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green cheek

  1. YogiBird

    Screaming and body language

    Im trying my best to provide him with good communication, toys, food etc. But this is what happens during the weekend only! Hes fine during the week, but then he gets like this during the weekend. He has fresh food, water and i played with him! What more does he waaaannnttt please help (File...
  2. M

    Conures are confusing me, please help :')

    I'll try to explain as briefly as I can, On Friday, 3 days ago, I lifted my bird cage cover to find that 1) An egg was on the bottom of the cage, and 2) we didn't have two males. I was shocked, ecstatic, and anxious. I had wanted two males to avoid this issue as I knew the health complications...
  3. S

    Can I bring a male Cage mate for my male Greencheek?

    Hi everyone! I have a 5-8 months old turquoise-yellow side greencheek named Bingo! (Male) So I wanted to bring a cage mate for him , but I don't want them to have eggs so I don't want to bring a female. But is it ok to have two male ? Or a should I just don't bring a cage mate? (And I read...
  4. Tina&Mill

    Help! Conure terrorizing family members and guests!

    So to start this off, Millie, my pineapple green cheek conure wasnt always mean to people. I have had her for about 4 years now, and for the first year and a half she was the sweetest little angel. I could take her out to socialize with the family (with the other household pets away of course)...

    My bird started biting my boyfriend, who she loved

    I have a 5 y/o green cheek conure named Kiwi (I know not very unique) and up until a few months ago she absolutely loved my boyfriend. I have owned her since she was 12 weeks old and lived with her all but 9 months. My boyfriend and I have lived together for the past two years and she has had...
  6. P

    Pictures GCC's beak

    Hello everyone, I have a Green Cheek Conure and my bird name is Mona from Mona Lisa. I looked Mona's beak looks weird so I want to know what should I do. Thank you for reading my post :heart:
  7. N

    She's really angry and I want to help her

    Hi! I have a green cheek conure baby that's 4 months and a half old more or less, I have her since she's been 20 days old so I basically raised her. I have other types of birds in my house and we are aware of everything and how to give them the best life ever. She's very cheerful and...
  8. A

    Green cheek pairing mutations

    Hi everyone, Please forgive me if these specific pairings have already been discussed, because I could not find them. Calculating genetics this complicated is something I struggle with so I’d appreciate your help. I have a male yellow-sided turquoise who I am considering attempting to pair and...
  9. bobocon

    Pictures Bite pressure training is the best thing

    Can’t believe Bo has gone from drawing blood yesterday to measuring his grabs today. We’ve been playing and having scritches, he just didn’t understand the strength he has in that tiny body :cloud9: Dealt with a few painful bites today but totally worth it to teach him!
  10. bobocon

    GCC- How to make him calmer/comfortable?

    Hiya, new here so bear with!! I very recently got a GCC whom I rehomed as his previous owner didn’t have the time anymore. He’s 3yrs and 6m. I’ve had him barely a week so I’m really just looking for some vague advice as I’ve read a lot of posts but none that align with him perfectly, because all...
  11. jjmmzara

    New bird mama!

    Hi everyone, new here and anxious to learn a lot. We just got a turquoise green cheeked conure named Zara. I’m loving it so far but it’s definitely a learning curve. Looking forward to getting insight from experienced bird parents!
  12. Feathergirl626

    Urgent Overnight stress plucking

    Hey everyone. Sprout (my 1 year cinnamon green-cheek conure) was fine last night but when I got him this morning, I found this. We've had a mouse issue lately (working on it), and we've been finding droppings in Sprout's food. We've tried moving his food bowl to different areas in his cage...
  13. Birdsbirbs

    2 year old green cheek severely acting up

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice regarding Chewy, my GCC. He just turned two in December, and like a month or so before it's like a switch flipped. He has been HORRIBLE. I've been doing everything I can to discourage bad behaviour and give him lots of distractions, but nothing seems to be...
  14. imchives

    Pictures Mac becomes an iPhone!

    Mac decided he would become a handheld bird today, no longer wasting energy on perching and fully portable XD After a really good head scratch session with my hand over him, he decided to let go and curl up in my palm for even more head scratches. I swear this bird is such a nut, but he’s my...
  15. DuckyLou

    Bedtime Struggles- need help!

    Hi Conure family! I am in need of some advice and support. My little girl Duck is a pineapple conure. She just turned a year old on July 9, so she’s almost a year and 2 months. each night I put her to bed in a separate night time cage that’s more travel size cage than her full daytime cage...
  16. ZY28

    Searching for Green Cheek Breeders within 2hrs of Montreal

    Hi, Hope your having a great day. I am looking for a reputable breeder, responsible people or even a responsible pet store that breed/sell green cheek conures. Ideally, I would like it to be located within a 2hrs car drive from montreal. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  17. ScarredAngel6

    Thinking of getting a third bird. IRN, Quaker, or Conure?

    I don’t really know which forum to post this so I hope it’s ok to post here, but I have a 3yo Jenday conure and a ~12yo pineapple Green Cheek conure and we want a third baby to our flock. We have 3 different ideas, an Indian Ringneck, a Quaker, or a different conure. We obviously have the most...
  18. flyzipper

    Marvin's 5th hatch day

    When asked what she wanted to do, she said, "view What's new on Avian Avenue", then after a few, to a toy she flew, with its bright new hue, she settled in, and began to chew. Marvin's got rhymes, who knew? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. A

    They are comfortable with me and like to snuggle but freak out when I try to pet them ?

    Hi all! Ive had my conures just under a month now (kiwi the pineapple conure) (durian the green cheek) as of late ive been getting mixed messages from them. For example they love snuggling in my hoodie, playing with my hair, and are comfortable perching on my hand, etcetera however when I try to...
  20. peachypjm

    What's your birds' favorite tv shows / things to watch or listen to?

    Mercury LOVES true crime videos or true crime podcasts !! Sometimes he likes to watch animal crossing videos as well :)