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  1. B

    New budgie climbing cage

    Hello, this is my fourth day having my new budgie pepper. He is a young bird and I got him from petsmart so his previous cage wasn’t that big. This morning I uncovered his cage and he was in the bottom corner which was weird cause last night he was on a perch. Anyways, later this morning he...
  2. oromichi

    Pictures Fourth day of being a newbie cockatiel owner [4-Months-old]

    Hello everyone! I'm Michelle. I was born in Venezuela, but I moved to Mexico 2 years ago. Lovely and amazing country to be honest! Sadly, here in Mexico City, my boyfriend and I weren't able to find any bird breeders, so we bought our new baby from Petco. Here is Roderick, workers at Petco...
  3. E

    New GCC

    Hi, first time bird owner Dunno if I’m posting in the right thread tree but here goes. I recently brought home an 8 month old Green Cheek who was hand fed, hasn’t been sexed yet, so I’ve just been calling him he or Archer. The Aviary I got him from insisted on clipping him but I intend on...
  4. DaniDaring

    New here and to parrot owning

    Hi! I'm Dani. Been quite a few years since I was part of a forum, but I'm looking forward to meeting fellow parrot owners, discussing things, and learning. I've been a parrot owner since Monday October 16th, 2023, so I'm pretty new to all of this lol. I've wanted a parrot since I was a kid and...
  5. Cindermute

    Bimini and Me

    Hi! I'm Alec, a first time bird owner. I've owned animals all my life: cats, dogs, fish, and a few hermit crabs. I've always enjoyed the company of animals. Yesterday, I met Bimini the canary. She was alone in a PetSmart when I met her, so I'm giving her time to adjust and relax. I hope I can...
  6. ziggylemon


    Hi!! My name is Taryn, but yall can also call me Ziggy. I am 21 and I'm just going with what life throws at me! Ofc I'm not going about it alone though! I have a couple of animal friends with me :) I have a cat, his name is Joansey, I have a tank full of fish. And of course the star of this...
  7. MonaBlaire

    Hi all from Southern Ontario

    I’m a new bird mom of Ducky :budgie: and Nandor:bpletm: Both are not yet hand tame so I feel I’m really starting from scratch and am hoping to learn lots from everybody here :greet15: I’ve done tons of reading online but I think having this resource while putting everything into practice will be...
  8. lioen

    Pictures Im here too i guess

    hi i have birds too :D
  9. Ziekenzie

    Chop Guidlines?

    Hello everyone! I will hopefully getting my parrotlet on Sunday and am starting to get read to prepare chop. I know that there are already a whole bunch of recipes out there, but, as I’m hoping to just make small batches, I would love some general guidelines on what and how much of it should be...
  10. Raisins

    Hi everyone!!!

    I saw this forum a lot when I looked up bird questions I had, but never joined until now. I have two budgies that have been with me since last year, Pufkafa and Martı. The green clearwing one in my avatar is Pufkafa and the white and blue recessive pied one is Martı.
  11. L

    First time cockatiel owner

    Hello! Yesterday I bought a cockatiel from the pet store. I bought him seeds, a large cage, a type of seeds for feather health. I'm planning to buy him a cuttlefish bone, some toys and something for him to bathe. Any tips?
  12. Elmafudd2

    A new member of the family!

    Hi all! First of all, have a very wonderful blessed Christmas and a safer New Year! My beautiful wife works at the Animal Welfare League here in Queensland and recently one of her reception staff informed her that she had no other choice but to give up her two parrots due to landlord issues...
  13. HazelNut33


    Hi! I'm Hazel and I own my own flock of macaws. I am a huge bird fan and have been since I was 14. I love all my birds and spend most of my time with them whenever I'm at home. I can't wait to become part of the community!
  14. B

    Hello people!

    I have had birds, mostly cockatiel/green cheek conure. I have had a cage that is shaped like a house kinda sitting around with nothing in it for around a year or two. I was going to get a new cockatiel for my one girl as a companion but I changed my mind. The cage had been meant to segregate the...
  15. P

    New member!

    Hello Everyone! It's my first post in the forum.
  16. DuccleDuck

    New To Avian Avenue

    Hi! I have kept birds for 10+ years. Only chickens and ducks, no parrots. I am very knowledgeable on parrots and I am adopting a lovebird soon. Someone has a Female Sex-Linked American Cinnamon White-Faced Violet Lovebird available for adoption. A person is going to see her this Friday, but if...
  17. Pastel

    Update on my new budgie Pastel!

    Hello everyone, As some might know I brought home a baby budgie yesterday. The day that went pretty well, she (or he) even ate millet out of my hand, moved around and chirped a little! However, right before it was time for her/him to sleep I noticed she/he had a red spot under her/his wings...
  18. M

    Pictures 6 month old Parrotlet isn't getting comfortable

    Hi there, I've had my bird, Rango, since December 9th, he was originally located in my living room but now is in my room since he was unable to adjust there. Things are better but also worse in some ways. Good: I'm now able to give him millet from the side of the cage bars I can go close to...
  19. Diveks

    Terrified rehomed grey

    Hey everyone, one of my family members can no longer take care of their african grey and they gave him to me. I’ve had an african grey before, who unfortunately flew away after someone in my house forgot to lock the cage door while he was getting some sun time (i was out of town and got a phone...
  20. Bbybleu

    I need help!!

    So I’ve had my male budgie for almost a year now and I want to know if I should get a second one. My budgie, Bleu, has a strong bond with me but I’m scared that if I get another budgie, he won’t like me anymore. Is this true? Can someone help me?