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  1. Zara

    Video Adelie vs the swing!

    Today Adelie got a new swing... I´m not sure she likes it...
  2. hrafn

    Pictures Taco needed a bigger foraging box...

    This one's four feet long. Hopefully it'll last him a little while longer than usual. :D:D
  3. charlieboy

    Pictures Cotton Threads On Boing

    Are those cotton threads too long and a possible choking hazard? (I'm guessing so) And if so, could I just trim them? Also, is cotton a risk for ingestion? I'm trying to think of possible risks in Charlie's toys and eliminating them after reading all of the horror stories on this forum. Thank...
  4. charlieboy

    Video Charlie's T4W Toys are here! :)

    They arrived yesterday night, took these pictures this morning :) I think he approves! We are both super happy :heart: P.S. Please excuse my pajamas haha! Also, I am aware Charlie has unusually squinty eyes in these, they're back to normal now and I'm taking him to the vet soon just in...
  5. WallyCockatiel


    I have been looking almost over the internet for the bed in this video below but have found no luck. Please if anyone’s knows where to get it from tell me! Link: Thanks in advance! :)
  6. AkasyaEllric

    Why sell something unsafe?

    I bought Ollie a new toy today, and didn't really look at it super closely since it's the same type of tennis shoes he's had before but a different manufacturer. When I got home I realized they were all tied and double knotted. I didn't get a pic before I untied them but all I could think was...
  7. music2music

    Foraging Toys for Budgies

    I want to find new toys for my little budgie Twiggy. I want to find her a foraging toy, but I haven't seen many for small birds. I don't mind being recommended an online shop if it means getting a nice toy. :)
  8. layinlow

    How should I introduce my cockatiel to toys?

    Hello! I've recently gotten a pet cockatiel named Mika on Saturday (2/3/4), so I've had her for about 5 days. My mom says I should put toys in her cage while I'm at school so she's not so bored, though I'm not for sure on how to introduce her to them. I have a few different ones to show her, but...
  9. Cockatango

    Pictures Is an oranges bag a safe toy?

    You know those meshy, plastic bags that oranges are sold in - would they be a safe toy for a cockatiel? I was planning to tie string to one so it hangs from the top of the cage but droops down so she has to stretch to reach any goodies inside. Is this a good idea? (Is this plastic...
  10. Atomiklan

    New perch design

    I really like the Wingdow perches, but would much rather build one myself as they are (understandably) very expensive. I am planning a similar approach myself (for personal use), but an approach that does not require vacuforming plastic. I am going to stick with milling a blank and then using my...
  11. Atomiklan

    Favorite Toy

    Does anyone else have an Eckie that plays like this hahahaha? This is seriously the ONLY time she makes any sounds! She's so weird lol.
  12. Atomiklan

    Perch OVERKILL!

    Alrighty, get ready for a long one... I decided to take a break from the research project parts machining to do something fun. Went to the shop this weekend and made three neato perches for the finches. Ever since Charlie picked out his favorite spot on top of the kitchen cabinets, I decided I...
  13. Whoviana

    Toys and Stimulation

    Sunflower is five months old now and she is a busy little birdie. She has free reign of the house about 90% of the day. We have made her a variety of toys, but she much prefers things that are not designed for birds. She is a pretty picky bird. I'm a little worried that she is not getting enough...
  14. rocky'smom

    Pictures Rain stick forging toys (Paper towel tubes)

    I go thru scads of paper towels for my 2, the clinic goes thru 5 times as much. What do you do with all those tubes? Make forging toys with them. What you will need: Paper towel tubes (for medium sized birds) Scissors A long large eyed needle Jute or hemp rope Some newspaper pieces for...
  15. Atomiklan

    Pictures The journey continues 2.0!

    So as most of you can guess, I have been doing more and more research as I have been "waiting" (More on that soon). A few days ago, I was basically at the point where I felt I had done all the research I could possibly do and my only next step was to foster (sorry, but still not going to just...
  16. rocky'smom

    Pictures Lunch Bag Forging Toy

    @Rolanda Lunch Bag Forging toy What you will need: Old fashion brown paper lunch bags ( online you can smaller type bags that are just like these) Jute or hemp rope $ Tree shred Hole punch Embellishments: paper/ plastic straws, pony beads, parrot candy from TnT, loofa slices, wooden beads, vine...
  17. taxidermynerd

    Toys that attach to the side of the cage?

    Hi all! So the holiday season is upon us, and I've gotta get started on Christmas shopping for Chirp. I'm figuring on toys, maybe a couple of perches, probably some high-value treats (gotta love those almonds!). I'm planning on heading out today, and I've noticed that the lower 3/4s of his...
  18. Spudpig

    Used toys?

    I'm in the process of transforming a cage of mine into the ultimate bird cage. Between making sure it's completely safe and finding things to put in it, it's taking a bit of time. I often by used furniture items and have started looking at used bird toys. I'm hesitant to buy one, I'm a worrier...
  19. Jan

    Blu's Bird Toy Club

    I have created a Bird Toy Club!! :) I defined everything onto one page with some info and a form to fill out for those who are going to subscribe all on the same page and along with the dollar and duration buttons below the form. You can not check out through our normal cart with the...
  20. rocky'smom

    Sweet Pea's new shredder toy (Home Made)

    this is Sweet Pea's Valentine gift from mom. easy to make and to replace the shred material. Look at that STINK eye, cuz I took it out of the cage to take a picture. LOL she has already shredded the zig zag. piercing that hanging parts