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Never ending regurgitation wiggle PT2


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Hello everyone! It’s been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I promised to anyone interested or kind enough to respond to my last post that I would update when I managed to find a reputable avian vet.
Well! My feathered best friend has finally experienced his first vet visit : )

i jumped into depth with the staff of Links Road animal and bird clinic;
They were extremely kind and patient with my bird (I think I may of been a bit more nervous than he was)
I provided as much information about how obsessive and continuous zazu’s regurgitation wiggles become and expressed my fear over the seriousness of his attachments to me are.

Zazu did have a bacterial infection developing within his crop and throat (oh boy the dose of antibiotics may as well of been holy water to the devil, Zazu was NOT happy)
She told me the infection was mild and newly developing possibly a cause from repeated and frequent regurgitation.

he take’s his last dose of antibiotics tomorrow, as thankful as I was for a vet who was capable of spotting illness and providing prompt care for my bird;
I did end up leaving the aviary vet with no answers on how to halt the behaviour.

simply that it was a common hormonal behaviour and that he had naturally chosen to do regurgitation wiggles for me because I was the only care giver/mate in his life.
We talked about the steps I take daily in attempts to avoid him regurgitating. We no longer beatbox in the mornings since it became a 100% guaranteed trigger for him. I’ve stopped giving him kisses on the neck and generally try to avoid kissing him at all anymore, since a few too many beak smooches becomes a trigger. I don’t hold him close and wrap him in my sleeves after showers. Something he used to love but developed into wiggling against neck and hands.
So many of the things I loved doing with my bird, and he loved doing with me became “forbidden activities”

to be honest I’m rather crest fallen at the results.
I’m thankful we caught an infection early and that it caused it him no serious harm.
However if his infection was developing because of excessive regurgitation like the vet suggested then I really don’t have much hope that he won’t see another one in the future.

I still struggle with his behaviour, he still regurgitates daily, his separation anxiety to me continues on.

im really feeling like his love is just too intense for even himself and that he’ll be doomed to suffer bacterial infections from excessive habits.
I’m terrified I won’t see the signs of a returning infection until he’s seriously ill, I had no idea he even had this one blooming; it was entirely the expertise of the vet that caught it.

if Anyone missed my first post regarding this, I’d be eternally grateful if you skimmed over some of the behaviour issues im having
Any advice, help or similar experiences would be welcomed with open arms.

I love my bird so much and I really feel like I’m failing him.
He sees me the way the flowers see the sun yet I can’t even protect him from all this.

any suggestions at all


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The last thing I ever suggest is a mirror, but I wonder if this once it might be a good idea.
He needs to turn his sexual urges to an inanimate object that doesn't escalate things.
Your love and attention inadvertently does.

I'm guessing a second conure is out of the question?

You are correct in limiting physical interaction for now.
Don't panic yet though, he's young and that huge hormonal outreach will most likely calm as he matures.
Not returning his gestures will help in the calming.

Does he ever mastubate on a special toy?
If not, try several different types of toys and in different places to see if you can offer a substitute for his displays.
This is a thing you'll have to deal with for quite some time, you need to find him a substitute lover. ;)

Maybe even one of those silly plastic budgies you slide over a perch?

Hopefully others will have some other (bettter?) ideas.