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  1. M

    New here... some questions

    Hiya, I'm Mira and I'm new here! I am a minor and I have 2 male budgies and a female quaker parrot. I got the budgies first, they were my first birds ever and I've had and they've been with me for a few months so I'm very new to birds (though I did do almost year of studying to make sure I was...
  2. Mabel

    Urgent Bird Can't Move Legs After Injury- Sad Update Post #22

    :quaker:Hello all, I wish I had the pleasure to join this site under different circumstances. Today, my elder Quaker parrot, Mabel, flew into the window. She has always been a weak flier, due to having brain damage from her previous owner. She only just recently learned how to fully utilize...
  3. D

    Hello From Columbus, OH

    My name is Jake. I'm a gamer, a hair stylist, and a parrot lover. I have a Sun Conure (Drakos), a Quaker (Sky), and two budgies (Frosty and Storm). As I'm sure most people don't join on a whim, I do have a little bit of a situation: Currently I've had to downsize and my Sun and Quaker are...
  4. W

    step up behavior

    so my quaker Apollo steps up quite nicely. i really think he actually likes doing it. hell get puffy (not angry puffy) and his mouth is open and hell make this cute little noise. its not panting, hes not tired. its like its open as if hes going OMG I CANT BELIEVE WE GET TO STEP UP AGAIN...
  5. M

    9 week old Quaker

    hi I just brought home a 9 week old Quaker baby. She seems happy and healthy. But she will not leave the bottom of the cage. She doesn't climb the cage or go on the perch. Is that normal for this age. When I picked her up from the breeder there were no perches in the cage and about 9 of the...
  6. C

    which cage would be best for a quaker?

    1.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00176ILNO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_6&smid=A2RFSIF56F6W5J or this...
  7. Kima

    Me and my rescue Quaker

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and am finding navigation a little challenging compared to some I've belonged to before, but will try my best to learn its streets and avenues :) My love affair with birds started 3 years ago when I got my darling little parrotlet Charlie who unfortunately...