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  1. BabyBirdMa

    Why did my baby budgie suddenly die?

    On Friday morning, I found one of my parakeets, Gustavo, dead at the bottom of the cage with no signs of trauma. His feet were clinging to the cage bars and his head was tilted to one side. I am having a necropsy preformed and I have scheduled a checkup for the other parakeets just in case he...
  2. Carp5699

    Budgie hangs out at the bottom of cage and other questions

    So I heard budgies or other birds stay at the bottom of their cage if there's a problem. Cloudy is a healthy budgie and goes to the top of his cage to eat and sleep, but for the majority of the day stays at the bottom. I think it may be because he loves the sola ball toys down there, but I'm not...
  3. A

    Abandoned baby budgie

    Hi! So i have a baby budgie that the mother rejected and threw it out of the nest. So i’m hand feeding it and i’m new to this. I’ve read online that we have to feed every 2 hours from 6am till midnight. Do i have to feed the baby at night as well after every 2 hours? Because i’ve read on...
  4. JulietRose

    Urgent Budgie acting off

    So, I may be overreacting, but my budgie was sitting very still on my floor so I went to check if she was ok and she didn’t really react to me coming over, which is weird for her because she isn’t very tame. She let me scoop her up to check for injures (which is also weird, because she never...
  5. OrangIsld

    Is this a broken foot?

    I just noticed this on my budgie, her foot appears to be stuck like this after she slipped off her perch after a bath - not sure if this is the cause or I only just noticed from a previous injury She appears to be standing on it fine, and is grooming it okay, but the toes dont change shape as...
  6. anabiaiste

    My bird is agressive.

    She was in a small cage, and that was bad; so we got a new bigger cage and put her in. She is not scared of the cage, but she is suddenly agressive she bites my finger all the time. and even when i am feeding her treats, once she is done eating the treat from my hand she suddenly bites my...
  7. JulietRose

    Stopping budgies from landing certain places?

    Hello! I hope this is the right place to post this. So, I have one of those canopy beds without drapes and my budgies keep trying to land on it, I wouldn’t have a problem with this except they sit at the perfect angle to poop on my sheets which obviously isn’t hygienic. They also climb onto my...
  8. Bloop'sMom


    I'm new here! I have a very lovely companion who came to me with the name "Blue". I feel strange calling him blue because he is very clearly green! I call him "Bloop", "Boo" and "Booboo", thinking it's close enough to what he has been called before. He is very sweet, calm most of the time, but...
  9. N

    Help with weird budgie sounds

    Hi, I am new here so I hope I'm doing this right I have a 2 year old female albino budgie and today she's started making weird sounds I hadn't heard before, so I am a bit worried. They're this kind of high pitched, soft "eeeeee" breathy sounds, I don't know how to describe them other than...
  10. AlfieMyBab

    911 Budgie regurgitating, fluffy, and lethargic.

    My sweet boy Alf, 8 years old, was absolutely fine yesterday. Today, he's been... Off... I love him so much and have never been this close to a rescue budgie before. He's been regurgitating a lot today, at first he was just eating it again, and he was talking to me, so I didn't worry (he got a...
  11. berrynkiwi

    No more pellets left for my birds

    I ordered pellets for my budgies around 6 days before it ran out and the order said it would arrive in 3 days. There was a huge delay and it now says it will take 5 more days for the pellets to be delivered to my house. Unfortunately, there aren't many pet stores near my area and the ones that...
  12. berrynkiwi

    Mealtimes for chop

    I've been feeding my budgies (2) bird chop in the morning and afternoon (along with giving them pellets in their food bowl and seeds as a treat). This is my first time as a bird owner and I'm just wondering, what time/ how many times should I feed my birds chop in a day? Should I continue...
  13. K

    Urgent My Parakeet is constantly tail bobbing after laying eggs

    Hello, please help! My parakeet (Blue) has been laying an egg here or there over the past 2-3 weeks which wasn't an issue then. Recently she has developed a constant slow tail bobbing after the two recent eggs. I checked and she doesn't seem to be egg bound and her behavior is normal. It's just...
  14. F

    Urgent Budgie has injured cere

    Hi, my budgie Frosty escaped and started flying around the house. We managed to catch him and put him back in the cage as a last resort using a cloth. As we put him back in the cage, I noticed he had injured his cere. I am not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. donutweall

    Slow to change iris color

    Just passed our first year "gotcha" date for miss Potato. She still had some faintly visible barring on her head when I got her, so she's not too much older than a year, but her iris has been slow to change color. You can see a faintly gray ring in bright light, but it usually looks black. Is...
  16. Carp5699

    What sola toys are best for budge

    I'm looking at a few different kinds of Sola toys on Amazon right now, and im stuck on which ones to choose because I'm not sure what's best for a budgie. They all say foot toys, and I'm not sure I've seen budgies use foot toys before Here are the links: https://a.co/d/9FmpFUb...
  17. Joe Henderson

    Budgie bad leg diagnosed enlarged teste

    My budgie for the past 2 years 2 moths in the beginning of summer where his left leg becomes lame and he holds it up all the time never weight bearing.. happened the exact same time two years in a row we gave Lupron it worked so we said it way enlarge teste,, the second vet that did ct scan did...
  18. AussieBird

    Continuation of LJ's Health Stuff

    The poor guy looked like misery today :( I am hoping he's just still recovering from his appointment yesterday. He'll probably be going in again soon, maybe Friday unless he doesn't improve tomorrow. For those who haven't been following his medical stuff LJ has been the vet twice in the last two...
  19. Rio&Friend

    Something problem to my bird eye (sad update#7)

    I don't know what happened but suddenly my bird eye is injured. Please tell me :budgie:ASAP
  20. M

    Urgent please help my budgie is bleeding from its bum and i сant do anything right now

    i just came home (its 11pm here) and i noticed my budgies bum is bleeding. i never have noticed it until now. the blood is bright red, i have had him for 5/6 years now , hes housed alone and he never had problems up until now (except once, when he had problems with eating 2020 because we had...