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  1. Saya

    Is it okay to take a cage attached budgie off the cage with a perch?

    My budgie is extremely attached to his cage. He comes out of the cage all the time but he doesn't come off the top. I have found that when I take him off the cage and put him on my desk his is 100% tame (I took him off with a perch.) Is this the right way of doing things? And i have been keeping...
  2. C

    what do you do with your birds when you are on a vacation?

    Hi all, I just wonder what do most of you do with your birds when you are on a vacation? It is either my brother or neighbor who uses to take care of my bird but sadly both of them won’t be available for some days from next week. I am almost fixed on going for a vacation next week but I am...
  3. P

    New here

    Hello I am new here and husband and I just adopted a pair if young love birds-lil a peach face and leo a pied face. Have no idea who is female or male of it they are both the same sex. Am hoping to learn more about their care here Ruth
  4. Sussanne

    This is me, joined a while ago...saying Helo

    Hi to all I am on this website when I first were searching to get information on what to feed my rescued speckled mousebird. Now I am back, searching for another mousebird... still searching Please go see my thread posted today.
  5. Sussanne

    Mousebirds: Pls help me in my search for one.

    I live in South Africa in the Johannesburg area and I am in search for a mousebird again. If there is any one out there who can help out with a mousebird, even if it is injured, I will take it, nurse and care for it the same, or if you can help with a referral to someone who might. I have been...
  6. Klomonx

    Polly Wanna Bird Box!

    I don't know if many of you know about BarkBox, it's a monthly box that's sent to you with various treats and toys for your dog(s). You pay a flat fee and every month you get some stuff for your dog (based on the dog's size). I recently stumbled upon a bird version! It's Polly Wanna Bird Box...