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  1. M

    Cockatiel being over preened by cage mate

    Hi there! I have a 3 year old white faced cockatiel who is currently being housed with an English budgie that’s about 1.5 years old. They’ve bonded well and have been together for a bit over 6 months without issue. I have them in a breeding cage to used to have the divider put in the middle but...
  2. LiefDuivel

    Sneezing and Weird Doubling Over Motion - Urgent

    I have a video attached of the weird motion, it's really scaring me and i'm not sure if he's okay. I have a vet appointment scheduled on the 3rd, and i just need to make sure he'll be okay until then - that's 4 days away. He's been sneezing a lot the past few days, but had no nasal discharge or...
  3. B

    New budgie climbing cage

    Hello, this is my fourth day having my new budgie pepper. He is a young bird and I got him from petsmart so his previous cage wasn’t that big. This morning I uncovered his cage and he was in the bottom corner which was weird cause last night he was on a perch. Anyways, later this morning he...
  4. LilyPoll12

    New budgie owner, stressed budgie Help

    I’ve recently brought a new budgie, I have always loved birds and owned 2 different pairs of budgies in the past. This one is on his own as I didn’t have much luck taming the others in pairs, he’s been fine, completely normal new budgie behaviour, not eating, drinking, moving, but I’m quite...
  5. LiefDuivel

    Weird behavior or normal for this time of year?

    Hey yall! long time no chirp, but i've had a busy year! It's a pretty dry time of year, and my 7 yo budgie Genji, always sneezes a little more often this time of year. But this year i'm noticing it's more often than normal, along with a few other things. He's sneezing 5 or so times a day and...
  6. Animals72

    Help! Birds beak is deformed I think

    Hi, I have a bird named crystal and she is about 1 years old. She is a parakeet/budgie and I’ve noticed her beak has been getting long. I put mineral blocks in the cage and cuttlebone but she isn’t using it. Her bottom beak looks to be growing to the side and there’s all sorts of crusty stuff on...
  7. polaryse

    Advice for adding new flock members?

    Good evening, Recently I've been thinking about possibly adding a new bird to my flock in the future, but I'm a little worried about how they would get along with my current birds. I currently have two budgies (Milo and Nala) that are somewhere around a year old and a green cheek conure (Henry)...
  8. LiefDuivel

    Peppermint smells

    Hi there, i just wanted to check if the smell of peppermint/menthol can be harmful to a budgie? I sometimes use a mint pain spray for my body that smells very strongly of menthol and was scared if it could be bad for a budgies lungs and eyes. Its not pure menthol or an essential oil, but still...
  9. AdVance477

    Considering Rehoming My Feathered Friends

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and joined so I could share my thoughts with others on this topic. This is going to be a long post and a bit of a ramble, so apologies in advance. :( For the past year and a half or so I have been considering rehoming my three birds. I have my...
  10. L


    I found my budgie has been extremely weak cannot walk or fly and is always asleep. The weather has been cold and raining and this may have caused it. Is there any option other than taking it to a vet?
  11. T

    Pictures Gender and Age?

    Hey everyone! I got 2 new little babies a couple of weeks ago. We called them Bing (yellow head) and Bong (blue tummy) after the TV show Tiny planets. I love them soooo much! The lady I got them from told me they were both around 9 weeks old, however I feel Bing is a lot older than Bong? I also...
  12. LiefDuivel

    Urgent Night fright - consussion worries

    Genji had his first night fright in months about an hour ago. It didn't last long since I was sitting just a few feet away, and got to him In less than 10 seconds, but I'm worried he may have hit his head, since I found him in the upper corner on a perch when I lifted the blanket. For the...
  13. Teza2plays

    New Friend?

    My first budgie recently passed and I was wondering if I should wait to get another parrot? I currently now have a budgie and a cockatiel that lived with my late budgie. They’ve all lived together for little over a year and I’m not sure if I should wait or get a new budgie/parrot soon. I was...
  14. R

    Urgent my budgie has a scratch/wound on his cere, i'm not sure if it's normal

    i'm not sure of the particular reason for this but a few hours ago, my budgie had a scratch on his nose. i didn't notice it at the time but i've noticed it now. i attached his nose before and after. if it's bad what should i do?
  15. LiefDuivel

    Hanging sideways on the wall of the cage?

    Recently my budgie Genji (7) has been hanging onto the wall of the cage, sideways, a lot. Specifically its next to his cuttle bone. There's a perch leading right up to it, but he'd rather chew on it while hanging sideways I suppose. That's all well and good, but often time he doesn't even chew...
  16. Z

    Urgent Budgie is making gurgling sounds when breathing (not consistent but enough to be noticeable)

    My rescue is making these noises when breathing, not always, I notice he does it when he’s stressed or sometimes at night (not beak grinding). I’ve been looking all over for similar situations but so far found no other posts or people talking about what it could possibly be. See Link for video...
  17. R

    Video Should I separate by two budgies?

    I'll cut to the chase, taming my two budgies is fine but i've been growing increasibly more worried about how aggressive they are with eachother, the cage is big with a decent amount of perches, each one has a bowl for food and a place to drink from but they still fight in a way that really...
  18. R

    Progress with my budgies

    My budgies have been slowly getting accustomed to me, and after flying away for a couple of times they've come to ,somehow, trust me more than they did before trying to make a run for it. They eat out of my hands and consistently get onto it to eat, they don't get spooked if i put a finger in...
  19. Cutieburb

    Kaeya won’t leave room.

    Hi Everyone, first time poster here! I have a cute female budgie named Kaeya, she’s a solo bird because either my mom or I am always home - so she’s never really alone. She has her own room connected to the living room, kitchen, and dining room; so she hears us for the majority of the day...
  20. Ren

    New Budgie Acting Odd

    I've had Tobi (budgerigar) for 3 days now. He's eating little (but often) and drinking but hes constantly fluffed up and very quiet... even when out of his cage. I'm not sure if he's just not settled in or something is wrong... we didn't have this sort of behaviour from our other budgies and...