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  1. C

    New Dove Mama in Need of Advice

    Hi everyone! A couple days ago, I adopted an eight year old female ringneck dove. She still seems to be a bit stressed from the move so I've been giving her space and letting her get acclimated to her new home. I want to get a second dove to be her companion, but I'm not sure when to do it. I...
  2. T. gillii

    New to the forums

    Hi! Im lillie, I and i have one very spoiled green cheek conure named Toto. Im excited to meet all of you :)
  3. CVT242

    New Owner

    Hi all I’m Nikki and I’m a vet tech who owns her own small zoo. I have a rescue green wing macaw who is 8 and has a problem with plucking but is getting better in my and my fiancé’s care. I also have a 1 year old rescue cockatiel that does not like hands and has been a long process. Among those...
  4. EagleEye

    New in Town

    Hi there! New to this forum, not new to birds. I go by E and I currently have 3 birds, 2 African Red Belly parrots and a Linneolated parakeet. I work at a pet food store, as well as an apprentice under an aviculturalist locally. I have a background in wildlife conservation, so my love and...
  5. Miss Annamarie

    Considering a Quaker but...

    A few months ago I got a 4 month year old female lovebird (the love of my life), and I've been heavily considering getting a Quaker. Of course they would not house together, but out of the cage, would they get along? I've been researching them big time but any tips and information you could...
  6. Miss Annamarie

    Brand New Lovebird Owner, I want all the advice I can get

    On Saturday, I'll be bringing home the love of my life, Poppy, she is a 4 month old female peach faced lovebird. I don't know much, but I've been trying to learn AS MUCH as I can, I have been watching videos and reading articles for HOURS and HOURS a day for weeks. But I want to know...
  7. McBird

    New pup!

    Since the last time I was here, we got a new addition to the family! Say hello to Jinx (aka Jim)! She’s an almost five year old Aussie and is super sweet! She’s been with us for a year now, and fits in wonderfully!!
  8. CookieWookie

    My New Budgie! and some questions...

    I just got a new Budgie yesterday! His/Her name is Shiro (like that TV show character) And I have some questions for all of you... Q1: He (I'm just going to refer to him as a he) is not drinking! (or at least I have not seen him drink) Is there a possibility that he being sneaky and taking...
  9. CookieWookie


    Hi! My name is Cynthia! I just joined on Friday and look forward to being part of this community:)! So a little bit about myself: I'm still in school and I've only had budgies (due to the fact that my mom won't let me get a slightly bigger bird and won't let them out). That is all I can...
  10. LLaDySmokeEmz

    NEW- Birdie Mommy To-Be -HELP

    Hi Y'all! SUPER excited to be apart of this website!! I am about to be a New Bird-Mommy to-be! I NEED ADVICE!!! I have a very well-sized cage : maybe about 2.5ft H x 1.5ft W x 2ftL (est.) I have two perches somewhat lower to the cage- not at the bottom One perch dish for water (I plan on using...
  11. S


    Hello all, I am looking into getting a red agate canary and doing some research first about their care, requirements, and where to find one. Thanks.
  12. Lexie Chanelle

    I'm all around new to Forums.

    I've been a bird mom for a year, maybe a little longer now. I have a little Green Cheek Conure who is literally a little terror the moment his flight wings came in. I also have a Peach Fronted Conure I'm in the midst of re-homing, (it's a sad story but he is way healthy now) My name is Lexie...
  13. hetswe

    Hey !!

    Just introducing myself, my name is Heather, and I have parrots for 5 years. When I started, I bred budgies as a hobby for two years, then I decided I wanted to venture into larger parrots, so I got a cockatiel. Buddy was a female pied cockatiel, 3 months later I got another cockatiel, a...
  14. Lolabirdsmommy

    Hey there other bird parents

    Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm 31, Married Live in Georgia and I have one Feathered baby Lola aka lolabird, Lolo. She is a 3 year old Green Cheek Conure GCC. She was never sexed but "decided" it's a girl although after no eggs and after feeling the pelvic bones she is probably a male.... Shhhh...
  15. Suzanne26

    Help needed new budgie

    We have JUST got a budgie, now he’s not my first BUT it’s been so long I can’t remember what’s normal... Ralph (my new little guy) has been very subdued, he’s pretty much staying wherever he’s put, he has been eating but only millet, I’m not sure if he’s been drinking when we are out but I...
  16. Zoepr143

    Pictures 3 new budgies

    I am still in a huge shock so sorry if my grammar is not on point for this one.:jawdrop1: For you to understand this i have to explain why I decided to get Kiwi (my female budgie). We went to a friends birthday and we bought a budgie for him since he said he has wanted budgies for a long time...
  17. Whoviana

    Pictures She's almost here!

    We decided a while ago to get a CBC companion for our GCC, Sunflower. The breeder sent pictures today. She'll be ready to come home by the end of the month! This is Cherry Blossom. This is Sunflower playing. I hope she likes her new sister!
  18. Zoepr143

    Pictures about me and my bird

    Hi, so i just wanted to explain a little more about which bird i have and why (since i only greeted you all and you guys seemed interested). I've had my budgie for a couple of months and her name is Kiwi (yes, like the fruit) And is absolutely adorable. She's about 6 months old and she like to...
  19. Zoepr143

    Hi there!

    hi guys! I'm new here and i just made this account. I still have to learn how all of this works but im really glad i found this website. It's really great to see how kind everyone here is
  20. BirdField

    Ringneck Doves

    I've, very recently, started looking into doves as companion birds, specifically ringnecks. They seem to be, so far, a much better option for my family and my future. I've been looking around for information and I can't find much, or at least not as much, information as there is on more common...