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  1. EarthToEcho

    Vibration Bird

    So I have a Jenday Conure who is normally pretty easy to understand but sometimes he will put his beak between or just be touching my fingers and just vibrates his head. What does this mean?
  2. taxidermynerd

    How old do you think Chirp is?

    Hi all! Something I've been trying to figure out since I got Chirp is how old he is. So I figured I'd see if anybody on here could help me out! Here are the important details: I've had Chirp since May 24th, 2016 (A little bit over 6 months!) He only has a couple of bars on his head (and...
  3. haze

    911 Sick Budgie? Help!

    My budgie, Dante, is acting very strange today. His feathers are fluffed out, he doesn't want to fly, and normally, I cannot touch him, but today he doesn't even mind. He keeps falling asleep in the food dish, and I noticed that his brother Bran is picking on him. He's three months old, so even...
  4. HawkEagle

    Lovebirds in apartment?

    Hello! I am going through a mad research stage right now! That's the reason I haven't been posting for a long time: lots to do- no time at all! Sigh. :meh: The main concerns are these: the bird must be cockatiel-size or smaller, and quiet enough for an apt! I would like a hookbill rather than a...
  5. Jan

    Blu's Bird Toy Club

    I have created a Bird Toy Club!! :) I defined everything onto one page with some info and a form to fill out for those who are going to subscribe all on the same page and along with the dollar and duration buttons below the form. You can not check out through our normal cart with the...
  6. RedCarpetEclectus

    Taming a frightened adult bird?

    Hey everyone, I have adopted an adult frillback pigeon and he came from a home which had little interaction with them apart from feeding. He is an adult, but specific age (and sex, I call him a male) is unknown. He is very curious however he is very movement and hand shy. He has only been home...
  7. mallory

    Linnie Droppings

    what is considered "normal" for a lennie's droppings? My girl's are large, watery, and varying from an orange color to a green. Is that normal or is something wrong? Thank-You.
  8. mallory

    A Few Questions From A New Lennie Owner

    I've recently acquired a lutino lennie this past week and even with extensive research about the breed, I've found myself still asking questions. 1) Suki (my lennie) has adjusted to her new home quite well, however she doesn't seem interested in any of the toys in her cage and rarely even...
  9. G

    Didn't Quarantine New Green Cheek?

    I've got a new baby green cheek who I've known for a few months now. I got him from a very nice pet store where I got my first green cheek from about a year ago. The people at the pet store said I didn't need to quarantine my new green cheek because he's been diseased tested and so has my...
  10. M

    Canary Cage

    Hello Avian community, I have a Canary cage that is a bit loose wire are a bit loose in certain areas. I want to know how to secure them without risk of harming the bird. Are there any safe glues? Or welding? It's like 7 tiny spots only. May I varnish the little wood on the exterior of the...