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green cheek

  1. Grace_F

    Pictures Bald spot Green Cheek Conure

    My Green Cheek Conure is going through a molt right now, he is my first bird and this is my first time dealing with a molt. Yesterday I noticed a small patch of missing feathers right above his nares! He has been getting baths daily and plenty of nutritious vegetable chop. Is this normal for a...
  2. DuckyLou

    Green Cheek Conure "Mouthy"?

    Hi Everyone! My Pineapple Conure, Ducky, is just over 3 months old. She was hand raised and I've had her almost 2 weeks. I am so in love with her it's crazy. Her personality is coming out more and more each day. One I guess concerning habit she has is she seems somewhat "mouthy." By that I mean...
  3. M

    Is my Green Cheek Conure excessively dependant on me?

    Hello everyone. So it's been a month that I got my beautiful GCC. He has bonded with me really well. But he won't stay alone for a second. His cage is in the living room. For example when I want to go to my room to bring something(it won't even take 1 minute), he will scream and he won't stop...
  4. conureluv

    How to stop biting?

    Whenever my green cheek is out, he likes “playing with me” by biting my hands, fingers, and scabs of hangnails. I try to relax and have him let go on his own, but the scabs of hangnails hurt so much that I have to gently grab his beak and pull it off. Help!
  5. mothhteeth

    Stunted 3 month old Green Cheek Conure

    this little baby is supposedly three months old, we got him from a really wack breeder on craigslist and we got him because when we saw him we were so concerned. (granted we shouldnt have bought him because it just rewards the breeder for bad practices)(we're planning on trying to report them...
  6. F

    Black primary feathers?

    Hey everyone, My green cheek is almost two and has periodically gotten one or two feathers with black edges on him. However, as of this month I’ve noticed that although his other affected feathers have seemed to return to normal, the black pigmentation is now occurring on his primary feathers...
  7. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  8. F

    Pellet Opinions?

    What brands do you feed your conures? I have been feeding my green cheek Zupreem (dye-free) pellets, but I’ve noticed that when he eats these his droppings have a sour smell, and his feathers seem to develop black spots (not entirely sure it’s due to the food or something else though). Either...
  9. C

    Please Share Experience

    Hi everyone! I made another post similar to this, but on the conure page. In the next year or so I'm hoping to get my own personal bird, so I am in no rush to make a decision. After so much research I am torn between Green Cheek Conures and Peachfaced Lovebirds. On week days I'm typically...
  10. javeria

    Rehoming my 2 bonded 1 year old GCC's

    Hey everyone, I'm writing this post with great difficulty after making the heartbreaking decision to re home my two baby conures :sad11:. I have raised them from when they were weeks old, and the are incredibly attached to me as I am to them. Unfortunately, for the past year my husband and I...
  11. Whoviana


    Sunflower flew off this morning in Spring Hill, FL. If anyone lives in the area or knows people in the area please help us find her. We need our baby back.
  12. F

    Screaming after move

    Hi everyone, So I just moved to an apartment and my green cheek is acting very out of character. To be fair we did JUST move in-he spent his first night here yesterday, but his behavior is just so weird. He’s eating like a chunk (normal) and busying himself on the top of his cage (also...
  13. G

    Age of baby bird?

    i recently got a green cheek conure from a breeder who said it was 7 weeks old (Now the bird should be 8 weeks old). However, when I looked on YouTube, all the videos of 7 and 8 week old conures did not look like mine. From the research I’ve done, my baby looks about 6 weeks old as of right now...
  14. F

    Opening and closing vent after poos

    Hello everyone! Back again to ask a somewhat weird question: What does it mean when a parrot opens and closes vent for 15-20 seconds after pooing? I'm training my green cheek to go potty in the trashcan so I have been picking him up whenever I see the infamous tail waggle and backing up...
  15. B

    Conure chick refusing food and vocalizing

    Hi, I have a GCC chick, 4.5 weeks old. He is starting to take less at each feeding (fed 4X/day). He has a strong feeding response initially (bobbing), mouths occasionally (like swallowing/tonguing like adult, which I've read is normal in slow hand-fed birds), then after about 5-7 cc's, usually...
  16. Sickaede

    Conure Sleeping Habitat Questions

    Hello! I am new here so my apologies if this is in the wrong place! I made an account here because this is my first bird, and despite the hours and hours of research, watching a video vs. actually caring for the bird can never compare. My question for this particular thread is: Is it necessary...
  17. F

    Can my parrot catch the flu?

    Just went to the doctors and was tested for the flu. It came back positive for influenza A. I’ve read online that birds are not succeptible to colds or flus so long as the infection is not bacterial. I am confused though because I’ve also read that Influenza A is the avian flu and can infect...
  18. R

    Help! my conures biting again

    Hello I have a confession to make. I was busy over the holiday and did not have the time to give my bird what I feel is correct amount of free time but when I did I usually had to leave again soon after I have only had the bird since august and I heard it can take months to step up train in some...
  19. Ripshod

    Meet the flock.

    Just signed up and thought it would be polite to introduce my children. I'm just coming back into keeping birds after my hectic life curtailed my interest for a while. Meet Jack Jill Homer and Marge Last, but not least, meet Sid The four (rescue) budgies are all very young and...
  20. F

    Why did he do this? Love bites?

    Hi guys, So the picture I’m going to post is of my hand after getting “preened” by my conure. I was giving him love and scratching his pin feathers like we do every night before bed. He sits under my hand for a bit and it’s just a good way to bond. Tonight he did the TINIEST bites on my hand...