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please help

  1. T

    Urgent URGENT! Sick Conure

    Hi, my bird got adopted 2 weeks ago, it is a 4-month-old conure and they called me today saying the bird is not feeling well, so I went to pick it up. The bird had his eyes closed and he had a white tongue and was not eating and he is sleeping. I noticed that his feathers were cut in a very...
  2. S

    Help me identify age and gender

    Hi guys! Could someone who knows help me identify the age and gender of the birb? Thank you in advance!
  3. B

    Deslorelin Implant Help

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and desperate. I have a two year old cockatiel named Pietri who I love dearly. I have been dealing with her being a chronic egg layer and an extremely hormonal female tiel. I am currently going to a CAV near my home who has been aiding me in treating her...
  4. Frogpasta

    Back-up leash for harness?

    hello all!!!! i’m a very, very anxious person. unfortunately, this has been…preventing harness progress because i am so nervous about taking my bird outside- or more specifically, i’m terrified the leash will break...( ~i’m tackling the aviator ) i’m well aware it’s not very likely, but...
  5. P

    Pictures Rehome for cockatiel - live in DE

    Hello, everyone. I am very aware that this is not good news, but I wrote it. And I feel guilty of not taking my own responsibility. Of course, we know that it's a very early choice for us to know each other. However, I think this choice is right, so I hope to receive a lot of love in someone...
  6. E

    Black poop and bird not being able to walk. (sad update #4)

    Hello, I’m so worried. I woke up this morning to my peach face lovebird not being able to stand up straight, walk or keep his eyes open. I’m wondering is anyone else has had anything like this happen to their birds?? I’ve also noticed that his poop is extremely dark (black).
  7. P

    Behavior of 2 green cheek conures relationship

    Hello. I have 2 green cheek conure. Preening, touching tongue, and cuddling each other. Then one conure bites the feet of another conure, and the other conure screams. I don't know if this behavior means that the two of us like or dislike each other. I still don't know if the two have a good...
  8. P

    Video Playing or attacking each other?!

    Hello! Today I got other green cheek conure. My first bird is mainly out of cage. The second bird is closing the door because it has to adapt to the new environment. But since my first bird goes to the second bird's cage and bites with its beak, I want to know if they are attacking each other or...
  9. conureluv

    How to stop biting?

    Whenever my green cheek is out, he likes “playing with me” by biting my hands, fingers, and scabs of hangnails. I try to relax and have him let go on his own, but the scabs of hangnails hurt so much that I have to gently grab his beak and pull it off. Help!
  10. P

    Please advise if the bird is okay on the shoulder or head

    Hello, My bird steps up to my hand, but he likes to sit on my shoulder. As I see some information about birds on internet, I saw that birds should not be put on the shoulders or head, because if the birds were on the shoulders or head, the ranks were higher than humans. My bird prevents it from...
  11. P

    Advice before going to the hospital for the first time

    Hello!:pinklol3: I will go to the hospital for the first time after getting my bird, and he does not have bad symptoms, so I'm not sure what to do. At first, it was called a regular checkup, but if you take it for the first time, please advise if you need to do other tests, such as blood tests...
  12. sp0kd

    911 Budgie Difficulty Breathing

    Hi! I have been recently looking at my budgie. I get him out to play and he jumps on my shoulder. But one day I heard the tiniest squeaking noise that was heard each breath. Other symptoms were SLIGHT tail bobbing.His diet consists of Millets, And Healthy Select Seeds. And each Monday I give him...
  13. E

    Urgent Please help!

    My Sun Conure’s name is Ava, she is about 10 months old. When we got her she did not have her flight feathers and has just started to regain her flight feathers. Tonight, I started putting my birds away leaving Ava to be the last. She frantically flew around the room and flew into the wall and...
  14. R

    Multivitamin for my bird (collared dove)

    Hi! I have been recently looking into finding a multivitamin supplement to complete my dove's diet. She eats seeds (previous home raised her on seed, otherwise I would be giving pellets) and I also give her chop. Info on vitamins is hard to find, especially for doves and pigeons. If anyone knows...
  15. Galebird

    Pictures Bird baby looks to ah e a bruise

    Hello, So I noticed three days ago while trimming my boys nails that he has a bruise on his foot. I searched his cage for anything that could possibly be irritating him. I noticed the new wooden bridge I placed in there for added stimulation was pretty tore up so I removed it since the sharp...
  16. M

    Baby conure not eating as much anymore

    Hi all! I got 2 sun conures a few weeks ago. The guy told me they were around 3 weeks and they've been doing fine ever since. Lately I've noticed a few things about them, they aren't wanting as much of the baby formula which is heated to about 105-110° and i do make sure the crop is empty before...
  17. V

    What Type of Bird Should I Get?

    Hi everyone, I have decided that I am ready for a parrot and I have been looking into a couple species, but I'm not sure which one is right for me. Also, regardless of which species I choose I plan on spending another year researching so that I am fully prepared. I have been looking into...
  18. S

    I want to adopt a caique

    (Im reposting that here where it is more relevent) I want to adopt a little feathered friend and I kinda fell in love with caiques... But I've read a lot about them and I am a bit weary of their agressivity. I am wondering if behavioral issues can be avoided/alleviated with a combination of all...
  19. A

    Please Help : Second Bird?

    Hi everyone ! I currently have a 7 month old female CAG :laugh:and am planning on getting a second bird in anthe near future. I have always wanted a macaw ( i am open to looking at other birds also) and was wondering what would be the right time to introduce another bird into the family.. i...
  20. Hana Baig

    quick, help me out before we clip his wings!

    As the title says, my bird Dante can now full on fly. when we got him at 2 months old, he could only glide but last month he was able to actually fly. Now he's flying around acting a bit aggressive like he owns the place, and chirping like crazy! The aggression was temporary and he's being a...