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  1. Skittles26

    Nail issue

    Hello! So I just got a new budgie yesterday and I have just noticed that the budgie has two toes (one on each claw) which the nail is growing upwards rather than downwards? I’m not entirely sure whether clipping the nail down would help? I have put a cuttle fish in the cage to see if it helps...
  2. sleepysami

    New Cage and New Friend!

    Hello all! As some of you may already know from my welcome post, I recently got a cute lil white budgie. Well his cage was not gonna do it so I decided to do a lil upgrade! (pictured below) All I need to buy is some natural wood perches and some other accessories. I may carve the smooth wood...
  3. PippinLovebird

    Parakeet Sick? Or what....

    I just got a parakeet a few days ago, and She/he has not drank out of their water or eaten food yet that I have seen. She/he has eaten millet though. Anyway, her tail slightly bobs up and down when breathing, I am not sure If that is an issue though. What worry's me is... When she trying to...
  4. dbouch4009

    New Bird Owner

    Hey gang, Joining here to get plugged into a bird community online. I have seen this site come up a few times for Q&A, and have appreciated reading the discussions while I learn about my own bird. My wife and I took in a budgie about six weeks ago.
  5. B

    Help me please before I make a mistake on which bird to get!

    So I already have two barely tamed budgies who are more bonded together then me I love them to death even though they bite me but i recently became interested in owning another bird. I either wanted a lovebird or a green cheek conure. I’m leaning more on the gcc side but I need a bird that’s...
  6. Rei.dot

    A budgie for my budgie

    So Yuki my first Budgie has been pretty much trained . Steps up, eats out of your hand friendly nibbles warnings nibbles when she’s done for the day . I wanted to wait until she got to shoulder bird status before I got her a partner . But she was definitely getting depressed my company wasn’t...
  7. fancydance

    Eye infections help

    My 2 month old budgie has caught a eye infection from somewhere. On her left eye, the crust is stuck between her eyelids. I give her baths every night to help the eye Infection. I can't add pics rn but I'll do it tomorrow. Any tips? I can't afford a vet so just home remedies
  8. mlky

    Video Parakeet/Budgie Has Something In His Nose

    hi this is mlky. im here to ask about this booger i saw in my budgies nose. his name is Ipse :pletb: and he is super cute, but im very worried about him. he only has it in one of his nostrils. im going to attempt to take it out somehow (probably by flushing it out/blowing/tweezers), if it's...
  9. M

    Urgent My Budgie Suddenly Sick

    Hi, one of my budgie since one week her activity became lower. This is her one week ago poops pic A . One of my local expert suggest me to give her metronidazole and sulfaclozine sodium monohydrate INN. I use it for 1 week. But now her poops pic B. But her condition is critical. She became sick...
  10. izzybpb

    Pictures Sick budgie

    Hi everyone. I am concerned about my 8 year old male budgie. Since this morning, he has been fluffed up and sleeping excessively (or at least trying to). He has also been quiet and strangely docile. I was able to pick him up without any resistance (usually he bites the hell out of my hand or...
  11. SantiagoThe1st

    New bird owner, very eager to learn!

    Hi all! My in-laws have 2 conures and my landlord has a macaw, now 5 years later I've finally gotten a baby green cheek conure (Santiago) who i spend every second I am able to with (8+hrs daily). I also have 2 budgies that had to be given up by their former owner. The budgies can fly and do in...
  12. Rei.dot

    Strange question

    so I’m eating some homemade buffalo chicken dip and I’m letting Yuki zoom as per usual . She doesn’t yet trust me enough to fly and perch on my arm or shoulder or so I thought . I jokingly offer her a cracker with dip on it because she was doing her long tippy toe looking stretch (that’s the...
  13. Rei.dot

    Bamboo perch

    Normally I don’t let her get close to the plants ( I did look up which of my plants weren’t bird safe and moved them) but this morning she was feeling especially zoomy and plopped herself right on the bamboo stalks
  14. M

    Is Hemp seed good for birds???

    Hello, recently I heard that hemp seed is bad for bird because its a cannabis species plant and contain trace amount of cannabis. But I use it for my Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Conures. Anyone have bad effect on bird using hemp seed???? :tieln:-MEKU :budgie:-KIKI :tiel2:-VECTOR
  15. R

    Urgent Ruby's nail fell off

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here So last night I noticed that my budgie's nail fell off, I can't tell if it fell off completely or if a piece of it is still there. Ruby has been in her cage doing nothing out of the ordinary. She can sill move, fly & even use her toe to rub her face...
  16. T

    Help with Genders + Bonding

    Hello Everyone , I’ve been wanting birds for a long time and recently got 2 budgies! They’re amazing! Currently they’re temporarily in a minimum size cage :( Just because it was a last minute thing . Now , I’m confused on one of their genders but I assume the one with the blue cere is a male...
  17. M

    Urgent Budgie baby become cold

    Hi, one of my budgie pair have babies. But they stop feeding baby. so, I started hand feeding to that baby since yesterday. Its age is 16-17 days. He became weak. He can't stand on his feet and his body temperature became lower. What Should I do now??? Thanks
  18. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures What Is Your Budgie's Favorite Toy?

    Hello! I thought that It would be fun to compare our budgie's favorite toys so I made this thread! Post a photo of your budgie and their favorite toy! I'll start: This is one of Kiwi's favorite toys, he likes to ring its bell and swing on it. (of course he got distracted by the camera and tried...
  19. P

    Is this budgie cage too small?

    Hi, I was wondering whether this cage (Montana Cages Madeira - I antique) is big enough for 3 budgies? It’s the one I currently have but I’m not sure if I should get a larger one. Thank you!
  20. holly10012345

    hello there

    hello there. i have two budgies and despretly want a cockatiel . i have always wanted to own a cockatoo or a macaw and free fly them.