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  1. Jxdeeyy

    Budgie not getting better

    Hi, so I’ve given my budgie 2 rounds of different antibiotics prescribed by my vet. She seems to get better each time but then her symptoms come back. Now we have moved house and my budgies are still getting used to the environment, I’ve cleaned and hoovered everywhere, left the windows open...
  2. B

    Does my budgie closing his eyes necessarily mean he is sick?

    Hello! I'm a long time bird fan, but a very new and inexperienced bird owner. My family recently got me two budgies to help us cope with the loss of another bird we had been caring for (long and sad story, I may post about him in the Highway to Heaven area). When I was talking to them to help...
  3. Pastel

    Budgie room color

    Hello everyone! I haven’t posted a thread in a while, and for those of you who know, Pastel was sick but she seems to have recovered fully. She is happy and playing with her toys, eating on her own and is less anxious overall! I’m going to include a picture I’m planning on restoring my current...
  4. S

    New Budgie Concerns

    Hey everyone. My husband and I just adopted two new budgies as first time bird owners. We did lots of research (I actually read quite a few posts from this website during my research) and felt like we had prepared ourselves the best that we could. We bought both budgies from PetSmart two days...
  5. Joe Henderson

    Enlarged testicles

    The vet things my male budge is has enlarged testicles she has giving a shot of Lupron and antibiotic, I had brought him in because his left leg was bothering him, She gave him meloicam and gabapentin, the long term antibiotic was taken off for some reason,, I called the pet pharmacy to make...
  6. redrose27

    Urgent Budgie throwing up

    Today (around 10pm) I gave kony (budgie) her medicine for gout which has caused her to throw up before but this time it was violent. She constantly kept going at it throwing up seed and a very very light pink substance which I think is the medicine but it came out almost white and a bit foamy...
  7. M

    Need help with young budgie :(

    My recently found a young budgie outside at our neighbourhood a day ago. We're assuming its been taken care of by someone else before because it went to my dad when he reached his hands out. As we had no cages to house it in and neither could we get one because it was already late at night, we...
  8. M

    Urgent Need advice and some help

    Hello! This is my 1st time own a bird or any pet. I wanted a pet for a long time, but was not allowed to. One day, I bought some budgies and now one for them is sick and in my country there aren't many vet hospitals for animals (and birds specially) , also due to covid, I'm not able to go...
  9. M

    If I had a penny for every time I freak out over the littlest things by birbs do

    Hello! I'm new here. I joined while I was looking for a possible answer to figure out what is wrong with my baby budgie of 2 weeks.
  10. M

    Pictures I'm worried about my baby budgie. Please help.

    I'm new here, so I'm sorry if there's a format I'm supposed to follow. (S)he, who I've named Momo, was born a little over 2 weeks ago. I did everything I could to not intervene and just let them look after my budgies' kids themselves. The first blow came when a week old kid fell from the nest...
  11. B

    first time egg (maybe?)

    Hello! I'm new to the whole forum thing. I have had my budgies for about 1 year already. I have a beautiful female budgie and yesterday I found that her vent is swollen and noticed a small bulge on the belly. She has a partner for a long time and I've noticed that he's been feeding her more...
  12. scrape

    Pictures Cage Setup For Trip

    I'm going on a trip pretty soon, so I redid the birds cages. Hopefully it will give them something to do. I got some sandpaper perches, which I know are not great, but I think I'll use them for a little bit. The budgies especially have long toenails. Also... Cornhusk ball or no corn husk ball...
  13. H

    Hello! Budgie Owner Here!

    Hi all! I have used AA in the past but have never become a member or really interacted with people much. I think I'm very young compared to most people here, but I'll try to fit in hahaha! I have a budgie named Pixel who is very sweet but has had two of his companions pass away in just about a...
  14. J

    Heating Bird Room

    Hey Everyone, So I'm moving in a few weeks and will need a heater for the room my 2 budgies and cockatiel will be in. It's next to impossible to source a bird specific heater where I'm living even having trouble finding any online that have good reviews and will ship to Ireland in time. I have...
  15. rebecca252

    Should I move my budgie out of the flocks cage?

    Hi! So, currently, I have three budgies in the same flight cage (Percy, Calypso and Grover). Calypso and Grover seem to be more bonded to one another, as Percy used to be bonded with our other budgie, Nico, who passed away last year. At the time, I thought Percy would benefit from living with...