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My Quaker is obsess with my cat


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Hi! I have a Blue Quaker named Stitch, and he’s your typical Quaker with a Quaker attitude. He’ll have his good days and his moody days, mostly moody. The concern I have as of lately, however, is that Stitch is oddly obsessed with my cat. My cat is relatively calm, so he doesn’t have much interest in my Quaker. He leaves him alone for the most part and honestly I think he purposely avoids Stitch seeing how loud he can get sometimes. Which is understandable. However, Stitch is the complete opposite when it comes to the cat. He loves being around my cat just to be around him. He will scream the moment he hears my cat from the other room. When he’s free roaming outside the cage, he will follow my cat around and will not leave him alone unless I intervene and purposely keep them away. I know there’s a stigma about having birds and cats near each other, but I am not worried that my cat will hurt my bird, like I said he purposely avoids him and I always keep a solid watch on them when they are near each other. And typically I would think it would be cute how much my Quaker wants to be around my cat, But it’s getting to a point where it’s becoming a concern. My bird doesn’t do anything when he is around my cat, he just likes to stand next to my cat and stare at him. Sometimes I notice he’ll try to groom my cat, but my cat will push him away (nothing aggressive, just a little swat to make him stop) and will then scurry off. The problem then is that my Quaker starts to scream and run after my cat and will not stop until he catches up to the cat or I step in and physically take my bird away. The screaming will continue until he eventually calms down.
I really just want to know if this behavior is something normal or something to be concerned about. When my Quaker is near my bird, he is calm and quiet. It’s only when my cat is no longer in eye sight that he begins to act up and sometimes even gets aggressive because he wants to be by my cat’s side.
Has any one else experienced their bird being weirdly obsessed with another pet at home? I would love to hear your stories or any insights on what I can do to help tame this behavior.


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My Quaker loves my dog, who ignores him, and REALLY loves my other bird, who is still very skeptical of friendship. He wants to be friends with any living thing he meets, really!

For me the biggest concern with cats is a bacteria many of them carry that can be fatal to birds. I wouldn't allow touching or grooming for sure, even if you're right there :)

I created a few little play stations around my house, with things like an old standing coat rack and a basket tied on, or a tree branch hung across a window with cheap curtain rod holders. Any time Ope is getting too persistent in making friends I have him step up, move him to a play area, and give him lots of praise and a little treat.

Now when he's out he spends more time on his play areas than he does going after the other animals. My dog however has a sweater with a little ring for a leash clip, and it is irresistible to Ope, who hops on like he's in a rodeo :eek: so it's still a work in progress!


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I have both cats and dogs at home... and a 200 gallon uncovered aquarium that houses Red-Ear Slider turtles. I DO NOT allow my birds in a space with the dogs and cats, or to fly in the room with the turtle aquarium.

Cats are bird predators by nature. It's an accident waiting to happen.


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Welcome to the forum! Love to see a picture of your quaker.

I agree, cats have a normal flora of bacteria that is deadly to birds.

And really keeping them apart is best . You've seen cats swat another cat friend or person they love. One such between these 2 and your bird isn't likely to survive.

Is your burd clipped?

My burds are flighted. I don't allow them in the floor. I do have dogs, and it also a risk. It's helped some because the burds are high up in their perches abd the little dogd are on the floor. My burds have times when they are would like to investigate the dogs. Consistently discouraged and immediately intervention and making birds move. Has made this rare. The birds hsve learned they aren't allowed on floor .

I don't consider mine moody. They do protect their cages tho. I've also had aong time to build my relationships with them.

One took a good six months to build up trust. Lots if hello and having out treats always helps!

How long have you had yours?