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  1. K&W

    Cat grass

    I purchase some cat grass for my budgies, they seem to really like it. Is there anything I should be worried about Eg. overfeeding?
  2. redrose27

    Apple Cider Vinnegar dosage amount?

    Hi my sister (budgie) is 12 years old and has gout. I read a lot about apple cider vinnegar and it seems like it can really help. But Im not sure how much to dilute it with water and if it wont affect her stomache. Does anyone have experience giving their birds ACV and if so how did you dilute...
  3. B

    It's been 2 months and pet bird is still scared

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum and this is my first post here! I brought home a four month old male budgie two months ago. I have a 2 year old male lovebird at home and despite the risks of having a lovebird and a budgie together, our birds have gotten along together quite well thankfully...
  4. Jxdeeyy

    Big poop from ill budgie

    So, my female budgie has been on antibiotics and an anti inflammatory for a few days since it’s suspected she might have a respiratory infection. I’ve been giving her her medicines fine and she has been her usual self other than the respiratory symptoms. However tonight she was making this noise...
  5. redrose27

    Cranberry Juice To Help Keep Gout Medication Down?

    Hi there, my sister (budgie) kony has articular gout and the vet has given us multiple medicines to help but the results are as follows: Brown Powder (herbal complex): given for a month but foot continued to form white spots (uric adic crystals) and continued to swell up more. However this...
  6. Jxdeeyy

    Giving budgie medicine... again

    So, one of my budgies wasn’t very well and I took her to the vets. I’ve been prescribed 2 medicines and have been told I can give her them in her food if it’s too hard to syringe feed her. She’s been eating her pellets and her spinach from my hand after I’ve put the medicine in/on the food...
  7. AussieBird

    A Flock Update

    Thought i might as well do an update. The things i had planned to do keep getting postponed, and things got turned upside down when Belinda (the kitten) joined the family. I will start with the oldest and work my way down. LJ: This guy is still as adorable as ever! And i've never seen a budgie...
  8. K&W

    Pictures Black spots on the bottom of my Budgies cage

    hey guys, I have been seeing these black spots at the bottom of my Budgies cage do you know what it might be?
  9. J

    New Cockatiel

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of birds so still learning. I got my first Budgie last December and he's settled in great, his name is Blu. During the week I had got a Cockatiel and I called her Angel unfortunately she must have been sick or too stressed and she passed away during the first...
  10. redrose27

    Help With Gout Medications

    Hi there, so my sister (bird) Kony recently was diagnosed with gout (articular) back in februrary, and she was given a gout medication (Herbal Complex) for it. Now fast forward to today March 19th 2021, and her foot has gotten more swollen and I have noticed more white spots aka uric acid...
  11. casehulf

    What are your favorite ways (or your budgie's favorite) to entertain you budgie?

    Hi all, My budgie, Lemon, is super active and I am trying to figure out new ways to entertain her. She gets free reign of the house when I am home, which is most of the day. She is fully flighted (I firmly believe that she is a bird and is meant to fly. It would be like not allowing a...
  12. thimble00

    Urgent Budgie’s eye won’t close :(

    hello, i have a budgie who recently flew into a window. its been 2 days since that happened and he’s recovering nicely. the only issue is that his right eye won’t close! i’m not able to contact a vet at this time so i came here for help. does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong?
  13. B

    New bird to put with budgie

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows any good cage mates for a budgie? He is quite energetic and social and definitely needs a cage mate as he adores other birds, I’ve had to seperate him from my other budgies because they weren’t getting along well, they’d squabble and the other budgies...
  14. N31

    Is my budgie male?

    So I believe he is male but I just wanted others opinion. Thank you
  15. S

    Should I get a second budgie or another bird?

    My budgie Loui has been alone for 4 years. I recently realized that pet stores aren't who I should listen to about bird care. I am switching to pellets, and adding fresh food to Loui's diet. I am taking her out every day and hand feeding & whistling to her. Now, I am wondering, "Should I get...
  16. S

    Just Joined!!

    Hi I just joined! Just testing how to post a thread. I have a sky-blue female budgie named Loui, and want a conure. Loui was originally Louis when we first brought her home and thought she was a boy but, we realized she was a girl and changed to Loui. I am pretty inexperienced with keeping...
  17. Kiwi's Mom

    Something Exciting!

    After Blizzard passed away, I have missed having two budgies chirping and playing together all day. So now, three months later, I have brought home Pickle! He is half English budgie and half regular budgie. He hatched on 12/20/20 and just came home yesterday. Right now he is in quarantine, but...
  18. Shilpa

    Recovery from AGY (Avian Gastric Yeast)

    SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE BACKSTORY. Recently, my female budgie, Chicky started vomiting. It was over the weekend but she had vomited on and off before but I was too busy to notice. I know it's a really bad excuse but I had a lot going on and I just didn't think too much...
  19. P

    Budgies dropping

    Hey I have a quick question I’m not sure what to do. So my budgie’s droppings have looked a bit weird for a while. They are coming out green color like normal but there seems like the urates coming out are making some kind of covering or casing around some of the poop and it makes it look like a...
  20. budgelove

    Antibiotic Precautions and Budgie Can't Fly?

    Hiyo, I have a little baby budgie named Phoenix. He's a baby, bright pink cere and he's changed his cap feathers but he can't really fly. His feathers are shorter than my other budgies and the most I've seen him "fly" is more like gliding a low distance (like my thigh when I'm sitting on the...