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angry bird

  1. D

    Cockatiel throwing fits. Seperation anxiety?

    I’m new to this forum. My cockatiel is nearly 2 years old, I’ve had him since march 2019 and we’ve been closely bonded ever since. I recently moved into a new apartment with a new roomate and started a new job all at once & since then he’s become a nightmare. I believe he’s developed severe...
  2. P


    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I’m coming here pretty much as a last resort. I bought a new Indian Ringneck parakeet around May time of this year and it was just born 6 months prior to that, so a baby. And I have had a really hard time to tame him. At the start we kept him in his cage...
  3. Pepper_22

    Question about angry cockatiel?

    hi everyone! A bit new here but I really needed answers about my bird but no site seems to be that helpful. So I’ve had my bird, TC for a while now. About 2 years or so. And last August I moved to college so he stays with my parents. But ever since I moved he is super moody and upset whenever I...
  4. MooShu

    Clipping nails

    Sorry, I don't know where to post this topic but I need help with a problem. I have an rose ringed parakeet / indian ringneck parrot. I think he hatched somewhere in the middle of May 2018. So he's about 8 months old. I've had him from first of July 2018. My main problem with him is this...
  5. Dostc426

    Conure Angry with me? Help!

    Hi everyone! I have never encountered this with my 8 year old sun conure and I am not sure what to do! So on thanksgiving every year my boyfriend and I put our conure in our bedroom in his day cage while we cook and have the oven on. This isn't anything new. Cygni does okay with it, we make...
  6. F

    10 month old Conure Sudden Agression

    My 10 month old conure, Manny, recently started attacking a few people - people who he knows and has been gentle with. He’s been nippy with me and other people but it’s just nippy baby stuff which hurts, yeah, but he never showed aggressive body behavior when doing it. Yesterday he attacked my...
  7. SirTango

    Considering rehoming Tango

    This is crazy to think about but lately I can't help it. I have these lurking thoughts that Tango is the cause of my anger problems. I have never been an angry person, but a couple of months after I got him I started developing anger issues. It started really small. At first it was just...
  8. Candi Kirk

    New to site and new mom to ringneck

    Hi all I'm new to the group and very new to being a bird mom. We got our bird on Friday and since then I have lived on Google and in my kitchen. IV cool veg, made apple sauce and spent loads on toys and other treats. Despite all the effort our bird only talks and interacts with my hubby. He is...
  9. C

    Pictures What is the best way to move my untamed cockatiel to a new cage?

    Hello, I recently inherited a 5-6 year old cockatiel (Caesar) that was never tamed or taken out of his cage. I have had him for a year now, and he is a very sweet and happy bird who gets plenty of treats and toys. He sings all the time. He is currently in the cage that I received him in, a ~4...
  10. berda

    Help please

    I have recently adopted a cockatiel that is very aggressive he won't let me put my hand in his cage and I've had him for about 4 weeks now I've tried just about everything to get him to like me I've also tried new foods such as scrambled eggs millet sprays papaya and different types of things...