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  1. shayla

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    Hello! I'm Shayla and i have owned many animals growing up from dogs to amphibians, due to my mum and family owning a pet shop! Currently we still own quite a few animals (check the information on my profile to see what we have) but the ones that i personally own are the cockatiels, goldfish...
  2. B

    About Candles Near Birds

    So, I was wondering a bit about candles. I have a lot of them. None are strong enough to smell all over the entire house, but they do have a scent. Assuming that I do decide to adopt some feathered friends (most likely budgies or cockatiels), I will have them in a less populated, small room with...
  3. keikoasmom

    Bugs! Tiny Blck Beetles, Help!

    I think they might be carpet Beetles, bu not sure. I need to ask my son, who was an amateur entymologist..... I think they came in a seed mix, or from outdoors? And only a few at first. I tried spraying with Tea Tree Oil and water, and a Pantry Pest Trap, but they are still all over...
  4. E

    Hi from Houston

    I retired this year. I still have 4 kids at home. I used to breed cockatiels when I lived in Ca. So I decided to give it a try again. I love birds small or big. I’m starting to breed canaries, parrotlets, gouldian finches and sun conjures. I have never bread any of these birds before. So I’m...
  5. E

    Urgent Red and swollen eye

    I NEED HELP ASAP I took my 5 year old Alex to get his nails and wings clip. When I got home.i put him and his cage and left . I got back and noticed he wouldent open one of his eyes . It looks red and swollen . It's nearly 1 am here so all the vets are closed and I'm close to having a panic...
  6. Kiwiscremsong

    Flour muffins? Cockatiel

    Hi guys, so i recently discovered healthy muffins for birds so i looked up on YouTube for a few recipes since birdzone (where i found the muffins) doesnt ship to my area. So i found a video on youtube with several healthy ingredients for birds to eat and the start of the ingredients was flour...
  7. Kiwiscremsong

    Cockatiel Night Frights

    Hi my cockatiel Kiwi had a night fright last night he is ok and lost 2featherss but is fine now. Is there any way to help him not get night frights or decrease the chances of him getting a night fright? Thanks!:tieln::tiel::tiel3::tiel::coolparrot::tieln::tieln::tieln::tieln:
  8. Pip and Gracie

    my budgie came up to my hand!

    My parakeet came up to my hand and perched. I have been reading online that to have a budgie get used to you hand, you start with you hand outside of the cage for a few days, then slowly transfer inside getting slightly closer each time. This is my forth day with her and the first day with the...
  9. P

    Bird Tricks?

    Hey! I have an eight month female cockatiel who so far only knows two tricks. She knows how to hang upside on my finger, and to fly to my shoulder when I whistle to her. I noticed that she has a LOT of fun when training (even though she's really stubborn and food-driven :laugh:), so do any of...
  10. Julimonster66

    Microwave ovens=neurological problems in parrots?

    hi all. I started volunteering at a small bird rescue in my area. I was told the reason there wasn’t a microwave oven in the bird building was because it causes neurological disorders in birds. I have a flock of 4 rescues at home, and naturally started looking into this. I’m having trouble...
  11. hetswe

    Hey !!

    Just introducing myself, my name is Heather, and I have parrots for 5 years. When I started, I bred budgies as a hobby for two years, then I decided I wanted to venture into larger parrots, so I got a cockatiel. Buddy was a female pied cockatiel, 3 months later I got another cockatiel, a...
  12. M

    Love birds

    hello. I just got two love birds a few months ago there both fairly young only a few months old and one looks like she has blood and a dent on her head they were flying around but they didn’t hit anything to hard...I’m really worried please help. Thanks . -mirah
  13. Epsilon

    Choosing a Bird

    So, I've done a lot of research and a lot of digging around for which bird might be right for me. But of course, I'm always up for more advice. I've talked to my family about it and they all seem fine with getting a bird. I believe being flexible is very important when picking a bird, because no...
  14. LydiaB

    Am I Being Too Paranoid About Bird Safety?

    After having this bird for only a little over a week, I've realized how much of a paranoid bird-mom I'm being. I'm throwing out Teflon pans, checking every product in my house to make sure its safe and just being super paranoid in general. Am I being too paranoid here or not? Everyone I talk to...
  15. Eelhsa

    Pictures Hi Everyone!

    Hello to all you fellow bird people! I just thought I'd introduce myself. :) I have had many different kinds of birds over the years (chickens, ducks, geese, peafowl, quail, guineas, turkeys and Ringneck doves) currently I have one Ringneck dove, her name is Sable. She's about 6 months old and...
  16. Waltteri

    New birbs :P

    Just got myself 2 wonderful budgies, Falco and Kirby. They're so wonderful but also scared on me. I bought them from another home and I don't think they were taken care of very well..
  17. alocia

    GCC companion?

    Recently I have gotten a GCC and I absolutely love him to pieces. My dad, as reluctant as he was to get a bird, is also obsessed with him, and thinks he is adorable ^-^. We are looking to get another parrot soon, preferably a small bird that can live in his current cage. (it is tiny and we...
  18. McBird

    how many snuggle bird can we post??!

    I want to see all your fluffy little birdies enjoying your love and attention!! here is Leaf!
  19. Veni

    Ahoy! I'm new.

    Hey, my name is Veni, I'm a minor and I am a small bird enthusiast. While I'd love to have a magnificent cockatoo, I feel comfortable with medium or small birds. I have 3 budgies, 2 of which are mine! They are my babies. The Green one is Dorkus, and he is a cautious male. The Blue one is Binx...
  20. T

    Cockatiel for new home

    Would anyone willing to give this cockatiel a new home. Her name is pepper and she is about 4 years old. My girlfriend got her about a year ago and she has just been to difficult to train. She was never hand fed and doesn't seem to like us. At this point we just want to give her away to someone...