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  1. Miss Annamarie

    But Which One...

    I have one young, female lovebird and have been wanting a second bird but I've been completely split between these a cockatiel or a quaker for months. Vote, and if you would, please tell me your reasons why, thank you! I can answer any other questions about it also.
  2. Miss Annamarie

    Considering a Quaker but...

    A few months ago I got a 4 month year old female lovebird (the love of my life), and I've been heavily considering getting a Quaker. Of course they would not house together, but out of the cage, would they get along? I've been researching them big time but any tips and information you could...
  3. Mia V

    Bird Fair Question

    Hey, I was thinking of getting a blue quaker in the next bird fair, but I was sort of worried that they'd be out of my price range which is up to 400$. Does anyone know if it's possible to get one at that price range in the fair or is that crazy talk? Yes, I do know that they can be 200-800$...
  4. LydiaB

    How to Introduce Eddie to Foraging?

    I've had Eddie (a quaker parrot) for almost a year now and I haven't really gotten him any foraging toys. I tried once but he didn't seem very interested. I've heard that basically all birds like foraging, once they figure it out. How should I introduce Eddie to foraging? I think he'd like it...
  5. MonkeyNori

    Quaker Parrot Cage Set Ups & Brand Reccomendations

    Hi Quaker Parents, I have a feather picker and occasional self mutilator Quaker. I am going to get her a new cage and would like to know which cages (brand and sizes) you reccomend. I would also like to see what your current set up is. Please post pics :) Thanks so much!
  6. LydiaB

    Video Eddie's Obsession With Doritos: Video

    Every time he hears that bag crinkling, he starts throwing a little fit, hoping I'll give him some Dorito. Not this time buddy, not this time.
  7. LydiaB

    Eddie's Dorito Obsession

    I made the mistake of giving eddie a tiny piece of dorito as a treat. Now every time he sees a red bag or hears crinkling bags, he starts running around and screaming and yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? COME HERE!". He goes through phases of being obsessed with various foods. Sometimes its a...
  8. LydiaB

    Eddie won't stop screaming unless I'm looking directly at him/in his direction

    This has just started happening recently and I'm not sure why. Normally, Eddie has little screaming fits throughout the day and I'm used to that, but recently he just screams and screams and screams until I'm looking at him/in his direction. The second I'm looking at him, he just gets completely...
  9. F

    Hello everyone ;)

    Hi there, thank you for having me. I am a proud human to a wonderful Quaker (if you don't ask my kids) names Hades. He is 17 years old, and been with me since he was 4 months old. He is my best friend, the true owner of my heart. He was a gift to myself when my last child moved out and I was...
  10. LydiaB

    Trouble Trimming Eddie's Nails

    Trying to trim my Quaker parrot, Eddie's nails has been an absolute nightmare. I'm fine taking him to a professional, but I'd rather do it at home since its much cheaper. I bought some quickstop and nail clippers, hoping to try it for myself. I'd already trimmed a few bird's nails at the bird...
  11. LydiaB

    My Parrot Doesn't Like to Be Touched

    So I've had Eddie, my Quaker Parrot, since October and he's never really liked to be touched. He is a rescue so it makes some sense. He may have been in a bad home before me, I'm not sure. The rescue didn't have much information on him. I mostly just find it strange that he allows me to put my...
  12. LydiaB

    Introducing New Birds to the Family

    How should I go about introducing new birds to the family? I was thinking of adopting these two budgies from a woman who couldn't take care of them anymore, but I'm worried about how my Quaker parrot, Eddie, will feel about this. I want to give these budgies a loving home but I don't know how to...
  13. LydiaB

    Urgent What Should You Do If Your Bird is Choking?

    I never really thought about this question until it happened to Eddie. I was in the car, taking him home from the vet and I decided to give him a small bit of French fry since he had a stressful day. We went over a bump when he was trying to swallow and he ended up choking on it. I panicked and...
  14. LydiaB

    Quaker Makes a TON of noise at night?

    The second I put Eddie in his cage for betime, he goes crazy. He starts climbing up and down the sides of the cage and squawking. Then, he jumps on top of his favorite wooden dinosaur and starts swinging it around. Ever since I've had him, I noticed he seems tired during the day and energetic at...
  15. LydiaB

    Separation Anxiety?

    So, I've only had my Quaker for about 2 weeks now and I've spent pretty much all my time with him since. Recently, whenever I leave him in his cage and leave, he starts freaking out and making a ton of noise until I come back. When I try to go to bed and leave him in the cage, he crawls off his...
  16. LydiaB

    What is Normal VS Abnormal Quaker Behavior?

    I've only had my quaker for about 2 weeks now and I'm worrying about everything. I just wanted to know other parrot owners experiences on things that are and aren't normal for Quakers. I guess it would just be nice to have some concerning behaviors/signs that I should look out for. Any advice on...
  17. LydiaB

    Regurgitating Quaker?

    Earlier today, when my quaker Eddie and I were taking a car ride as we usually do when I get home, he began to bob his head up and down with his mouth open. It looked to me like he was trying to regurgitate something. I did some research and I decided that was it, since he quit doing it after a...
  18. LydiaB

    Quaker Parrot Wont Stop Nibbling My Face

    I just recently got a Quaker Parrot and he LOVES chewing on my face. He likes to preen my hair/face but he especially likes chewing on my lips. I try to discourage that because I don't want him ingesting any harmful bacteria I might have in my mouth, but any time I get him close to my face, he...
  19. LydiaB

    Am I Being Too Paranoid About Bird Safety?

    After having this bird for only a little over a week, I've realized how much of a paranoid bird-mom I'm being. I'm throwing out Teflon pans, checking every product in my house to make sure its safe and just being super paranoid in general. Am I being too paranoid here or not? Everyone I talk to...
  20. M

    New here... some questions

    Hiya, I'm Mira and I'm new here! I am a minor and I have 2 male budgies and a female quaker parrot. I got the budgies first, they were my first birds ever and I've had and they've been with me for a few months so I'm very new to birds (though I did do almost year of studying to make sure I was...