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  1. ZY28

    What paperwork should a bird have?

    Hi, I am getting a GCC on monday from a lady that says she breeds bird in a family environment. I was wondering what paperwork the bird is supposed to come with? Are leg bands, birth certificate important? Thanks
  2. DuckyLou

    Bedtime Struggles- need help!

    Hi Conure family! I am in need of some advice and support. My little girl Duck is a pineapple conure. She just turned a year old on July 9, so she’s almost a year and 2 months. each night I put her to bed in a separate night time cage that’s more travel size cage than her full daytime cage...
  3. J

    Introducing birds!

    I have a one and half year old GCC, Kiwi, and I got another one who I've named Goose not too long ago. We're not sure exactly how old he is but he's definitely younger than one. I introduced them to each other for the first time yesterday, and at first they were kinda just staring at each other...
  4. barbs0nly

    dragon fruit making the messiest of messes

    i gave wem a piece of dragon fruit purée frozen because she loves frozen foods, (i think it’s the crunch element i have no idea) i go back in her room an hour later and am horrified because i thought she cut her face. i was crying running up to the cage and was greeted by this (don’t mind her...
  5. SkytheGcc

    My GCC barely sleeps or gets tired and I'm worried its affecting her day.

    I always put my GCC to bed around 9-10 pm, although sometimes once every couple weeks i will go out to a long party/ get together etc. and she will be in her cage until 11-1 (rarely 1 but it has happened 2 or 3 times). She has a smaller travel cage that she sleeps in as well, and she normally...
  6. barbs0nly

    veggie suggestions

    my gcc is very very very picky my past big birds were never too picky about their fresh foods and let me add everything they needed nutritionally as long as there was a little seed chia sprinkled on the top, but my gcc only likes raspberries, i don’t know what it is abt raspberries that she...
  7. J

    black poop!!!!

    This morning my conure pooped on me and it looked fine, a little watery if anything, but fine. Later in the day, I went to clean one of her lower perches off bc they always get pooped on, and I noticed that there was black or very dark poop on it. Some of it was new some was crusty. Should I be...
  8. J

    crop adjustment? regurgitation? illness???

    my gcc (not sure of sex) was doing something weird today. she was furiously bobbing her head up and down with her mouth open and after awhile she spit out what i believe to be pieces of an almond she had eaten earlier. at first i thought this was probably her adjusting her crop of trying to get...
  9. Mooka

    Will he hate me forever?

    Hi everyone, sorry this feels like a repeat question... I have two green cheeks, one just doesn't like anyone. He was about a year old when I got him (his previous owner couldn't keep him anymore) he was advertised as 'tame', which seems like a big lie. The person I bought him from said you...
  10. jzarc17

    My learning curve with Nico my GCC

    Hello Everyone! I have some GCC questions that I have not been able to find an answer on yet by doing searches on this forum. My main question at the moment is about my bond with Nico, my 3 month old male. I brought home Nico on 1/23/21 and so much has happened in his development! As of...
  11. DuckyLou

    Help me prepare for puberty?

    Hi Avian Family! Duck is officially 7 months old as of today. She is lovable and snuggly, and an overall sweetheart. I know that puberty will hit at some point, and I’m prepared for a change of behavior (teenagers, am I right?). I’m hoping to get some insight to help me prepare for what I’m in...
  12. J

    EMERGENCY!!! pest control

    I live in an apartment complex. I haven't lived here very long and when getting my conure, I was unaware that the apartment did routine pest control sprays every three months. People are trying to tell me it won't be that big of a deal because they spray just around the kitchen and bathrooms...
  13. DuckyLou

    Miss my baby when she goes to bed, anyone else?

    Hey all! This post has no real question, or need of a suggestion or advice. I am just sitting here in bed, and my pineapple conure Duck goes to bed usually between 7:30-8pm. And I can’t help but think as soon as she goes to bed I miss her and can’t wait for her to wake up in the morning. Does...
  14. J

    long molt????

    so i'm not sure if this is where to post this, but I have some concerns about my gcc. i've had her for about five months, and as far as I know she's been molting for about four of those months. maybe i'm wrong about something and I don't actually fully know what molting is as she's my first...
  15. ZY28

    Green Cheek Conure or a Quaker parrot?

    Hey, I am doing my research for my first birds. I ended up narrowing it down to tow species, the GCC and the Quaker parrot. I really love Quakers! I love how they look, their personality and the fact that they may talk adds a good bonus. Since I do share walls with neighbors, I am scared that...
  16. jzarc17

    Should birds be allowed on shoulders?

    First off, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a safe a happy holiday season! I would like to hear opinions and the reason for your opinion regarding allowing parrots on your shoulder. I'm sure this opinion may change based on the size of the bird and other factors. I am asking because I...
  17. J

    Any tips for training a nippy Green Cheek Conure?

    Around a year ago, I adopted a 7-week-old Green Cheek Conure and raised him by hand. He is very friendly and absolutely loves to be around us. In fact, he almost never stays in his play pen area. He just constantly wants to be on my shoulder or around me. He is also super active and has a lot of...
  18. xoleumas

    Biting Problems

    Hey guys, so I've recently gotten a Green Cheek Conure. She is really sweet but she has one issue, she bites. I know that this is a common bad habit for some birds and I try to be patient with her help her overcome her bad habit, but I find myself lost in this. It's only fingers and hands. She...
  19. P


    Hello everyone, I flew out my bird this morning I've been working for a while, and it flew away while my parents opened the door, but at first it was near the roof, then I went to another tree and then flew away. I am currently posting on the Animal Emergency Center and on the parrot Alert...
  20. DuckyLou

    What's Your Favorite Toy Brand??

    Hi Everyone! With all the warnings out there for bird toy materials, pieces, products, etc. I wanted to ask on the forum what everyone's favorite bird toy brand is or what their favorite website is to buy toys from? I see the following come up pretty often and I'd like everyone's take, as I'd...