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  1. TheBirb

    201 (202) Stainless steel parrot cage *UPDATE*

    So I went ahead & purchased the "201" Stainless steel parrot cage, it's stamped 202 so not exactly sure why they're advertised as 201 when 202 has slightly higher manufacturing costs & corrosion resistance properties but anyway... Received it the other day & right off the bat I noticed some...
  2. P

    Kakariki - Food aggression

    So I've had my Kakariki for just over five months now and for the first 2 months everything was fine. Maybe about 3 months ish he has becoming quite aggressive when I try to remove his food out of his cage, I only do this when I need to change food or give him a top up. He will see my hand...
  3. Oscarbird

    What's your bird's weird quirk?

    Just curious- what's one thing your bird does that's weird or strange? My bird gets scared of the original Mario music from the 80's. He also loves to knock things off of shelves.
  4. TheBirb

    Supreme 201 stainless cage, repair paint or diy?

    I've got an Alexandrine that is chewing the paint from her current cage & am in need of a solution but have limited funds. The only appropriate size & wire spaced cages I can find in Australia are the Supreme 201 stainless for $1000 & the Feather land 304 for $3000, I can't find any other...
  5. Oscarbird

    Advice on chop

    I'm thinking of getting a food processor to help chop my bird food. It's just really hard cutting veggies and fruit everyday by hand, and a food processor would save me a LOT of time! I've really wanted to make chop for my bird as well, so I can be sure that he's getting the nutrients he needs...
  6. B

    Urgent Cockatiel 2 Months old not eating and cannot fly properly

    Hello so my Cockatiel who is 2 months old has not been eating through handfeed or eating seeds and other bird food. It also used to fly before but it is too weak and ends up falling to the ground whenever it tries to fly. I am not sure if he is sick or not and what i should do to care for him.
  7. MooFish

    Help!! I need information on this bathroom freshener...

    My stepdad bought Bowl Fresh to make our bathroom smell good, and now it smells like a hospital all over the house and in my room where my parakeet, Norman, can smell it. I'm very scared, as it contains paradichlorobenzene, which I've heard can kill your bird by just inhaling the fumes. Will...
  8. Z

    Missing Yellow Cockatiel

    Hi everyone, my yellow cockatiel named Arlo flew away today around 4PM in the West Brampton area, Ontario, Canada. He is less than a pound in weight, has yellow and white feathers with bright orange cheeks, with a small blackish mark on his beak. He loves sunflower seeds, millets, and spinach...
  9. PippinLovebird

    Bumble foot?

    So I saw this on my cockatiels foot today, is it a scab? Could it potentially be bumble foot? I'm not really sure but thought it would be safe to get some opinions. Thanks!
  10. B

    Cockatiel beak

    This might be a stupid question but I just noticed my cockatiels beak is always partially open, and he can’t seem to close it. Is this normal or should I see a vet? I’ve looked at other pictures of cockatiels on the internet and some have their beak closed while some are open so I wanted to make...
  11. bird_mama

    Video Chirping when happy?

    If I get close enough to Romeo, (3 years old this past February) I hear almost like a whispering, chattering, while pacing side to side when he sees food, that he knows is his, in my hand. Romeo (☝A video of what I’m talking about)
  12. S


    my poor kakariki got his toes stuck when my mum slightly closed the door, not fully thank god. He lost a lot of blood and one of this toes is crooked and severed. i think the other toe is slightly cut but it’s too bloody. We tried pouring flour on to stop the blood but everytime he moved around...
  13. T

    Help! Lost bird!

    Our male Cockatiel flew away near Tates Creek in Lexington Ky. On April 3rd. It is my son's bird and we are devastated... Reward offered. Please help. (edited to add photo)
  14. Nnbal

    Is my parrot sick

    Hello. I have a 1 year old Macaw parrot. His name is Pasa. He sneezes especially at night. Its current is ignored. Light colored He eats well. He is very happy. It has no other problems. Just sneezing. Our vet gave antibiotics. We used. But it did not pass. I bought an air filter in his room...
  15. S

    Going to college and having a single lovebird, will that be okay?

    Hello, before you guys start saying no, do hear me out :) When i went to a bird store, (i know that adopting is better but i don’t have any places to adopt birds in my area) i saw a lovebird in a cage with 3 other lovebirds. He looked rather lonely and distanced himself from the 3 other...
  16. Aves

    Pictures Rare bird spotted outside my window

  17. S

    I bought Azalea wood perches & i’m unsure if i should give them to my lovebird or not.. Please help!!

    I bought Azalea wood perches online & at first i didn’t know that they were made out of azalea. I’ve searched online and it says that azalea wood is poisonous to birds, however, when i contacted the shop about this, they told me that it was safe and there’s no way that they would sell something...
  18. G

    Hahns Macaw Breathing Problem

    Hi, a few weeks ago mine and my partners hahns macaw named Winston started with a sudden onset of laboured breathing, he seemed fine other than this breathing which was very loud. On the way to the vets it suddenly stopped but we still gave him his full course of antibiotics. Just yesterday the...
  19. BirbDex

    Budgies and diets?

    Hi, so I have a lot on my mind currently but I don't want to come off as causing trouble as soon as I arrive so I'm not going to disclose any names what I am going to say is I was advised to put my budgie on a diet from a so-called professional bird trainer. Being someone who takes advice but...
  20. I

    Budgie is looking sick, what do I do?

    I got my male budgie Sky about a year ago. Just today we noticed he was very sleepy during the day. When he came out of the cage, he ate a few seeds and then just perched on my hand with his eyes closed. We tried to offer him some spray millet but he wouldn’t take them which was very worrisome...