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Opening and closing vent after poos


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Hello everyone!
Back again to ask a somewhat weird question: What does it mean when a parrot opens and closes vent for 15-20 seconds after pooing?

I'm training my green cheek to go potty in the trashcan so I have been picking him up whenever I see the infamous tail waggle and backing up. Yesterday he went poo and proceeded to flip over into my hand, giving me a very unnecessary view of his feathery-behind. I was alarmed because it kept opening and closing for 20 seconds or so, which I've never seen before in a bird.

Hoping it was a one time thing, I decided to check today after he went potty and sure enough it was doing the same thing (although this time he didn't flip over in my hand, so I had to hold him up).

Is this something normal and I have just never noticed it before? My conure is just about a year old now and gets a mashed food and high quality pellet diet. He seems chipper and happy and has a voracious appetite as always.

Also, could this be an egg laying behavior and if so should I watch out for it? My conure isn't DNA tested, so we just refer to him as a he, but that may not be the actual case. I've heard of female birds making massive poopies right before they lay, but honestly he has ALWAYS made massive poos and multiple times a day. He also make little poos every 20 mins or so, but if he hasn't gone in a while they will be massive, but otherwise normal.

Thanks everyone and sorry for the weird question. I just love my lil man and don't want to miss any potential health risks.

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It’s perfectly normal, so no need to worry! I would be careful potty training him, because you don’t want to inadvertently teach him to hold his poops for too long.