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  1. K

    Baby quakers different colored eyes

    Hi guys! I am new here! My quakers surprised me with with a couple babies and even more so when they decided they weren’t up to the task of being parents. Babies are doing great with hand feeding. Interesting thing is they both have different colored eyes. Anyone know what mutation this could...
  2. LydiaB

    Quaker won't stop masturbating and gets aggressive frequently. What do I do?

    My quaker parrot, Eddie, has been masturbating a LOT for the past maybe 8-10 months. I've been meaning to ask about it, but it's kept slipping my mind. It hasn't really gotten in the way of anything and I don't see it as necessarily harmful, but then again, I don't know. The way he does it is by...
  3. LydiaB

    Best types of wood and rope for bird toys?

    So recently I've been working on re-making my birds favorite toy that has been discontinued in every store I've looked at and I'm trying to figure out what wood types would be best to use. I'll include an image of the toy that I'm recreating so you can all get a better idea of what it looks like...
  4. Littlelovebird

    First bird Lovebird, second bird?

    Hello! I currently have a very social and clingy fisher loverbird. She is a hen, about 2yrs now. Only had lovebirds before. Would really like to get another bird at some point, maybe a bigger one. My question here is there a species that goes along better than another with lovebirds? Ive always...
  5. B


    Hi! My name is Bean. My baby Didgeridoo just had an amputation and is in a cone. Prior, whenever me or my fiancee is home he is out of his cage free to fly. He isn't taking well to being in a cone, a smaller cage, and unable to fly around. He is now plucking/pulling at the bars which he's never...
  6. M

    Quaker nest building and feeding

    Hello, my name is Michelle. My partner and I recently purchased two Quakers (male and female). We have owned birds before but not for many years and we were children when our respective families owned birds so we did not have a great deal of involvement in the care of them. We have both done...
  7. ZY28

    Green Cheek Conure or a Quaker parrot?

    Hey, I am doing my research for my first birds. I ended up narrowing it down to tow species, the GCC and the Quaker parrot. I really love Quakers! I love how they look, their personality and the fact that they may talk adds a good bonus. Since I do share walls with neighbors, I am scared that...
  8. T

    Pictures Is it plucking or molting ??

    Hi everyone, I have a quaker since he was 1 month old and now he’s 6 months old , recently I noticed alot of feathers everywhere in his cage, and yesterday I saw a one long feather that is from his tale (I don’t know what is it called lol) and I felt worried. There are no bald areas, I just...
  9. S

    Pictures Vent feathers gone and stained, cloaca exposed and poop stuck

    My quaker parrot has recently been having issues. They are missing a ton of feathers from the cloaca area, and poop has been getting stuck. I can't afford an avian vet, so I was wondering if there's anything I could do for them. They seem to be doing reasonably fine, but there have been moments...
  10. tropicdragon

    Should I rescue this Quaker?

    So there is this Quaker I have had my eyes on for a while, (his name is Taiyou, he's in my signature). He lives at my relative's house in another state, but whenever I am down there I get to spend time with him cause I usually stay at said person's house. He is on a seed diet, clipped, and seems...
  11. G

    Need some advice/help

    Nothing too extreme, but my 4/5 month old Witkin is growing in feathers on his backside near where his neck meets his back. He's overall healthy, but sometimes i'll 'itch' these places and he loves it so much that he closes his eyes and becomes really calm. Are the new feathers causing him to be...
  12. T

    Urgent Is that a splayed leg ???

    Hi everyone, I have this baby quaker (34 days) and I’m wondering if he’s having a splayed legs ? Or that’s their normal standing in this age ? He can walk on the carpet and any rough surface but the legs separates a little bit and become wide but he can walk for a distance with no problems...
  13. Kiwi & Co.

    Quaker Sighting

    Green Quaker with clipped wings seen in Fairfield County, CT. (Can't give exact location for safety reasons) I'm trying to catch it, but it seems to have roosted for the night and stopped calling. I'm going to look for it again at 5 (sunrise) tomorrow. :quaker:
  14. Birdy05

    Bird Hemp (Hempwell) for Plucking

    Hello fellow bird owners! This is my first ever thread, so I'm not too sure how to navigate everything. I just wanted to run a bit of an experiment/review for everyone wondering about the Bird Hemp oil from the brand Hempwell. There were barely any reviews on it anywhere, but it was recommended...
  15. K

    Urgent Quaker suddenly plucking.

    Hey everyone. Our 2.5-year-old rescue quaker started plucking really bad last night, and I'm panicking a bit. She looks like she is preening at first but then she starts getting rougher and small pieces to come out. Soon she starts to violently pluck out individual feathers. She really wants...
  16. I

    Eclectus friends?

    Im thinking of getting a friend for my eclectus, specifically a moustache parakeet, gcc, or a quaker,?any ideas?
  17. Kellie

    Quaker Breeder Recommendations?

    Can anyone give a recommendation for a breeder able to ship a baby Quaker? We recently moved to South Carolina, and there is a SHOCKING lack of avian, well, ... anything here. Over the past 3 months, we've transversed the state visiting 27 pet stores (big box and local) and the only birds...
  18. _aryxn_

    Sun Conure or Green Cheek Conure or Quaker?

    I would love your help and opinions on which bird I should get! The three choices are Sun Conure, a GCC or a Quaker parrot. I am experienced and know everything about what a bird lover and owner should. Setting : I live in a rather large house and have had a ringneck and I did not think that...
  19. R

    Untame bird molting

    My quaker parrot lucy doesn't trust us yet. She came from a previous owner who got too old to care for her, and shes going through her first molt in our care. I can tell shes in pain or discomfort as she screams alot more than usual, bites, and is overall cranky. I want to help with her...
  20. elleCAG

    Sun vs Quaker

    Hello, I’m new to this website but have been reading the forums for years and hope I’m posting this in the correct place. I know this question has been asked a few times on this website but just wanted to ask again. I currently have a 21 yr old rescued CAG and had a cockatiel who sadly passed...