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  1. H


    After my budgie’s mate has died he has become depressed but he is showing signs of a sleepy bird, like tucking his head into his back. I don’t know if this is normal for a grieving budgie and I’m already concerned for him. If you have any other questions regarding the matter please ask me.
  2. BabyBirdMa

    My Parakeets Keep Dying

    First, Gus died suddenly over night and now, Heisenbird has terminal Cancer which is apparently common?! What do I do? How do I protect my birds? Why does this keep happening to me?
  3. MonaBlaire

    Hi all from Southern Ontario

    I’m a new bird mom of Ducky :budgie: and Nandor:bpletm: Both are not yet hand tame so I feel I’m really starting from scratch and am hoping to learn lots from everybody here :greet15: I’ve done tons of reading online but I think having this resource while putting everything into practice will be...
  4. Raisins

    Budgie has to stay in her transport cage for a week

    So, today I brought one of my budgerigars to the vet, because there was a scar on her large growth on the abdomen. They prescribed an antibiotic ointment and feverfew extract and gave me a plastic cone-like thing to put around her head. They also told me to keep her in the transport cage for a...
  5. V

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots?

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots? Or are they rather aggressive or territorial? We have a parrotlet and a budgie living in the same room (our living room). Each has its own cage, but cages stay open, birds spend daytime with us, only sleeping in cages. I'd...
  6. B

    Poor Posture in Budgie?

    My budgie tends to lean forward when perching, which I assume isn't normal because my other budgie sits up straight. He also been sneezing often these past months, and has some extra weight behind his legs. Any ideas on what it could be about? Money's too tight to see a vet atm so help would be...
  7. J

    Budgie That Gurgles

    Hello! So, I have two little adorable birds, and they are specifically budgies. One of my budgies, we’ll call her S, has been having this issue with her throat (?) I am unsure, but it sounds like she’s trying to keep a lot of mucus down. When I got my other budgie, we’ll call him N, he always...
  8. JulietRose

    Budgie and Quaker problems

    Ever since one of my budgies passed, my other budgie has been trying to hang out with my Quaker. I don’t let them out of the cage together because I don’t want Lemonade (my budgie) getting hurt, but they sit with each other through the cage bars (Lemonade on the outside, Milo on the inside) all...
  9. Kiryuter

    My budgie is regurgitating on his bell?

    Hi there, my male budgie Arei is hormonal ( first time ) and I am not sure on what to do. Whenever I take his entire toy out to clean because of the mess on it, he follows after it and screams / chirps very loudly almost sounding like he’s agitated, but then the second he is near it he calms...
  10. MooFish


    Hey, I'm talking about Norman, my a little over 2yrs old budgie. He's a boy. He's always been a bird that molts a lot, but it was light shedding for the most part. I can't remember exactly when, but he stopped molting. He was normal other than that. Just like 2 or so days ago he's been losing...
  11. susanoo

    Pictures Hii! <3

    Hello! I'm Macky! I have 4 precious budgie babies and I often have questions, so I joined this forum! They're doing just fine right now! I think I'm doing a wonderful job at taking care of 'em! But I may have questions in the future, so it'll be good to have this resource! :) These are my...
  12. M

    Budgie and finch wood perch and gymnasium

    Natural perches for free to good home. SACRAMENTO, CA Hello! I wanted to offer up some stands that I made for my budgies but aren't able to use because of my household situation. They are made of two high quality birch wood plywood that was garnished and I added wheels to the bottom. Then...
  13. JulietRose

    Force feeding tips?

    I have to force feed my budgie some medication, and I was wondering the best way to do it? I’ll need to do this twice a day with a syringe (two medications with a smaller tip syringe, one with a fairly large tip syringe). So, what’s the most comfortable/least stressful way to do this? I’d like...
  14. JulietRose


    One of my budgies is seemingly pretty sick, I would take her to the vet, but for personal reasons, I can’t take her, and it may be a while til I can. I’m very worried she won’t make it and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on what she might have and how I can help her. She been shaking and...
  15. I

    Vet visit...

    Hello everyone my budgie is turning 8 and she’s been sneezing when I put her to bed and has dried clear discharge above her nares in the morning. I made an appointment with an avian vet for Monday but am very nervous and worried the stress might make her more sick..she’s acting totally normal...
  16. I

    How do I get budgies to trust me

    I've had 2 budgies for about two weeks, and they seem not to trust me at all. They keep turning their backs on me and when I get too close, they sometimes try to fly into the cage. Is this normal or should I do something about it? How do I make 2 budgies trust you? Thanks.
  17. H

    Maybe i should have said hello first... oops

    I guess I just jumped right on here with questions about my bird with zero intro. Still hoping he'll be better with a close watch, bland warm foods, and a warm humidity control area until someone can see him or it clears up... Anyways hello! So glad I could find forms with bird care because so...
  18. D

    HELP! Budgies excessively plucking feathers

    Hello, this is my first post so I am not really sure where to start. I have 2 budgies, Willow and Kiwi. Willow is approx 6-7 months old and Kiwi is 3-4 months. Willow was previously living with Basil, my older bird who passed suddenly from an allergic reaction to meds for a respiratory...
  19. JulietRose

    Urgent Budgie possibly getting ready to lay eggs?

    My budgie has as of recently (past day or two) been showing signs that could possibly be her wanting to lay eggs, or her being sick. She’s been sitting in one place more and sleeping a lot, though she’s happily preening as normal. She hasn’t been eating as much even though she usually has a good...
  20. berrynkiwi

    Driftwood: safe or not??

    Recently, I have been struggling to find good perches for my budgies since most of the ones I've found are mostly in the same shape. I want to get them better perches to better exercise their feet. I found some driftwood online in good shapes for my budgies, I can easily do some handwork and...