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  1. kivisia

    Urgent my quaker's started to behave differently

    hi! first post here, sorry if im not doing things right. my quaker is 2 years old, and we're currently at my grandparents' place for vacation. he's been here for a bit longer than a week, and since yesterday, he's behaving oddly. normally, he always sticks to us and chases us around, and is also...
  2. O

    Quaker parrot clogged preen gland

    I went to the vet today to get my birds preen gland checked out. The vet tried to push whatever was in it out and prescribed Meloxidyl and enrofloxacin. I’ve had bad experiences with vets in the past when they prescribed baytril for my baby and this caused her chest to turn almost black and she...
  3. J

    First Quaker just a concerned father

    Hello I just got my first Quaker and it’s 6 weeks old we have an older one at 7 months but I’m just nervous because all the baby seems to do is eat and just sit and sleep which is probably normal but just wanted to ask
  4. B

    Reputable & Respected Breeders (Midwest)

    Hi everyone, my first post here. I grew up with an African grey parrot and sadly we parted ways when I was only about 10 years old and I’ve been wanting a bird for in the house.(I have chickens that have their own home LOL). Anyway I am looking for respected and reputable breeders for conures...
  5. polaryse

    Advice for adding new flock members?

    Good evening, Recently I've been thinking about possibly adding a new bird to my flock in the future, but I'm a little worried about how they would get along with my current birds. I currently have two budgies (Milo and Nala) that are somewhere around a year old and a green cheek conure (Henry)...
  6. S

    quaker plucking issue?

    hey! my name is Teddy, i just joined hoping my mom and i could get some help with my baby Romeo. it started a month ago but one night he just suddenly started freaking out and plucking feathers on his leg. it slowed down for a bit but now he just has these burst of plucking episodes during the...
  7. TwoGreenFids

    Sleep structure???

    Hey there community, I’m debating purchasing some kind of sleep structure for my new Quaker baby as a bit of extra comfort. But I don’t know if Puk is a male or female and I’m worried that a happy tent or something similar could trigger nesting behaviour and potentially egg laying. I’ve had a...
  8. JulietRose

    Automatic feeders for slightly larger birds?

    I’ve been looking for automatic food and water feeders for my Quaker, but I can’t seem to find any large enough. All of them seemed to be aimed toward budgies and other very small birds, the largest ones I’ve found are maybe big enough for a small cockatiel. So I was wondering if there are any...
  9. JulietRose

    Birds in apartments

    I will eventually have to move into an apartment (not in the near future, but I’ve still been thinking about it) and I was wondering about ways to make it easier with birds? I personally don’t mind the noise but I’m afraid that neighbors would. My quaker usually isn’t to loud but 1-3 times a...
  10. BluQuaker

    New to forum- Problems with Quaker

    Hi all! First I want to apologize because english is not my first language, and is definetly not perfect. I have been reading this forum for several months now and you have helped me a lot. I am more or less a new parrot owner, Charlie joined our family in june last year and he still wasn't...
  11. WillowQ

    Quaker illustration from antique bird book

    I just received this page out of an old bird book. I love the depiction of the Quaker parakeet and the stick nest.
  12. JulietRose

    Budgie and Quaker problems

    Ever since one of my budgies passed, my other budgie has been trying to hang out with my Quaker. I don’t let them out of the cage together because I don’t want Lemonade (my budgie) getting hurt, but they sit with each other through the cage bars (Lemonade on the outside, Milo on the inside) all...
  13. B

    My Quaker is obsess with my cat

    Hi! I have a Blue Quaker named Stitch, and he’s your typical Quaker with a Quaker attitude. He’ll have his good days and his moody days, mostly moody. The concern I have as of lately, however, is that Stitch is oddly obsessed with my cat. My cat is relatively calm, so he doesn’t have much...
  14. lifeofLUMI

    Pictures My Quaker Lumi

    Lumi was born 3.16.22 and has been with me since 11.16.22. She is a green opaline quaker with a yellow underbelly and some brown spots across her back. She was hand fed by a lady who rescued the parent parrot couple who were originally caught in wild homed and then had to be rehomed to a lady...
  15. JulietRose

    Foods I could share with my Quaker?

    So, I was thinking about making recipes that me and my Quaker could eat together. He’s a kind of picky eater but when he sees me eat things he likes to try them out to, and I’m hoping to take advantage of this! I prefer more “natural” or “plain” foods, which would make it easier to share, I...
  16. JulietRose

    Nail cutting?

    Hey! I’ve noticed my quakers nails need trimming and was wondering the best way to go about it? Should I take him to a vet/pet store to get them trimmed, or would one of those pedi-perches with the smooth top (so it doesn’t hurt his feet) work? I’ve never had to get nails cut before because...
  17. JulietRose

    Cage aggression?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to tone down cage aggression. My Quaker that I got pretty recently is very friendly once out of his cage but when he’s in it or on it he can be pretty nasty. For instance I was trying to change his food while he was in the cage (my mistake) I...
  18. JulietRose

    Stress bars?

    So, I got my Quaker a bit over a week ago, he’s (we don’t know the actual gender yet) about 5-6 months old. I noticed he has a lot of feathers that look similar to stress bars, and I was wondering if this is because he’s young or for another reason? He’s on a diet of zupreem natural pellets and...
  19. JulietRose

    Need a name!

    I’m hopefully going to bring home a blue Quaker this weekend if everything goes smoothly and I need a name. I’m not sure if he’s a male or female (I’m just calling him a he) and I need a name! Names I’m considering are Milo, Cashew, Mango, and Hyacinth, but I’m open to new suggestions!
  20. Azalea

    I am desperate

    My blue female Quaker, Skittles, has been biting out her feathers and I can't for the life of me find out why, so I figured why not ask the experts? As of April 1st, 2021, Skittles was a happy, healthy parrot that spent more time inside with us on the dinner table, on the lamps in the living...