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  1. C

    Concerned about my birds poop

    Is this a normal dropping? We rescued a goffins cockatoo 6 months ago. We got her switched to a pellet and chop diet, this is her second poop that’s more white and runny like this. Should I be worried?
  2. KatieKess

    Safe humidifier for bird?

    Hi everyone! With this cold winter air, we’ve been struggling keeping the humidity up in our house. I have a small cool mist humidifier, but it’s hard to clean and not really raising the humidity much. I’ve seen a lot of parrot owners talking about this vicks steam vaporizer, and I happen to...
  3. Wordbird23

    Sudden Allergies?

    I have a Green Cheek Conure, this summer will be my fourth year will him and I have had him since he was two months old. I’ve noticed suddenly in Oct 2020 that I break out in hives on my arms and hands at random, and the last week have developed itchy dry eyes. I don’t know if it is possible to...
  4. KatieKess

    Air fryers and birds?

    Is it safe to use an air fryer in my home? My cockatiel Marvin, is located upstairs (away from the kitchen) but I am still concerned and would never do anything that could harm him. We got an air fryer for Christmas, and we were super excited to try it out.... until I did some research and...
  5. L

    Please help - lorikeet

    Hi guys, I’ve this rainbow lorikeet for a little while now, recently for the past few months he has this little hair in front of his right eye that kept bugging him and he would scratch it all the time. Today earlier on I showered him with lukewarm water and a small pump of some very mild wash...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    Is the brand SuperBirdCreations safe?

    Hello! Is anyone familiar with the brand SuperBirdCreations?? It seems like a very promising and bird-safe place to shop. I wanted to buy this one toy of theirs, but I saw one person in the reviews say it died their birds beak. I don’t know if this is a common bird shop, but if anyone knows...
  7. Jusgetinby


    Please I came home and one of my birds is missing, her name is Yuki. She a white with blue budgie, she went missing after 6pm. I'm in West, Phoenix Arizona. I'm so sad, I believe she pregnant. I am very sad and distraught. I pray the Lord watches her and keeps her and to return or someone so she...
  8. Jusgetinby

    Missing Bird Budgie

    I am very sad, my mind is not all there right now, my bird is missing, I came home to find one of my birds missing. I just want to know where to post missing budgie. I feel so ill she gone. I think she might be pregnant. I am in west Phoenix arizona. Her name Yuki. I am very distraught and I am...
  9. parrotman

    Urgent Bird cant get out of the shell! (Sad Update post #11)

    Help! I found a half-hatched egg in the nest box, but the bird is inside the egg and is stuck. How can I get the bird free from the shell? I' sure the bird is alive because I saw him breathing inside of the shell
  10. M

    Is infrared lamp safe for birds?

    Hi, Does anyone use this infrared lamp for birds or in aviary?? Is infrared radiation safe for birds??
  11. K

    Should I get a GCC/bird? I'm lost.

    Hello! My name is Kayt. I have been doing research on parakeets (specifically Green Cheek Conures) for over a month and a half now. My mother is very hesitant and all I have received from others is negative feedback on birds. I really need to ask others that have birds what they think I should...
  12. PrettyBirdy

    Ideas for a Solarium turned Aviary!

    Hi all! I am currently moving to a big house for the first time with my four birds (Goffins, bebe, mustache 'keet and soon a male indian ringneck)- and it has a solarium attached to the side of the house!! It is beautiful, warm and tiled and it is 100% going to be for the birds! We want to fill...
  13. CGrillo

    Weird droppings again

    Last time I talked about Luke’s droppings on here he got off of his antibiotic treatment and that I no longer go to the vet I brought him to for his infection. His poops went back to normal and were normal for weeks. He has been on his probiotic and everything was good and I didn’t change...
  14. Adriana_33

    Best species?

    Hi there! So, I may go to boarding school soon. The boarding school I will go to says I can bring one bird and they will provide organic fruits and veggies + My parents will ship me the toys, pellets, etc. I will have 4+ hours for the bird. Noise is not an issue. So, I was wondering, what bird...
  15. CGrillo

    Weight Health

    In my last thread in spoke about how luke was back to a healthy weight after his antibiotics caused him to not eat. Luke now seems to be making up for all the food he hasn’t eaten on his meds and seems to be stuck at 1.5 oz When they should weigh around 1.1-1.4 oz. He doesn’t seem to get much...
  16. CGrillo

    Is this a bruise?

    This week a noticed a reddish brown mark appear on Luke’s beak. The mark isn’t flaky or anything and it looks like it’s flat and apart of the beak. You can see another section of his beak is trying to grow so I think he might have hurt himself but I’m not sure. He does come out of the cage and...
  17. CGrillo

    Molting Cause Watery Droppings?

    I’ve spoken about Luke recovering from an infection in previous threads. He’s been off antibiotics since Monday and we are between vets at the moment. I don’t want to drive myself crazy because most of his his poops seem to look good but there will be these few random watery droppings either...
  18. CGrillo

    Food to help budgie gain weight

    Luke lost some weight by not eating his food on his second round of antibiotics (which It was put in the food and is a bitter tasting medication). He was pretending to eat so I didn’t realize he wasn’t eating until I could physically feel his keel bone when I went to pick him up. He is no...
  19. CGrillo

    What do your budgies eat?

    I’m curious to know what everyone here feeds their budgies day to day, weekly, etc. Can anyone recommend some seeds or foods they swear by? Right now I feed Luke Natural Select Parakeet Diet but trying to add some zupreem fruit blend pellets to his diet. Here and there he will get veggies but...
  20. CGrillo

    Recovery Advice?

    I had a crazy day today :wacky: So I officially need to find Luke a new vet. The office I’ve been taking him to was not a avian specialist but as you may have read in my last thread that because of COVID the avian specialists in my area are all on leave and that this new vet I’ve been taking...