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  1. bird_mama

    Is PLA bird safe?

    Ive been in the habit of making toys since toys don’t last 4 days in Romeo’s cage. He loves cups/bowls with lids so he can forage for the goodies inside. I saw these on Amazon:https://a.co/d/chNQ7fU And I saw that the inside is coated with PLA. I just wanted to know if this would be generally...
  2. H

    Swing perches style and budgies

    Hi all So, I’m a hobbiest and love craft (I’m sure I’m among friends here). Over about 10 months it has become clear to me that budgie Winston loves the toys I make him. However I’ve - a few times - splurged on the toys we’ve all seen, and have, including the photo attached. I know my Win, and...
  3. flyzipper

    New macaw-sized toy (engaging and robust? ...TBD)

    We received a new shipment today, and while Oscar is mostly interested in the box it arrived in, I'll post an update about how he likes this new toy once he engages with it. It's entirely stainless steel, feels very sturdy, and is fairly simple with two balls that spin around in an enclosed...
  4. Diveks

    In need of playstand inspiration

    Hey, after a year of working with dolly (an 8 year old CAG) she has finally accepted natural perches. In her old home she was only given metal perches and she was rarely handled causing her to start being terrified of humans. Well before she accepted perches she would only cling on to me or...
  5. bird_mama

    Cardboard tubes?

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea where I can get bird safe cardboard/paper tubes? I just found out my African Grey loves them when I put one (glue free of course) in his cage. I’ve tried looking but I just want one that’s bird safe please! Thank you :•)
  6. ZY28

    Where do people get there material from?

    Hi, I see a lot of places sell toys and toy parts for parrots, but I always wondered where do they get there materials from. I would love to make them myself but I don't know where to get the palm leaf, the wood, the vines, the coconuts, ect. Does any know why they get there supplies from? Ps...
  7. Diveks

    Toys for african grey scared of wood

    Hello, i need some suggestions for non wooden toys. I had been having trouble with her toys as she is TERRIFIED of all kinds of wood except for the painted furniture. So a bit about dolly, this is not her first home as she was given to me from my relatives. They could no longer care for her as...
  8. Skyandkiwi

    What are some toys that my birds can easily shred?

    Does anyone have any specific toys, not materials, that my birds can shred easily? Something similar to the bird kabob would be great! My two budgies love anything that falls apart quick
  9. ZY28

    Is non-toxic Elmer's School Glue safe to use on bird toys?

    Hello everyone! I hope your having a good day :). I wanted to make some DIY toys for my GCC and I was wondering if a non-toxic Elmer's School Glue would be safe to use as an adhesif on the toys. Thank you!
  10. SilverSoo

    A new cage

    We just got this new bigger cage for Jamie and Mango & Tweety. We have them separated for now to see if they get along. Something I've been told about is that cockatiels are friends with every kind of bird, is that true? I don't want Mango & Tweety ganging up on Jaime because they can get...
  11. budgelove

    Perches and Toys

    Hello! I'm researching into budgies, and planning to buy a pair in a week or so, whenever I feel adequate and knowledgeable enough to be a good budgie parent. I have a few questions, and I thought I'd ask actual budgie owners for their opinions and their experiences. I'd extremely appreciate...
  12. H

    Baby territorial behavior or?

    Hi, I recently got a green cheek, around 3-4 months old. Now she can be cuddly, i only do head and neck cuddling. She does like to bite to explore but i can tell its not aggressive that shes just playing around, trying to get into bite pressure training. My problem is when she gets real...
  13. Zara

    Pictures Excess rope/Toys being used up - Safety tip

    When buying toys I've had a few arrive to me with a lot of rope/string at the top that has nothing on it. I don't like giving that to my birds for safety reasons, so I would always tie as many knots in it to shorten it.. But there is a better way to fix it. Another time this tip is helpful is...
  14. anurim

    New toys and someone is already ungrateful

    I think this picture says it all, wanted to take a pic with all his new toys and he just decided to run away :joyful: Had to bribe him with a seed to make sure I get a good picture Also, here's a close-up with the toys :D
  15. Y

    Can you use a grill to bake wood?

    This sounds stupid, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use a grill to bake wood for disenfecting? I just finished using a bleach/water mix to disinfect some branches but I wanted to do some more and bake it. Do I have to bake it? And if so can I use a grill, or will that just grill the wood?
  16. Zara

    Thoughts on "rodent" toy

    When I was in the UK recently, I picked up this toy. It was in the rodents section in a shop called the range. I think it seems safe, but I'd love to hear some more opinions. Shopping in the rodent section isn't new to me, bird toys are few and far between over here so I do pick up bridges...
  17. Zara

    Video Every morning without fail

    Every single morning, first thing, before anything else: football!! She loves it! (Her fave is the pumpkin ball but I hid it and can't find it)
  18. Zara

    My DIY upcycle-then-recycle foraging toy

    So easy to make and costs just cents. Made using upcycled parts and can be recycled when you are bored of the colours or too lazy to clean it. Perfect for little birds, not suitable for larger birds. If you notice the plastic being chewed, dispose of the toy. Once the treats have been taken...
  19. B

    Impaction: Early Warning Signs?

    Hello, I have a 11-year-old Gold Capped Conure named Bella. I recently purchased a toy for her on Amazon that had great reviews. I didn't notice until after I let her play with it that there were small sponge-like pieces that were attached. I've looked for the missing pieces but I can only...
  20. Zara

    Pictures A new friend for Adélie

    I have found that Adélie really enjoys her soft toys. She snoozes on the dragons face as it has a long nose like a perch. So when I was out today and spotted this, I thought Adélie would like it, "oooh, who that?" "yes, like him" "oh no, this not safe, bad human!" "much...