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  1. Luvbirds

    Is my bird ill?

    Hello everyone, I'm a worried mama right now hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions. So here's the context. Mama bird is widowed from about 1-2 weeks ago. Last bird Luno died due to pneumonia. The day he died was the day their first egg hatched. Currently there is only 2 chicks of 2...
  2. Luvbirds

    NEW BORNS Name Suggestions

    Hello my fellow Bird LOVERS! I have some new borns, any names suggestions that Start with the Letter P ??
  3. LilFrodo

    Urgent Frodo dropped a feather with a slight bit of blood at the end

    So far he seems fine, and no obvious/major bleeding after a few look-overs. He’s in bed right now and I’ve popped over to check on him a couple times and he seems just fine. I’m just extremely paranoid and would appreciate some reassurance. He was sitting next to me when something freaked him...
  4. S

    4 1/2 month old Conure molting?

    Hi all, my almost 5 month GCC appears to be molting. I am concerned because it seems so young. He’s been losing a fair amount of the fluffy down feathers for no apparent reason (no plucking, and even when he’s not grooming). Behavior wise he doesn’t seem out of the ordinary- sleeping as usual...
  5. urvogel

    going on vacation and cant take my cockatiel help

    im gonna be on vacation with my mum for 4-5 nights and cant take my cockatiel with me and now i cant sleep for two nights stressing about it, the good thing is i have someone to take her while im away (my dad) but my problem is he never had a bird so for her to have out of cage time is not an...
  6. B

    Need Help-Mite?

    Baby canaries have red spots on their backs. Also, the mother had red spots on her feathers because she was sitting in the hatch. What could be the problem with baby canaries? Do you have an idea? Thanks
  7. S

    Urgent Burned Popcorn Smoke

    Hi all, I am asking for urgent advice on signs and symptoms to look for initial respiratory illness/sickness from cooking smoke. I was making popcorn on the stovetop when I started to smell it burn, I immediately took my GCC to a bedroom. His cage is about 12 feet away from the kitchen. I could...
  8. C

    bird has psittacosis/hypertrophy and beak is a bit overgrown

    my budgie has the diseases i listed it also keeps trying to bite or breed with its cage bars? vets say theres nthing they can do it also wont stop head bopping mating upside down
  9. fursumi

    Bringing bird from the US to Canada

    i’ve been considering an African pied crow, over a year of research has been put into this idea and i’m planning to make my decision 2-3 years from now. They’re pretty close to impossible to find here in Canada but I’ve been eyeing a specific breeder in the US so i figured i would need to drive...
  10. R

    Leaving bird and going on vacation, how do you guys do it?

    Hi everyone! I own a 11 month old Indian ring neck parrot and I LOVE HIM to death. He is my beautiful beautiful baby. I am leaving for 5 weeks to go on a holiday trip in a month time and I don’t know how I’m going to leave him. I will be leaving him at a family members house as they have birds...
  11. T

    Green cheek conure all of suddenly afraid of me

    Hello! I adopted my Green Cheek Conure, Sparky, 2 years ago from my sister. He doesn't get along well with other people, and was attacking me a LOT in the beginning. But I finally got him to get comfortable around me to the point where we cuddled every night. But a couple months ago I got them...
  12. H

    Where to find hand fed English Budgies in or near South Dakota?

    I’m looking for a young male to keep as a loved pet. I’m willing to drive out of state, but not too far. Thanks!
  13. C

    My budgie doesn’t seem interested in me

    I have been working with my budgie for a few months now. He used to jump up onto my hand and seemed interested in being with me. He started biting when I put my hand in the cage roughly 2 weeks ago. I have worked on the biting and he does it less now. But he doesn’t seem interested in me anymore...
  14. Tenleigh


    Do anyone have any recommendations for games/activities to play with your bird? I’m running out of ideas!
  15. C

    Swollen/warm leg after splint

    My bird fractured her leg almost two months ago. She just got her splint taken off by the doctor yesterday, however today it does look a bit swollen and feels warm. Is this normal? Is there any way I can help her leg or will it heal on its own? Her fractured leg is healed now.
  16. Mango&Five

    What kind of bird is this?

    Okay so i saw this bird and i’m not looking to get one, but it was just really beautiful to me and the way it was acting has just kept it on my mind. I don’t know all the different bird kinds and species but i’m pretty sure someone on here will know what bird this is?
  17. S

    My 1.5 to 2 month lutino cockatiel has a bald spot on his back of head/neck

    I got the 1.5 to 2 months old Lutino cockatiel 2 days ago and it seems that she has a bald spot on back of her head/neck, she has these pointed hairs or something pointy on the bald spot. I am not sure if this is something concerning, please help! I attached the photos of her.
  18. S

    Aviary base

    Hey Guys! I was just wondering… we got an aviary about one week ago and are now starting to fix it up and put a base on it. We were going to put concrete to prevent mice but I reckon that the quail with hurt their feet and the babies could get splayed legs. (Baby quails I mean) We then started...
  19. B

    My lovebirds are terrified of me and fly away whenever i come near them (how do i tame 2 lovebirds)

    Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong catergory i wan't sure where to put it as this is my first post (on any forum website) Details: 2 Black masked lovebirds. Pet store we got them from said they were about 8 months (don't know if true or not) Both male and are bonded to one another. I...
  20. P

    Need help choosing between a Budgerigar and a Cockatiel!

    Hi everyone! I’m new here. We’ve been thinking of purchasing a new bird for a while now and we’ve narrowed it down to a budgie and a cockatiel. We used to have a green budgie, but unfortunately he passed away back in 2020 after 9 years. We love budgies but we feel that a new one might never...