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  1. donutweall

    Slow to change iris color

    Just passed our first year "gotcha" date for miss Potato. She still had some faintly visible barring on her head when I got her, so she's not too much older than a year, but her iris has been slow to change color. You can see a faintly gray ring in bright light, but it usually looks black. Is...
  2. Carp5699

    What sola toys are best for budge

    I'm looking at a few different kinds of Sola toys on Amazon right now, and im stuck on which ones to choose because I'm not sure what's best for a budgie. They all say foot toys, and I'm not sure I've seen budgies use foot toys before Here are the links: https://a.co/d/9FmpFUb...
  3. Joe Henderson

    Budgie bad leg diagnosed enlarged teste

    My budgie for the past 2 years 2 moths in the beginning of summer where his left leg becomes lame and he holds it up all the time never weight bearing.. happened the exact same time two years in a row we gave Lupron it worked so we said it way enlarge teste,, the second vet that did ct scan did...
  4. AussieBird

    Continuation of LJ's Health Stuff

    The poor guy looked like misery today :( I am hoping he's just still recovering from his appointment yesterday. He'll probably be going in again soon, maybe Friday unless he doesn't improve tomorrow. For those who haven't been following his medical stuff LJ has been the vet twice in the last two...
  5. Rio&Friend

    Something problem to my bird eye (sad update#7)

    I don't know what happened but suddenly my bird eye is injured. Please tell me :budgie:ASAP
  6. M

    Urgent please help my budgie is bleeding from its bum and i сant do anything right now

    i just came home (its 11pm here) and i noticed my budgies bum is bleeding. i never have noticed it until now. the blood is bright red, i have had him for 5/6 years now , hes housed alone and he never had problems up until now (except once, when he had problems with eating 2020 because we had...
  7. Carp5699

    Can GC conures and budgies get along

    First off I'm not sure if this is the forum to post this on, but I was scrolling through Craigslist and came across a green cheek conure that was recently posted. Didn't expect to, but I kinda really want it now. Though I doubt I'll actually be able to get it depending on how my parents feel...
  8. P

    Help me pick a name scheme!

    When I get my budgies I need a name scheme, help me choose one! If you have any suggestions let me know as well - Plants - Celestial bodies - Colours - Nuts
  9. P

    Any budgies for sale in/around Edmonton, AB?

    I’m looking for an addition to my flock, is anyone rehoming their budgie in or around Edmonton, AB? If you are, I’m willing to discuss prices as long as they aren’t too high ————————————— :budgie2: Coming soon!
  10. P

    Automatic feeders for birds?

    Hi everyone! I was navigating the internet the other day and came across these automatic/digital pet feeders that you can control through your phone, even when you’re away. As I live in shared custody and am away half the time, I was curious if this would be a viable option for feeding my birds...
  11. Raisins

    Hi everyone!!!

    I saw this forum a lot when I looked up bird questions I had, but never joined until now. I have two budgies that have been with me since last year, Pufkafa and Martı. The green clearwing one in my avatar is Pufkafa and the white and blue recessive pied one is Martı.
  12. B

    Deformed budgie?

    So I saw this budgie at petco earlier and was wondering what’s wrong with him and if he can be helped at all. He was pretty oddly shaped and seemed to be breathing hard but that might just be because he was scared. He was also a lot smaller than the rest. I can’t stop thinking about the poor...
  13. A

    hi everyone! my name is atlas

    hello! hoping everyone is alright! my name is atlas and I'm 21 yo. I live in Portugal and I have 2 budgies! hope to make good friends here :)
  14. S

    Urgent Budgie post-vet injury

    Hi all, my first time posting but I'm in a bit of a bind. I took my little guy to the vet yesterday for a checkup but he hasn't been acting normally since. He took a big tumble at the vet after having his wings clipped and he's normally free flighted. Now he's holding out his right wing and it's...
  15. H

    Where to find hand fed English Budgies in or near South Dakota?

    I’m looking for a young male to keep as a loved pet. I’m willing to drive out of state, but not too far. Thanks!
  16. M

    Hi everyone! Yellow’s bestie is here.

    Hi everyone! :) I just thought of joining here because recently I got a parakeet/budgie (not sure what the difference is) and I’m learning about them because I want to be a good parent to my bird. This is actually my first time having a bird and I feel like there’s so much to learn. I have a...
  17. T

    Rehoming 5 Year Old Budgie: Indiana

    Hello all, First post on here and I’m afraid its about rehoming. I decided to come here because I’ve always come to this site for advice with my birds care and I know many people here spoil their birds and love them dearly (as they deserve!) I have had a female budgie since the age of 13 who we...
  18. Isawe

    Recommendation on a heater

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good heater for my budgie's cage. My apartment gets cold in winter, and I want to start preparing. Since I read most space heaters are bad for them, I would love to know if anyone could help me. Thank you so much for any advice!! I really...
  19. paimeezy

    are my budgies tail feathers okay?

    when i first got my budgie, his tail feathers were already pretty janky. he isn’t molting much yet, he’s still pretty young, but i was wondering if his tail will turn out healthy and fine? i got him a few weeks ago. his name is morax. ive also noticed his balance isn’t always the best, and i was...
  20. H

    Introducing baby budgie to one year old - help?

    Hi all I took the plunge and brought home Franklin, who is about 6 weeks now, to Winston (about 10-12 months, birthday unknown). Unfortunately it hasn’t gone as I hoped it would so far - which I thought I was mentally prepared for but obviously not. Frankie (who we are pretty sure is a boy)...