    Hello! So, I have two little adorable birds, and they are specifically budgies. One of my budgies, we’ll call her S, has been having this issue with her throat (?) I am unsure, but it sounds like she’s trying to keep a lot of mucus down. When I got my other budgie, we’ll call him N, he always...
  20. JulietRose

    Budgie and Quaker problems

    Ever since one of my budgies passed, my other budgie has been trying to hang out with my Quaker. I don’t let them out of the cage together because I don’t want Lemonade (my budgie) getting hurt, but they sit with each other through the cage bars (Lemonade on the outside, Milo on the inside) all...