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  1. lisazartsi

    Dangers to Conures (and other birds)

    Hi friends! I'm prepping to bring a new, beautiful baby pineapple GCC home in about four weeks (adopted from a safe/trusted source) and I want to make sure I've cleansed my home of anything super toxic or dangerous before he arrives. We'll be living in a two-bedroom apartment for the next...
  2. C

    My cockatiel

    Two weeks ago I got a cockatiel. She is hand tame and loves eating millet! However whenever I open the cage door to let her out she just looks out and goes back in her cage. I haven’t forced her out in any way but I’m not sure what to do now.
  3. Z

    Ringneck babies

    Hello everyone how are you all doing I am a yazeed from saudi arabia and this is my first thread. So the story is that i have a few palm trees in my backyard. Ringnecks come and nest in these trees anyways, one of these palm trees roots is affecting the floor. So my father called a few workers...
  4. Rain Bow

    Are birds dinosaurs

  5. M

    Tips about quarentine how much right?

    Hello In here one avian experts vet says quarentine time need to give antibiotics.how much it is right?ciprofloxacin 7 days.Tetracycline7days.Levamisol 1 days. This antibiotics ar given during quarentine prodecure time. Is it right or wrong?
  6. M

    Have a problem with quarantine place

    Hi, I bought new birds but I don't keep it into my birds room. But the problem is I don't have quarantine place in my house. In my birds room has a balcony I attached picture. Yellow colored arrow is my birds room door and red colored arrow is quarantine place where I want to do quarantine. If...
  7. teena87

    Traveling with birds (by air)

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience traveling to foreign countries with their birds? For extended vacations or moving? I'm particularly concerned about countries that require quarantine but also about coming back home (I'm in Canada but I believe it is similar for USA. From...
  8. Charlotte2727


    My year old parakeet died. He has been getting out of his cage and flying. I would be like where are u coming from. He must have feel off his perch cuz he is dead at the bottom. I also have another parakeet with him in the same cage. WHat should I do??? :(
  9. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT I ♥️ (my) bird(s)/conure(s) plaques!

    It must be spring, because new products keep hatching all around us! :hehe: I've just listed 7 new plaques (these are very small [3x1.5 inch] and meant as decoration, but they can also be used as a bird toy or as cage decor). For full details and photos of all 7, check out the links below...
  10. M

    so hot here!today in my aviary temperature 34 'C

    hlw previously i post about hot temperature in my bird room.today temperature reach 34 'C in my aviary.i will use stand fan/table fan.can i set it in front my aviary bird cage (distance 5-6 feet) in moving position? just for soft breeze .its safe for my birds because i heard direct wind harm for...
  11. M

    How to take care of birds in summer??

    Hi, In this summer season, the birds room become hot. I give them bath at morning and use exhaust fan but the room keep going hot. Can I need to use any other fan or anything which keep their room cool?? Please help me, Thanks
  12. Zara

    Pictures When the birds get there first...

    When you sit down to have a nice glass of water.... But the birds beat you to it! They've also all drank from there and 2 had a bath in it... :/ Story of my life!
  13. M

    which bird are hypoallergic and produce less dust.

    hellow this is my another post.today my one friend come my house.she saw my birds room.and she interested my birds.she also want to pet bird and made an mini aviary.but her problem she has dustallergy and asthma.but she want pet some birds.so my question which type birds are less dust and...
  14. M

    can mineral block actually safe gor birds

    hellow i heard minearel block and vitamin block actually not good for birds?because it contain plastar of paris,cement,zipsam etc. this element work like slow poison for birds.specially plastar of paris harm more for bird?is it true?if im not use minearel block only use eggshell...
  15. M

    Asthmatic Allergic patient and pet birds

    Hello, I have one question again, me and my family members has asthmatic problem. But, I want to pet birds. I bought 5 pair budgies and 1 pair cockatiels in difference room. No one sleep or stay in that room. I want to know health related question. Can I able to pet birds in this situation?? If...
  16. Jetdrip459

    Hello bird lovers

    hello Iv joined this website to learn more about birds and get help with mine I have a cockotiel and sun conure I actutally joined because my sun conure all of a sudden won't step up out of his cage the past few days but did it once yesterday for a little bit but he still goes to the side of the...
  17. T. gillii

    want your bird drawn?

    comment if you want your bird drawn by me! im not very good, but heres some of my drawings
  18. T. gillii

    Best Bird for Us?

    So, we have (as we've mentioned before) decided to add to our flock. I have already sent in my adoption application to my first choice. Now, they tend to have medium-large birds, so this is already unfamiliar territory. But, you have to start somewhere, and you can't get experience without...
  19. N

    Hi there,new here. I have some bird questions...

    Since a month ago I was given 2 budgies that I think they are pretty young by the eye but maybe I be worng, I can't tell really. Thing is there and some random detail that keep me wondering. Before continue, where I live I am pretty sure will be hard to find avian vets... I have try asking but...
  20. Atomiklan

    Video Dabchick - MUST WATCH!

    Not specifically bird related, but discovered this gentlemen on Tested tonight and just had to check out his channel as his puppets, especially his bird, are so incredibly beautiful. So much expression and life. Everything about this is charming and wonderful. I just had to share it here with...