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  1. S


    Hello all, I am looking into getting a red agate canary and doing some research first about their care, requirements, and where to find one. Thanks.
  2. Lexie Chanelle

    I'm all around new to Forums.

    I've been a bird mom for a year, maybe a little longer now. I have a little Green Cheek Conure who is literally a little terror the moment his flight wings came in. I also have a Peach Fronted Conure I'm in the midst of re-homing, (it's a sad story but he is way healthy now) My name is Lexie...
  3. hetswe

    Hey !!

    Just introducing myself, my name is Heather, and I have parrots for 5 years. When I started, I bred budgies as a hobby for two years, then I decided I wanted to venture into larger parrots, so I got a cockatiel. Buddy was a female pied cockatiel, 3 months later I got another cockatiel, a...
  4. Lolabirdsmommy

    Hey there other bird parents

    Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm 31, Married Live in Georgia and I have one Feathered baby Lola aka lolabird, Lolo. She is a 3 year old Green Cheek Conure GCC. She was never sexed but "decided" it's a girl although after no eggs and after feeling the pelvic bones she is probably a male.... Shhhh...
  5. Suzanne26

    Help needed new budgie

    We have JUST got a budgie, now he’s not my first BUT it’s been so long I can’t remember what’s normal... Ralph (my new little guy) has been very subdued, he’s pretty much staying wherever he’s put, he has been eating but only millet, I’m not sure if he’s been drinking when we are out but I...
  6. Zoepr143

    Pictures 3 new budgies

    I am still in a huge shock so sorry if my grammar is not on point for this one.:jawdrop1: For you to understand this i have to explain why I decided to get Kiwi (my female budgie). We went to a friends birthday and we bought a budgie for him since he said he has wanted budgies for a long time...
  7. Whoviana

    Pictures She's almost here!

    We decided a while ago to get a CBC companion for our GCC, Sunflower. The breeder sent pictures today. She'll be ready to come home by the end of the month! This is Cherry Blossom. This is Sunflower playing. I hope she likes her new sister!
  8. Zoepr143

    Pictures about me and my bird

    Hi, so i just wanted to explain a little more about which bird i have and why (since i only greeted you all and you guys seemed interested). I've had my budgie for a couple of months and her name is Kiwi (yes, like the fruit) And is absolutely adorable. She's about 6 months old and she like to...
  9. Zoepr143

    Hi there!

    hi guys! I'm new here and i just made this account. I still have to learn how all of this works but im really glad i found this website. It's really great to see how kind everyone here is
  10. BirdField

    Ringneck Doves

    I've, very recently, started looking into doves as companion birds, specifically ringnecks. They seem to be, so far, a much better option for my family and my future. I've been looking around for information and I can't find much, or at least not as much, information as there is on more common...
  11. Emily&Pixel

    Hello! New bird owner!!

    Hi there !! My name is Emily and I just got my first bird yesterday. He's a (assumed very young) budgie that I've named Pixel. As of now, I'm only slightly sure he's a male, but even if he's not the name will stay the same. I've been anxiously awaiting when he would become less stressed about...
  12. Parakeet88

    Weird feelings/ depression about new GCC???

    Hey everyone, I know its long but I would really appreciate any help/advice or hearing if any ones been in a similar situation. Thanks in advance. :what: I bought a GCC Sunday the 12th and I have more mixed feelings about it than I was expecting. I have wanted a conure for years but when I...
  13. RamenNoodles

    Hello :)

    Nice to meet everyone! I have two budgies; their names are Fuji, who's shown above, and Cory, who's small, yellow. I hope to get along with reverting in the future! I have a lot of questions :)
  14. Whoviana

    Pictures Conure #2 is happening

    After a bit of research and some helpful advice from all of you, my husband and I have decided that we are going to get another conure. Sunflower is a 5 month old cinnamon GCC. She is so much fun and so friendly. My husband is a student and I am a teacher, so we have to go back to school and...
  15. Whoviana

    A bird for the bird

    Sunflower will be five months old when I go back to work, but my husband will be working from home until January. We are thinking about getting Sunflower another GCC companion so she won't be lonely while we are at work during the day. Is this a good idea? Will the birds bond more with each...
  16. J

    Rain, Inky and Jae saying Hello.

    Hello. Just a little background. I'm a new bird owner but not new to birds. I also work for a pet and garden supply store. The store got some cocktails in that after a few days it was clear they were taken from their nest too young. I started just working with "James" on how to use eat...
  17. Waltteri

    New birbs :P

    Just got myself 2 wonderful budgies, Falco and Kirby. They're so wonderful but also scared on me. I bought them from another home and I don't think they were taken care of very well..
  18. BirdField

    New with Birds

    Hi, so I've been looking into getting a bird with more seriousness in the last few months and I stumbled across this forum and the many great answers to many questions I had. I've recently started to look into a rescue nearby my house and have been particularly interested in a linnie they have...
  19. M

    New here... some questions

    Hiya, I'm Mira and I'm new here! I am a minor and I have 2 male budgies and a female quaker parrot. I got the budgies first, they were my first birds ever and I've had and they've been with me for a few months so I'm very new to birds (though I did do almost year of studying to make sure I was...
  20. Blue-Wing

    Two Birds of a Feather

    Hello everyone. New bird-keeper (n00b as they say) here.) Just bought two budgerigars (budgies) from the pet store here after ordering a L01 Model Large (Small Bird) Cage by Vision (Hagen) on Amazon. Also ordered and set up (before bringing the birds home) toys (popsickle sticks, ring with bell...