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  1. M

    Doubt about behaviour

    Hey, I just for a 6 months old male red bellied parrot yesterday and am trying to make friends. He was tame at the breeder and does not Seem particular scared in his new home. He is eating in front of me and calls when i am not in the room with him. My question is: I have tried to offer him...
  2. ZY28

    What bird would be good for me?

    I have been researching for a pet bird, but none seem to be good for me. I wonder if someone would have any suggestions. I can commit 50 years for a bird. I do live in a condo right now. I never own a bird before. I would like to have a cuddly bird. I have minor allergies. I would love to do...
  3. Lexusblond

    Hello from Madeleine

    This Madeleine and she is a savior, at just a few weeks old fire broke out in the bush where she lived and her family fledged in fear, leaving her to die but she had other ideas and walk out of the fire in Western Australia to find help. Madeleine found me via a rescue group and she is living a...
  4. Adriana_33

    Best species?

    Hi there! So, I may go to boarding school soon. The boarding school I will go to says I can bring one bird and they will provide organic fruits and veggies + My parents will ship me the toys, pellets, etc. I will have 4+ hours for the bird. Noise is not an issue. So, I was wondering, what bird...
  5. S

    Looking to adopt my first bird!

    Hello everyone! I am excited to find this wealth of information on all things birds. I grew up owning a cockatiel and with close family that had an african grey. I knew when the time was right I would have a bird of my own. My fiance and I finally bought our first home this last summer and now...
  6. Windsilver

    Hello - I'm New - Own Parakeets

    Hello friends - I hope this forum is for keet owners as well as budgies! I recently acquired 2 meets from the MSPCA (Massachusetts shelter), one male and one female. I'm excited because I just got them to start eating homemade mash!! They we basically seed fed birds prior, I believe. I will...
  7. Lilnewbie8


    :hello:OKAY SO! My cousin works at a bird sanctuary and recently they were given an adult female nanday conure that was raised in the wild (we live in Florida so she’s not native). Well, long story short they can’t keep her since they’re at full capacity, so I am going to adopt her. They’re...
  8. A

    Hi from australia

    Hi, I am from australia and own one female budgie and just got our new cockatiel from the breeder 24 hours ago. They are in separate cages and will be some time before they meet out of cage. Our cockatiel is very scared and timid at this time but that is to be expected.
  9. MrEggJnr


    Hello to anyone reading this. I'm very new to this site and bird keeping. I didn't know where to post the one question I have I recently bought 2 Budgies or Parakeets ( I know some people call them one or the other ). Kumo (Male) and Yuki (female) I was told that kumo is still young and can...
  10. E

    Cockatiel is acting strange? What is this?

    She has been doing this act all day and we dont know why. Its worrying us.
  11. E

    Cockatiel too scared and shy what do i do?

    Hi , im new to the bird keeping world, i am transitioning from fish keeping to birds. I had just bought a 3 month old cinnamon cockatiel which i believe is a female because of the barred tail and kind of faint red cheeks. anyway She Is really timid and scared, she does not move from the branch...
  12. B

    Help with nipping cockatiel - newish

    Okay, so Theo is amazing! I've had him for like 3 maybe 4 weeks. I love him and I think we have a good relationship. He is finally talking to me sometimes and I'll imitate him and it can go on for a while, its super entertaining! Everytime I leave the room he chirps a little and I chirp back...
  13. B

    Help! How do I get him back in his cage?

    So my new cockatiel, Theo, is about 4 months old, I've had him for a little over 2 weeks now. He's finally chirping more often and everytime he talks my heart seems to grow bigger! I love him so much, but I can't really tell if he loves me back... probably not lol! I can get him to step up if I...
  14. Petals

    <3 I'm Sun!

    Hello! :bliss:Sun, Alabama, owner of two budgies, a cockatiel, & very soon a quaker! I hope to learn a lot from you guys and get to know cool bird owners in my area :D Or, anywhere really, all good w me! Friends are friends :flowgdnc:I have a ball python as well, and im interested in getting...
  15. aDORYble


    Hello everyone! I’m the new owner of a very cuddly green cheek conure who was a rehome! As we are adjusting to one another I will be seeking advice on diet and training! She isn’t my first bird (I also have two cockatiels in the home) but she is definitely the most needy of my attention! Glad...
  16. Flocktales

    Pictures Hello, everyone! New bird mama of two cockatiels. ♥

    Hello! I am so delighted to finally join all of you. Ever since I was a child, it has been a dream to welcome a feathered companion into my life. Growing up, my great-grandmother had a beautiful parrot—a type of amazon, if my memory is correct—and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion...
  17. PippinLovebird

    New 'Tiel Owner

    I got an adorable cockatiel, named Sunny about last week! And I already had/have a lovebird, who is 7 1/2 years old. My cockatiel is 3 months old, still a baby. Any advice?? :tiel2:Sunshine :rflb:Pippin
  18. AraIncaris

    Soon to be Cockatiel owner!

    Hi there! I joined on recommendation of my friend @HolliDaze :) I have had lovebirds and budgies in the past but it's been about a year since I've owned a bird and I'm now in a good scenario to own one again! I'll be picking up a tame 8 month old male cockatiel from a reliable breeder on...
  19. BudgieQuaker


    Hi! My name is Suki and I’m the owner of a Quaker and a Budgie, and I’m very excited to be here. My birds are like my children, and I can’t keep my eyes off them for one second. My birds don’t really get along with each other and my Budgie (Rio) tries to fight my Quaker (I named him Quaker, not...
  20. K

    New here

    Hi all! I’m new here, and joined to hopefully get some more info on blue throats and living with them. I do have experience with medium-large birds (I’ve owned an eclectus, and I socialize birds at a specialty bird store a friend of mine owns). That being said I have ZERO macaw experience other...