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  1. Pico-chan

    Cockatiel behaviours and questions :D

    I just got my very first pet, Pico, two days ago. It was the best day of my life. However, in hopes of understanding it more, here's what I do after reading many guides about caring a cockatiel. On the first day, Pico is so terrified that he didn't move for a few hours! So I sat next to his...
  2. gptb2020

    Hello from the midwest.

    I've been on the AA forums and quite active on them, but I want to formally introduce myself and my feathered kid. His name is Rascal, he's a turquoise GCC. He's very playful, and smart (even though he doesn't like to listen.) I got him on Monday last week, and he's doing much better than at...
  3. gracie~

    Greetings! (Newbie)

    Hello everyone! My name is Morgan and very recently (like, five hours ago when I post this thread) I picked up my very first bird! She is a cockatiel and her name is Gracie. She's 4 months old, and was born on Thanksgiving! If anyone has any tips about getting her used to my presence and...
  4. Pinkbear22

    New cockatiel Owner Advice needed?

    im new to this forum and to keeping cocatiels and need some advice and thought this would be the best place to ask. I have kept birds before , I've kept birds most of my life. I've kept budgies, finches and love birds. This is the first time I've had a cockatiel. I spent along time researching...
  5. CarlyRose

    Brand new Conure help!

    Hey there! I adopted a conure from her previous owner a couple of days ago, and she is just the sweetest thing!! she sings and dances with me, lets me give her head scratches, eats treats out of my hand, and is otherwise acting really comfortable in her new home!! The only problem is that she...
  6. L

    Please help new Lorikeet "parent" - anxious!

    Hello. My 14 yo son and I brought our first Lorikeet home yesterday afternoon. It seemed to be going well but I must say that both my son and I are struck with anxiety about the bird's well being. I think it is because we don't know how to read our bird's body language yet and also, we're not...
  7. Sylvi_

    Kumo's settling in.

    So far, Kumo has been doing quite well. He still hasn't taken treats through the bars but has become more calm around my voice and being near the cage. He no longer dashes away and is quite a curious little thing! Even got him to eat a bit of kale and scrambled egg this morning. I opened his...
  8. Sylvi_

    New fid soon!

    So, I've been thinking about getting another parrot for a while. And I've leaned towards a love bird. I finally found the perfect little one! Right now, I have a 'Tiel as well as a GCC. So I'm familiar with birds with big personalities :hehe:. But while I've been around them before, I haven't...