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  1. Birdman696

    Indoor aviary cohabiting

    Hi, so I’ve recently decided to convert my new dog crate into a sort of indoor aviary as my dog doesn’t use it. It’s 94cm wide, 55cm wide and 61cm deep. And as there is an opening at the top i plan on putting a cage with similar height and depth measurements on top. I have 2 budgies, 2...
  2. Clairdelun

    Bird growing distant

    Ive had my tiel since she was 2 weeks old .Now she is 1 year and 5 months old.She used to be very much tamed and liked to hang out with me all day long. Since back then she is the only bird I owned I could pay it a lot of attention. She follows most of my commands and didn't bite. Just one...
  3. T


    Hey budgie owners! I hope you and your birds are doing well! I have 1 female and 1 male budgie. I was never planning on breeding the two (in fact, I thought my female was a male until I caught them doing the deed ). My female has laid many eggs in the past few months, but a LOT of them fell down...
  4. Q

    Urgent How can I properly feed a budgie that lost half of his upper mandible?

    Hello! My budgie has lost a part of his upper mandible in February. Recently, he started not being able to de-husk seeds. Now, I am feeding him dehusked millet seeds, but I heard that they are high-fat and low protein. What can I feed him for a balanced diet? Also, how can the beak problem be...
  5. BudgieLove

    Treat / Fruit Kebab

    Kevin especially loving this fruit & Veg kebab treat. I only give corn as a treat they do love to tear it off the cob…apple and cucumber & snow peas other favs they are not so fussed on banana and shame it goes brown so quickly….def keeps them amused for awhile!
  6. Carp5699

    All the ways to tell a budgies gender?

    Even after the many videos I've watched, I'm still not completely sure if my budgie is a male, so I'm asking here. What are all the possible ways to identify a budgies gender, from their appearance to the way they sound to the way they act. Looking at its cere isn't enough, I'm still confused if...
  7. BudgieLove

    Eating their greens!

    Kev & Nellie love eating the seedling grass out of my hand (summer grass?) They are also love snow peas and silver beat….can you get your budgies to eat their greens??!
  8. D

    First time owner of a female budgie.

    For clarafication, I have 2 love birds, 2 budgies and 2 chickens. I have owned chicken for a 12 years, and parrots 3. But Sweetmeat is my first female budgie. My chickens have never had an egg binding situation because I provide layer pellets or a calcium supplement. My question is, should I...
  9. afflewoom

    Pictures parakeet (4 yrs) missing a whole nail/talon

    My parakeet, Alright, is missing a whole nail on his right toe(?). I never noticed this before. He doesn't seem to be in pain or plucking any feathers out. Should I take him to the vet? What reasons could he have for not having a nail?? am i overthinking this?:starscfe:I haven't seen this before!
  10. AussieBird

    Pictures LJ’s Cage Set-up

    @Zara suggested I do this thread so here. Lemon Jade (goes by LJ) is a estimated 8-9 year old male budgie. Recently he started having issues with his feet (pressure sores and mild bumble foot), the sores have since clear up but I am in prevention mode now. I believe the root of his issues is...
  11. sootling

    My little flock of 4

    So, thought I would start this since my flock is pretty fun and maybe someone would like to hear about it! I honestly don't have any exotic or rare parrots, but my life with the budgies is still as crazy and eventful! Anyhow, the flock members are: 1. Stormy (M), almost 3yrs old. My first...
  12. Komsur

    Budgie Lump on Foot

    Hi, my 4 year-old budgie has what seems to be swollen foot. He's happy and active otherwise (no change in behaviour or body language either), and doesn't have any balance issues or loss of strength, but there's a lump on it. He had a tumble off the perch and slammed into the bottom of the cage...
  13. pippo

    My budgie's friends caught by cat, now she is depressed, what should I do?

    I had three young budgies (around 30-40 days old). I handfed them all but they just started eating by themselves. I always kept them out of the cage, they wandered and flew within my whole room all the time. But they slept in the cage at night. These three budgies were always together, they ate...
  14. rebecca252

    Adopting two new budgies

    Hey! I was scrolling through a second hand website and came across two budgies in a really small cage. I’m experienced with budgies and I really wish to adopt them, but just wanted to ask you guys some questions: 1) What gender do you think they both are 2) Does the first budgie look well? (to...
  15. str0xe22

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, this is my first post in the site, I hope I can enjoy my time here :> These are my three baby budgies who are each a few months old, the first one is Cashew, the second one is Cyan, and the third and youngest one is Burpy.
  16. K&W

    Urgent Watery Budgie Poop

    For the past 3 ish days my 3 year old male budgie Mickey's droppings have been watery and oddly shaped. We have had him for 2 years and nothing sudden in his surroundings have changed. I have Seperated him from his 3 year old male budgie friend and put him in a smaller cage right beside...
  17. flyzipper

    Australian budgie disease alert

    I don't have additional info aside from what's posted in the attached link (sorry it's Facebook), but thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this.
  18. T

    Almond on budgies.

    So, I was wondering if my budgies could have almonds, they are NOT the sweet type tho. My mom said to soak them before "I" ate to get rid of whatever toxin was in them, but I was thinking there would still be this so called toxin in the almond, enough to hurt my birds not me. So is it alright...
  19. rebecca252

    Budgie getting put to sleep

    Unfortunately my budgie, Percy is getting euthanised today due to a tumour. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on comforting his two siblings - should i take them with myself and Percy to the vets so they know what is happening?
  20. T

    Stops eating pellets

    So I have a female budgie who usually loves trying new foods. I left her at a friends house (they took good care of them) for a week, and when I got her back I have monitored her for the past 2 days. It seems like my girl has suddenly stopped eating pellets, or less, she does still eat...