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green cheek

  1. RiccaE

    Help, baby green cheek conure tail feathers lightening

    I have an 8 week old baby yellow sided green cheek conure. I got him a week and a half ago. His tail feathers are really lightening and losing the black to them. The place where I got him told me that doesn't happen and isn't any sign of vitamin deficiency or anything. Something has to be...
  2. F

    Chatty when it’s dark?

    Hi guys! Just curious to know if anyone else has a conure (or bird in general) who talks when it’s dark. By dark I mean the lights are off or they’re under a blanket! My green cheek will cluck and chat briefly during the day, when playing and eating, but nothing gets him going like when he’s...
  3. ScarredAngel6

    Green Cheek and Jenday possible offspring?

    We brought home our female 5 month old Jenday 3 days ago and we're doing the whole quarantine thing from our 7 year old male Green Cheek. We're hoping to make them cage-mates if they get along, but I'm worried about them breeding and producing offspring. I have heard of Sun and Green Cheek...
  4. Whoviana

    Urgent Vomiting

    I called the closest 24 hour avian vet and they said to monitor her overnight and bring her to the doctor in the morning. The 24hr clinic is over an hour away which is a stressful trip. Her regular doctor is down the street. We are staying up with her, but it's driving me crazy. Any advice or...
  5. Brenda_H

    Help finding a GCC & Budgie sized perch stand

    I read on here often, but finally broke down and decided to post my question. Has anyone had luck finding a rolling perch that is suitable for a green cheek and budgie? Our little table top perch is tired and we really want them off the table and onto something more portable so I can wheel them...
  6. Brenda_H

    Pictures A perch/playstand for GC & Budgie

    This is my first post! I need help finding a rolling perch that is suitable for both my green cheek and budgie. They prefer to perch near each other as they have for some time. They are supervised because GC tends to annoy the budgie by begging for scritches. I would like them to ideally have...
  7. Koby-GCC


    Hi everyone, I have a 3 y/o green-cheek and I was wondering if you guys had any advice on what to do about travelling. I have no one to look after him, and am extremely paranoid about leaving him with a boarding place. He his perfectly healthy and never interacted with other birds, so I don't...
  8. Heyit'sChaney

    I'm curious about adopting

    Hi everyone, I'm going to get a GCC and I want to know if it's better to adopt or to get a bird from a breeder or pet shop. Please let me know your experiences and thoughts.
  9. Hotpockets

    New GCC. What counts as a bite vs a nip?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have lurked quite a while! The reason being that I had met a lovely 6 year old GCC at a bird specialty shop and after a few weeks ended up taking him home with me. I felt confident in his temperament because we spent a lot of time together in the store, which they...
  10. parsaxyz

    RIP pista.

    Hello, It pains me to say that my bestfriend has passed. I really dont know how to get into it, just that i feel extremely guilty. I forgot to lock his cage door and he got out and had gotten stuck between my blanket and died. Just to let you know im sort of soft hearted meaning i do tear...
  11. kiwi203

    GCC flight suit issues

    I have a green cheeked conure. I have had her for 9 months. We're very close, and she's bonded very fast. The problem is, she loves to be outside. We ordered a flight suit and a flight harness and spent 4 months trying to condition her to them. She's still super afraid. Any advice? She does have...
  12. Paintz

    Hello! I'm new here

    Hello! I'm a trans boy, 18, don't really have a name picked out, but you can call me graham. I own a yellow-sided green cheek conure named marzipan who is a little older than a year now--he's my ESA who goes on trips with me. He's very sweet. the only person he doesn't like is my sister lol...
  13. Whoviana

    Pictures Conure #2 is happening

    After a bit of research and some helpful advice from all of you, my husband and I have decided that we are going to get another conure. Sunflower is a 5 month old cinnamon GCC. She is so much fun and so friendly. My husband is a student and I am a teacher, so we have to go back to school and...
  14. JustRaina

    Pictures Introduction Thing - Meet Ada (and me ;) )

    Hello folks :) I've been puttering around the forum lurking for a couple of years now waiting for the time to be right to adopt a little feathered beastie. Probably time to say hello then. The stars have aligned, we're buying a house next year and in the meantime we've moved our office into a...
  15. Whoviana

    When to get a harness

    I have a 3 month old cinnamon GCC and would like to harness train her. I was wondering about the size of the harness while she is this young. If we get a GCC-sized harness, will it be too big on her now? Is it ok to train her with a harness that is too big? Also, any advice on harnesa training...
  16. Whoviana

    Conure Nibbles

    New bird mom here. My husband and I just got the cutest little three month old cinnamon GCC and we love her to death. She loves to nibble and she is so smart. She has learned not to bite hard when grooming our fingers, ears, noses, eyebrows, etc. However, she continuously latches onto our lips...
  17. I

    Help Deciding on Breed

    Hi! I am new to this forum, so excuse any issues I may have with this post. I am going to be a new bird owner, but I am really torn on which breed to get! There are so many I like and I don't know which one I want. I was thinking mostly of a Sun Conure but I also really like the Green Cheeks...
  18. Noah

    Wanting cage-mate for Green Cheek. Advice?

    Okay, so I have a Green Cheek Conure (cinnamon variety) and he's about a year old. We wanted to get him a cage mate, but there are a few problems. We aren't entirely sure about his sex. There's a rumor that females have pink feet and males have black feet. He has pink feet. There's another one...
  19. Noah

    New Bird Owner, Need Help

    So about two months ago, I got a baby cinnamon conure. His name is Jasper, and he's been developing good. He already knows a few words and he can mimic a kissing sound. He drinks a lot of water (not to the point where it's a problem, though) and he eats a LOT! I'm just worried about his...
  20. Umbra

    Pineapple Conure - At my wits end

    Hi everyone! I'm a recent addition to these forums. My flock consists of two rescued house sparrows (Keelo and Pippin) and a pineapple green cheek (Ollie). If you'd like to hear our story and meet them I posted pictures and the story of the sparrows up on Welcome Lane. I came here to this...