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  1. I

    My budgies cookie and Mango, may be suffering from polyuria

    My friend @parrotman was kind enough to help me through this situation , and has let me to this place . my budgies Mango and cookie , have been having watery poop since the last one month , at first I thought it was diarrhoea , I suspected that it had happened due to the unhygienic millets...
  2. hailey p.

    Urgent I think my budgie might of broke his toe.

    I have three budgies. One that I got just a week ago. Last night I went to check up on him and he was on one foot, which is normal for budgies as they do it when they are calm and content. Something must of startled him and he went back to standing on both feet. When I looked at his feet, one if...
  3. R

    Crusty Cere

    Hi! This is my 3 month old budgie Percy, and his cere is appearing crusty. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what this may be? He is acting completely normal, eating and drinking as much as usual. When we originally let him out to fly for the first time, a few weeks back, he crashed...
  4. V

    IRN with budgies

    Hello all! So I have a 4 year old female IRN, had her since she was about 7 weeks old. She's sassy but still very loving and tame and a big talker. Recently with the quarantine, I've been working from so she is out 24/7 and loving it. I'm worried that I head back to work, she'll be lonely...
  5. D

    Is Snowy’s cere okay?

    It looks a bit odd — not the color, but it looks really crusty - more than usual. Is that normal?
  6. edenic

    Can budgies eat cockatiel pellets?

    My budgie Sky has been on Harrison’s lifetime mash for awhile now and she seems to like it (or at least tolerate it) but lately she has taken to sneaking into our cockatiel’s cage and eating his pellets as well. Our cockatiel is currently on HARI’s Tropimix, we were wondering if it would be...
  7. qiaolintan

    Should I put my budgies in the same cage?

    I have 2 budgies, a boy (Rain) and a girl (Tro). Tro and Rain are currently in separate cages but I've noticed that Rain is constantly hanging out at Tro's cage whenever I let them out. Every morning after breakfast, he paces in front of his cage door until I let him out and he goes straight to...
  8. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Happy Hatchday Blizzard!

    Today is Blizzard's estimated hatch day! She will be pampered with millet today! (Once she wakes up lol, still not their wake up time) One of the first days with her: On the playstand: 4th of July: At the mini picnic table: On a walk outside...
  9. asdf6121

    Help sexing a young recessive pied?

    Hello! My new budgie is a young recessive pied, which are very hard to sex. I've heard differing opinions on mine. Would love some feedback from those with more experience!
  10. S

    Not sure whats wrong with my budgie

    Hi, My budgie Salvadora is 3 years old, usually very active and playful, loves to eat and eats both many *safe* kinds of seeds and veggies that she likes. In the past 3 days she became a bit less active, still flying around the room but sleeping a lot and not eating so much. She is drinking...
  11. V

    I can't function, all i think about is our potentially sick budgie.

    I've been posting threads and forums the past couple of days about our parakeet with sudden tail bobbing and signs of respiratory illness. My parents are practically impossible to talk into going to the vet. But I'm so stressed out by the idea of him struggling and us doing nothing to help him...
  12. V

    An update on our budgie with respiratory symptoms

    Hey fellow bird lovers! If you saw my previous post, you know what's going on. But in case you didn't, our 8 month old parakeet whom we call no name has been showing symptoms of respiratory illness since Monday evening. It is currently 2:50 pm on Wednesday, 7/8/2020. He is still having some...
  13. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Do your birds...

    Sit in the food bowl while eating :rofl: Blizzard does this at least once a day. She is such a cute budgie :budgie9:
  14. dbouch4009

    One Year Neglected Budgie Update

    Hey guys, Last fall I posted in this forum because I was a new bird owner and got lots of great help. Shortly thereafter my desktop computer died and I completely forgot about this website! But then I saw it in my passwords notebook and figured I'd drop by and let you guys in on how good we're...
  15. Mollylc

    Are theses droppings normal?

    Hi, Are these dropping normal or should I be concerned. They have being loving veg lately mainly broccoli. Their diet is seed and veg they do get treats also. I was just a bit worried when I seen these today. thank you to everyone on here for always helping me.
  16. H

    Urgent Is my baby budgie anus heathy or something is wrong??

    I don't really know if my budgie anus look normal or not. It's my first budgie. Is it normal to looks like that bumped out red, or something is wrong? He have lots of energy, if I open my box he climb immediately to reach for my hand and sleep under it, but when on his nest he keep sleeping. And...
  17. Joe Henderson

    Budgie sick

    Hello all i recently found out my budgie probaly has a tumor she has lameness in her leg and it got worse and worse to thr point its dosent move now Im worried because its turning purple and swollen she bit her nails complety off, i have pain meds for her but the ver told me that theres not much...
  18. Kiwi's Mom

    Video What is this behavior?

    Kiwi has new doing this a lot around Blizzard lately, I assume it's a hormonal behavior, but I wanted to know what everyone on here thinks.
  19. qiaolintan

    Choosing tree branches for perches

    I'm planning on making some natural wood perches for my budgie, but I'm having a hard time finding bird-safe trees because I live in Singapore, and most information about safe trees are more about trees commonly found in the west. Would it be a good idea to get branches from trees where lots of...
  20. qiaolintan

    Budgie looks like she wants to vomit, but doesn't?

    A few weeks ago, my budgie Tro vomited and the vet said it might just be a tummy upset, but to come back again in a week if she continues vomitting. Tro got prescribed some antibiotics and anti-vommiting medicine and she never vomitted again after that. But I noticed that what she'd do is she...