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  1. M

    Cori update: one small step for a little budgie, one giant leap for trust-building

    Look!!! LooklooklookLOOK: I'M V I B R A T I N G WITH EXCITEMENT After he was full he stood perched for like 20 minutes more. Fluffed up and everything! My arm hurts, but it was worth it :joyful: @tka @Dorcas George @Monica @Ulis_Beast
  2. M

    Cori update: 1 week (and one setback)

    Hi! It's me again with your weekly update on the world's prettiest budgie! I can't believe it's been a week... I suppose time flies when you spend most of it with a little feathered friend. Ok, let's start with the setback: The little green devil learned to how to open his cage – and shaved...
  3. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Double Feather?

    Today I was replacing the paper on Kiwi and Blizzards' cage, and I found this odd feather. Its one of Blizzard's feathers and I'm wondering why it looks the way it does.
  4. M

    Video Cori update: Not so quiet anymore!

    Update on the prettiest lil parrot in town! As some of you might know, I (a lifelong dog person with an unfulfilled soft spot for birds) got a budgie literally dropped on my lap by one of the aforementioned dogs last weekend. Despite being unharmed (and not getting a gram infection, thank god) I...
  5. Lyndsay

    Newbie Here...would love some input

    Hi, All! I’m a new Budgie owner as of a few days ago. (Couldn’t be more excited!!!!) My 12yr old daughter actually became one a few weeks back as well. Anyways, since google only helps so much and I feel like I’m more confused after doing some research on the internet, I would be so grateful if...
  6. willowtiel

    Urgent Budgie black foot spot

    My friend's budgie has been having health problems for a while now. He may have liver disease but has been receiving medication for liver, yeast, and bacteria which has shown great improvement. Suddenly today a spot on his foot appeared which is concerning my friend. He doesn't seem to be...
  7. miya

    Help Finding New Home - 2 Male Budgies in Central NC

    Hi, all. Long time no see. I used to be pretty active here but have not been on in quite a while.. This was the type of post I never thought I'd be creating, or would ever want to, but here I am. I currently have two male budgies named Kiwi (green) and June (blue, also goes by Junebug).. And...
  8. Fal

    i need help (sad update #25)

    i have this yellow budgie named nana, she recently got sick and my mom wont take her to the vet. shes gotten really weak and she feels warmer than usual ,she cant fly well anymore, keeps falling, increase of eating /drinking ,she is having trouble pooping when she does its runny and big. she has...
  9. B

    New budgie poop

    So a couple of days ago I got a new budgie (have had budgies before, but mainly have teils now) and everything seemed fine and am hoping to move it into a bigger cage tonight, but as I was singing to the bird, I noticed a foul smell and saw something weird in its water bowl, it looked as if it...
  10. Lovingbird

    Will lovebird be ok if separated at night?

    Hi, I have 2 budgies and a lovebird and they seemed to get together very well for the first day but soon the lovebird started picking at one of my budgies feet so I separated them again. I’m now worried that since I separated them now the lovebird May get stressed or such. I’m fine with letting...
  11. Lovebird27

    What do you think about this couple?

    I am about to purchase this couple, however, I don’t know much about English budgies since I only own lovebirds. Are they English budgies? I know its a silly question.
  12. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT Swings for the little ones!

    A couple more sets of swings listed for sale :) Bejeweled Maple Swing: BIRD TOY: Bejeweled Maple Finch SWING "Curved", necklace-looking swing: BIRD TOY: Curved SWING Hope you like them and, as usual, I appreciate your support!
  13. tiki07

    New budgie! Some questions

    Hello. I'm sure there are thousands of this type of posts. I think I've read all of them. But I still feel hopeless... or at least, I'm not sure what would be right for me to do. I got my budgie on 11th of October. He's a male. He's always been distant. For 5 days he refused to eat. He...
  14. Birbnoob


    A little update, so I my budgie banana hzs been flying around ever since my post for advice. He's really cute, I let him play outside of the cage till it's bedtime for him and it's been pretty easy to get him back in the cage. He steps up on a stick and he allows me to carry him home hehe. Today...
  15. L

    My Female budgie is squeaking??

    My male and female budgie just recently had 5 eggs, two of which hatched nearly two weeks ago. In recent days I’ve noticed the female budgie making a high pitched squeaking noise that almost sounds like a mouse. Furthermore, she seems to be chasing the male and trying to make him feed her but he...
  16. BudgieLuv


    I need some parrot experts, I'm having a bit of an issue with my bonded budgies. I have 3 pairs and 2/3 won't mate, they'll preen, feed, sit together, scratch heads, sing, etc. They live in the regular breeding cage, 2 perches, breeding box and the other necessities they need. They've bred...
  17. BudgieLuv

    Bonded Budgies won't Breed

    I'm having a bit of an issue with my bonded budgies. I have 3 pairs and 2/3 won't mate, they'll preen, feed, sit together, scratch heads, sing, etc. They live in the regular breeding cage, 2 perches, breeding box and the other necessities they need. They've bred before though now they don't, the...
  18. BalloonyDino

    Nesting material

    Hi! My bird forest started acting weird and laid an egg, so we made her a nesting box (of cardboard) we did not candle it to know if it was fertilized or not, but she lives with one male and an undetermined maybe male lutino budgie, so it might've been. She continued to act weird so she probably...
  19. V

    Is my budgie sick?

    Hello! So 9 days ago I got my two budgies. The pet shop I got them from offered me a free vet consultation, so the next day I went to the vet and she told me that they are healthy (just that my female budgie is missing her tail, but it's nothing to worry about, cause its going to grow back). A...