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  1. E

    Cockatiel hurt her leg?

    I’ve had this cockatiel for alittle over 2 weeks . She was untrained and now we have her to the point where she will climb onto our fingers when she thinks we have food. She isnt afraid of us as much as she was before. Just today we had her on our finger and we walked alittle bit further from...
  2. Its_Sam4

    Urgent Cockatiels poop has changed

    Hi, so lately my cockatiel’s poop has changed. She’s 11 years old and unfortunately lost her mate this past December. It looks like water with little to no poop visible. I’m not sure if this is related but when she puffs up and shakes her feathers, little white feather balls shake off too. She...
  3. E

    Cockatiel is acting strange? What is this?

    She has been doing this act all day and we dont know why. Its worrying us.
  4. E

    Cockatiel too scared and shy what do i do?

    Hi , im new to the bird keeping world, i am transitioning from fish keeping to birds. I had just bought a 3 month old cinnamon cockatiel which i believe is a female because of the barred tail and kind of faint red cheeks. anyway She Is really timid and scared, she does not move from the branch...
  5. birdmamaaa

    Clicker training and treats?

    Hi there! I live with my 2 year old feathered baby, a Congo African Grey. He has such personality, but I have a difficult time getting him to step up. I want to teach him how to step up on a stick before my hand like my GCC. I’ve bought a clicker already and I have a few questions: Do I need to...
  6. A

    Urgent Sick Parrotlet! Odd Behavior!

    Recently I noticed that whenever I took my parrotlet out to play he decided to sleep instead. An he started sleeping in odd places like my vanity and nightstand. There's nothing to perch on there... Today he was on my shoulder and suddenly started flicking his head back and forth. Then he...
  7. PipTheBird

    4 Month Old Cockatiel Questions

    (Please let me know if this in the wrong thread! If so, I apologize and I'll move it to the appropriate one.) Hello! I just joined this site recently, mainly to ask a few questions about my Cockatiel. My boyfriend and I just got a 4 month old one a week ago, and he's technically our first bird...
  8. winnieirn

    My poor little baby

    I decided to call this very nice lady that goes to your house and grooms your birdies because Winnie hasn’t been groomed for a while and I only used to do nails but now I did beak too because his was way too sharp. Of course I didn’t touch my baby’s wings because I love seeing him fly :heart...
  9. R

    Urgent Ringneck Parrot

    Hello, I have three 9 and 1/2 months old ringneck parrots. I have had them for exactly 8 months now and they’re perfectly healthy. One of my birds, Rio, is a messy eater and always has food stuck on the sides of his beak (mostly corn). He eventually rubs it off when he rubs his beak against the...
  10. Mikubumble

    Parrotlet occasionally fainting?

    Hey there guys, So I've become aware of my parrotlet (smaller bird in my profile photo) fainting every now and then. This doesn't happen often, maybe once or twice every couple of months.. I think this may be because he holds in his poop as he likes to keep his cage clean, considering as...
  11. Teagan Hall

    Pictures Conure Update!

    From coming from no contact with these to, to having them on my head and arm and even next to me is amazing! I got these beauties mid August and have just come leaps and bounds ever since the first month. I can't explain how much I love them and their little antics! Here's some pictures for...
  12. fancydance

    Bird foot help

    My bird has not got a very good grip on my finger and the perch and keeps falling to the bottom.. I am worried about her. Any help to improve foot strength?
  13. PippinLovebird

    Biting Feet?!

    So, Earlier today, My cockatiel Sunny was sitting in her cage and consuming some millet, just as my lovebird flew on the outside of her cage and climbed down to where the millet was and started eating it with her. She was on the inside.They looked so happy! He was tweeting and flapped his wings...
  14. PippinLovebird

    Parrot Photo Shoot!

    Aww Look at my 2 adorable babies! Sunshine (the cockatiel) and Pippin! (the lovebird) The lovebird I have had for 8 months and he is 7 1/2 years old, and the cockatiel I got last week, she is 3 months old. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Its called.... The Best Birds. If it...
  15. PippinLovebird

    Something Wrong With My Lovebird?

    My Lovebird has been regurgitating on his favorite toy (His Rope/hoop Swing) and eating it back up a lot lately. And when he does, it happens a few times in a row. Is he okay? Is this normal? Please let me know!
  16. Morgan Haller

    Missing Sun Conure in TX - Please Help/ID Leg band question

    My sun conure went missing the evening of Monday 7/22/19 from Converse, TX (San Antonio area). He has a silver identification band around his left ankle. I have his id number, but does anyone have experience with how a finder could be able to locate me with that number? I cannot find a database...
  17. asrielshaven

    What does this sound mean?

    My little approx. 15 week old Ringneck guy makes plenty of different sounds. From loud contact calls, to tiny and adorable peeps. However, there's one sound he makes that I can't quite pinpoint. I've tried looking online for any info about bird sounds, but I can't find anything that sounds like...
  18. Mo Amjad

    Bird baths

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if it's normal for a bird to take baths every day?. My ringneck takes baths in his water bowl sometimes more than once a day. I give him showers twice a week so I was wondering if it's normal or can it be something else? He's free of parasites as I took him to the...
  19. Diveks

    my introduction

    hey everyone im new here, im here with my 6 year old female macaw, sunset, my 6 week old lovebird, poco, my 3 month old sun conure, jinx, and an aviary with 6 lorikeets ive got from someone who didn't want them anymore. i free flight jinx a few times a month as he loves flying, but sunset, she...
  20. SusanS BSNCCRN

    Meet me and my clubbed footed Eurasian Jay

    Hello All! I have just adopted a Eurasian Jay that has one clubbed foot, and a lazy foot. Both require special exercises and splinting though, more splinting on the worse affected, obviously. With a long history of working with Psittacines, I gladly adopted this brainiac of the wild bird world...