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  1. kingpp

    New here!

    Hey I'm Jay, I own a mischievous little blue budgie named Castiel, Cass for short. He's a very good boy and likes to lay down and sleep on various surfaces, he also likes to climb onto my shoulder or just hang out with me. I've had him since 18/10/18, back then he was a scraggly little budgie in...
  2. hellbaby

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi! I'm Siren and I'm the proud parent of two budgies and a lovebird. Also used to live with a cockatiel and macaw~. Just here to share my experiences and learn from yours I love my children and plan on getting more. Next child is a caique or conure... maybe a ringneck if I can afford one ! I am...
  3. atancred

    Taming of Bobi & Popi

    Hi everyone! So 10 days ago I brought home from the pet shop my first 2 budgies ever (1 male & 1 female, both born end 2019). I can already have them on my fingers if I offer them some food, particularly millet! Today I was able to let the female fly around the room a bit and then she...
  4. tiki07

    Update on my new bird!

    This is my budgie Tiki. A few months ago, I was worried about his beak and also about how to get closer with him so I posted here! I got so much feedback and I am thankful for everyone's advice. His beak is definitely better! I am still confused about his gender - but I believe it's a male...
  5. M

    Taming issues

    Hi I have two budgie. I started off with one budgie but after a months she started showing signs of loneliness so we got another budgie for her. My first budgie is comfortable around hands and is happy to step up and be held however my second budgie is very scared around hands and will not let...
  6. pigeoncat

    New Budgie Questions

    Hello, I've just gotten two budgies a week ago and I am brand new to the species (Also to birds in general) so I have a few questions. One is for when to start the taming process. Since I've only had mine for a week and most taming guides say that you should give them at least two weeks to get...
  7. Q

    Is my budgie sick?

    I've heard so many stories about tail bobbing and the bird dying the same day and I am so freaked out! Is this sort of tail bobbing okay? I don't know if he's breathing hard or if he's just moving around. In my country, only emergency vet services are considered essential, everything else is...
  8. Q

    Budgie walking side to side on perch

    I recently "inherited" a budgie from another family member who could no longer keep him. Tro is probably 3 years old and I've had him for about a month now (Been trying to convert him to pellets and WOW he is so stubborn). I've noticed that he keeps running from side to side along his perches...
  9. N


    A while back, as some may know, I took in a budgie, she was extremely scared then, and I thought over time she would become less scared, but i can't even scratch my leg on the other side of the room without her panicking. I haven't done anything to scare her, and I read to her everyday, she'es...
  10. Birbs02

    Treat Ideas?

    Hello I have a little budgie named Belle who is really picky with her foods. I really want to try and add some new treats and snacks in to her diet but all the pack at the pet store seem to be too big or too hard for her little beak. Feel free to post here what snacks your budgies like to munch on!
  11. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Happy Hatch Day To...

    Kiwi! Today is Kiwi's estimated hatch day! So far, he has enjoyed a millet buffet with Blizzard, and I'm going to give him some dandelions later! He's grown so much!
  12. H

    How can I clean my budgies feathers?!

    My 3 year old male budgie Zazu has been a bit under the weather so he’s having antibiotics as he has a respiratory infection. He doesn’t like being held too closely but I have had to by giving him the antibiotics via a tiny syringe. He isn’t too happy but he’s fine after! The only problem is...
  13. sp0kd

    911 Budgie Difficulty Breathing

    Hi! I have been recently looking at my budgie. I get him out to play and he jumps on my shoulder. But one day I heard the tiniest squeaking noise that was heard each breath. Other symptoms were SLIGHT tail bobbing.His diet consists of Millets, And Healthy Select Seeds. And each Monday I give him...
  14. Nimbus

    Budgie Sneezing Excessively

    I’m getting worried about Pippin - she’s been sneezing a bit since we got her, but I knew a few sneezes during preening and whatnot were normal, so I didn’t think much of it. A few minutes ago she had a huge sneezing fit - I didn’t keep track but if I had to guess I would say maybe 10-15 times...
  15. MaggieBee

    Cori update: one small step for a little budgie, one giant leap for trust-building

    Look!!! LooklooklookLOOK: I'M V I B R A T I N G WITH EXCITEMENT After he was full he stood perched for like 20 minutes more. Fluffed up and everything! My arm hurts, but it was worth it :joyful: @tka @Dorcas George @Monica @Ulis_Beast
  16. MaggieBee

    Cori update: 1 week (and one setback)

    Hi! It's me again with your weekly update on the world's prettiest budgie! I can't believe it's been a week... I suppose time flies when you spend most of it with a little feathered friend. Ok, let's start with the setback: The little green devil learned to how to open his cage – and shaved...
  17. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Double Feather?

    Today I was replacing the paper on Kiwi and Blizzards' cage, and I found this odd feather. Its one of Blizzard's feathers and I'm wondering why it looks the way it does.
  18. MaggieBee

    Video Cori update: Not so quiet anymore!

    Update on the prettiest lil parrot in town! As some of you might know, I (a lifelong dog person with an unfulfilled soft spot for birds) got a budgie literally dropped on my lap by one of the aforementioned dogs last weekend. Despite being unharmed (and not getting a gram infection, thank god) I...
  19. Lyndsay

    Newbie Here...would love some input

    Hi, All! I’m a new Budgie owner as of a few days ago. (Couldn’t be more excited!!!!) My 12yr old daughter actually became one a few weeks back as well. Anyways, since google only helps so much and I feel like I’m more confused after doing some research on the internet, I would be so grateful if...
  20. willowtiel

    Urgent Budgie black foot spot

    My friend's budgie has been having health problems for a while now. He may have liver disease but has been receiving medication for liver, yeast, and bacteria which has shown great improvement. Suddenly today a spot on his foot appeared which is concerning my friend. He doesn't seem to be...