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Is Pipi mad at me?


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My baby Pipi (cockatiel) lived with me after my bf irresponsibly bought her for me even though I did not have a stable housing situation (roommates don't like birds, and I am a student).
My roommates and I were able to work it out and I kept her in my dorm with us for about 3 months. During summer, I spent every day with her for another 2-3 ish months or so. However, after one of my roommates suddenly told me she did not want Pipi living with us again, she started living with my parents instead. So now they take care of her and I commute to visit whenever I can to spend time with her.

Usually, when I visit, she will flock call as soon as she hears my voice and is super happy to see me. She will usually show me her heart wings, hop around, and sing for attention (she’s a boy but I am used to she/her pronouns). But this time when I visited after an extra long amount of away time since I've been sick, she totally ignored me. When I talked in the house she was dead silent. When I took her out to play, she kept avoiding me and only spent time with my parents. She would run from my hand, refuse to look at me, and instead run to my parents for pets. It seemed so intentional like she was trying to make me jealous lol.

I know she’s probably just pouting but lowkey that hurt a lot and I'm really upset that our bond seems to be weakening a lot. I was really afraid of this happening. Does anyone have tips on how to earn her forgiveness and avoid losing her love? I really love her a lot : (


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