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Help! my conures biting again


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Zachary abril
Hello I have a confession to make. I was busy over the holiday and did not have the time to give my bird what I feel is correct amount of free time but when I did I usually had to leave again soon after I have only had the bird since august and I heard it can take months to step up train in some cases. Normally I spend four or five hours with the bird not always is it out of the cage. Anyways the reason I am posting this qu estion is my green cheek conure s biting again I fear it is due to my neglect and the fact that I would help him along with getting into his cage. Can I reverse this negative action of biting by slowly reintroducing my hand to him again without the negative "oh heres a hand now I have to get into my cage again, and I just got out." I do not want to bring this bird to a rehoming centre if I don't have as I love him so I am willing to anything I can to fix this.

TLDR: I left my bird alone a lot over the holidays and now he's biting again please help


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