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  1. P

    Urgent Regurgitating(?) abnormally.

    My Parrotlet this morning made the regurgitating motion (odd head bob) so I know it's most likely not vomit, but when he regurgitated it came out as a foam?! No seed, no food- Foam... It's a saliva/mucus consistency. He's never regurgitated before (at least in my care), and I set up an...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    Did my Conure regurgitate or throw up?

    I am having a hard time telling but I am concerned. My brown-throat Conure bobbed her head a few times before spitting up a clear fluid. Is she okay? What does this mean? The vet was unhelpful, offered no advice and has us on a waitlist.
  3. Summzz

    Concerned about over regurgitation and possible causes.

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to find some answer on how to help my 12 year old Sun Conure, Mango. He has always over-regurgitate, in my opinion anyways, since he was about 9 which is when my other Conure Claire started laying eggs ( she was also about 9 so it was a surprise to us). It would be on and...
  4. erineliot

    Hormones, diet, weight

    My Amazon, without question, has hormonal issues. She wing flaps, does a little dance, and then rubs her vent on me or objects constantly. She recently started regurgitating (which was the last straw that lead me here). She does it all, essentially, with the exception of feather plucking. I...
  5. A


    I’ve noticed that my 15wk 3day old Indian ringneck has started regurgitating his food today. He did it three times today. Once was a whole nut. He’s acting himself and flying like nothing is wrong. I contacted my avian vet, who told me that if he is acting normal that I should just keep an eye...
  6. layinlow

    Head banging and regurgitation (then eating it?)... normal??

    Hello! Curious if this is normal behavior or if I should seek a vet over this... (check linked video my cockatiel (male, 3yr old) for the past two or three days has been, what I can assume is, regurgitating. I don’t own any other birds. Ever since he was a baby, he’s absolutely LOVED to bang...
  7. J

    crop adjustment? regurgitation? illness???

    my gcc (not sure of sex) was doing something weird today. she was furiously bobbing her head up and down with her mouth open and after awhile she spit out what i believe to be pieces of an almond she had eaten earlier. at first i thought this was probably her adjusting her crop of trying to get...
  8. P

    Parakeet clear system/stomach

    Hello, So last week my parakeet started to throw up and I went to the vet. Turns out the Vet told me she had fibers in her system from a coconut toy (The toy was thrown away when I got home) and gave me medicine called Carafate Suspension. I was told give for 3-5 days and I gave it for 4. Now...
  9. M

    Never ending regurgitation wiggle PT2

    Hello everyone! It’s been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I promised to anyone interested or kind enough to respond to my last post that I would update when I managed to find a reputable avian vet. Well! My feathered best friend has finally experienced his first vet visit : ) i...
  10. bird_mama

    Bird digging?

    My baby Romeo is around 2 and whenever I take him out of his cage he buries his beak in my hand and digs away like a cat/dog. He also regurgitates sometimes? Has any one else had this happen? Thanks a bunch :cag:
  11. D

    Budgie and cockatiel with frequent infections.

    I have a budgie and cockatiel that get frequent infections, usually yeast. I have been guilty of not keeping the cages clean in the past but I've been trying to do better and they're still getting sick. My girl cockatiel acted like she was going to throw up the other day but nothing ever came...
  12. niamhk

    conures feeding each other

    i finally have taken my other green cheek out of quarantine! i introduced them yesterday and today he’s fallen in love with my other green cheek Emi! they are trying to feed each other already and i’m not sure what i should be doing about that. they like to groom each other a lot too. they seem...
  13. M

    Urgent HELP!!

    My seven year old green parrot has been vomiting from some days now. I did some research online and learned a term regurgitation but I'm not sure how to differentiate between the two. He throws ups on the walls of his cage and then eats the food again. Is he vomiting or regurgitating. His beak...
  14. Summzz

    Regurgitating on toys?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but I wanted to ask a question that has been puzzling me for a bit now. I have two conures, one Cinnamon Green Cheek (Claire, 10 year old Female) and one Sun Conure (Mango, 8 year old, presumed male). Now until about a year and a half ago we thought we had two males...
  15. malibu

    Vomiting or regurgitation?

    So my bird just either regurgitated or vomited on me and I was wondering if anyone has answers. I'm not sure what her sex but I just call her she. Anyways she was just doing a headbobbing motion with her head a couple times while she was sitting next to me then threw up some food onto me. As...
  16. Mason and Kiwi

    Acting like she’s gonna regurgitate?

    Hey so I noticed yesterday and today, finally when Kiwi will start playing with me, then snuggling, then back to playing, and she’ll get super excited and then stop and make the motion when she’s going to regurgitate ( Which I know this from watching videos and researching it ). Kiwi is only...
  17. LydiaB

    Regurgitating Quaker?

    Earlier today, when my quaker Eddie and I were taking a car ride as we usually do when I get home, he began to bob his head up and down with his mouth open. It looked to me like he was trying to regurgitate something. I did some research and I decided that was it, since he quit doing it after a...
  18. EarthToEcho

    Regurgitation Question

    So it finally happened, my bird (a 1 year old Sunday Conure) regurgitated for me. If anyone has advice for how to handle this (if it happens again), I'd be glad to hear it! Since I wasn't sure what to do this time, I just picked him up, put him in his cage, and then refilled his favorite...
  19. Muffin&Charlie


    I have 2 conures who recently had 9 eggs, nest and eggs are all out of the cage but they are still regurgitating specifically the male into the female's mouth. My question is why are they still regurgitating? Its been a couple of days since I took the nest out but shes had her eggs for over 40...
  20. JJjojo15

    Regurgitating on everything!

    Hi, so my 4 year old green cheek is gotten into the habit of regurgitation on just about everything. About a year ago he started doing this so we switched him to a pellet based diet, but now (after eating seeds for about a month because we ran out of pellets) he has stated doing it again. Its...