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  1. R

    1 week home quiet female tiel

    Hi, seeking some advice - first tiel. We are 1 week in, she is so quiet. Doesn’t really have any excitement to her. She will come to hand and come out of her cage. Sometimes we get a contact call but otherwise we haven’t heard anything out of her. When she came she was cradling her leg but with...
  2. L

    Cockatiel Rescue Still Adjusting??

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and wondering if I could get some insight. I've been a budgie owner for many years and this September I took in a cockatiel rescue. We are told he is about 10 years old He was poorly cared for for 7 years by an elderly woman and when she went into a care facility the...
  3. H

    Hello there!

    Hi, I am the bird mom of two adorable little guys, Chewy the turquoise green cheek and Henry the cockatiel! I love to read up on people's advice and cute pictures.
  4. N

    India to uk parrot

    Hi people thanks so much for the welcome have a major PROBLEM and need some help I have 1 cockatiel which isn’t under cites and I need to bring from India to the uk has anyone ever done this. She’s my baby cannot let her go to any other family. I’m permanently shifting. Anyone know the procedure...
  5. helppetra

    Urgent Baby Cockatiel Sick :( Please help!

    This is a recent photo of Petra and she is about five months old. Lately, her behavior has become odd because she has begun to sleep more often than normal, she is sometimes found resting at the bottom of the cage [it seems like she is too weak to perch], and her droppings have become abnormal [...
  6. Poochibird

    Seeds or pellets or both?

    Last post! there’s many opinions on this and I’ve found myself confused which way to go. I hear all sees diet is bad then all pellets is bad. Then both is also if there are more pellets? what do you guys do and are your birds healthy? My friends bird is eating pellets and got sick so I’m afraid...
  7. Poochibird

    Food portions for cockatiel

    Hello again, you were very helpful on my last post so I have another question. How much food do I give each day in his bowl? He is around 3 months old. If you could tell me in tsp or spoons that’ll be more helpful haha. For seeds/pellets and veges.
  8. Seldio

    Toy recommendations please!

    Hi everyone! Looking to buy some safe interactive toys for my cockatiel! He tends to destroy his toys really fast :,) but that’s alright. If anyone can provide me links of their favorite safe toys it would be greatly appreciated c: or maybe even how to make my own? :)
  9. S

    My cockatiel scream/chirping non stop!

    Hi, my 6 months old female cockatiel screams/chirps all day non stop! I have her for 3 months. She is hand tamed and super friendly. No matter what i do she wont stop screaming. I give her plenty of toys, and I rotate them so she wont get bored. But she loses interest on toys very fast. All she...
  10. E

    Pictures Guessing age/gender of cockatiel?

    I just got my “baby/young” cockatiel! I totally forgot to ask about how old he/she actually is! Any guesses? Also I know you can’t really predict gender before first molt but what do you think? The lady where I got him/her felt around it’s vent and said it’s likely male!
  11. makkibudgie

    I need help taming!

    Hello! I recently got a cockatiel from my mom's friend. She had told us that he was about 3 months old, and this was back in april. He is not hand fed and is afraid of hands! He used to rock back and forth whenever anyone got close to his cage and would hiss whenever something got too close...
  12. Seldio

    Dios bitting issues

    Hi! I’m new! I have an around 8 month old male cockatiel named Dio! I’ve read A couple of threads with similar issues but I would like to get some answers of my own questions I know that it could be him going through hormonal changes also but still would like to ask. When we first got him he...
  13. flyzipper

    I may watch too many cockatiel videos on Instagram

    ... because my explore/search page looks like this... (their algorithm works pretty well though)
  14. T

    Scaredy Teil

    My cockateil, Lulu, is very particular about the way her cage is set up. She used to belong to a friend of a friend, who rehomed her to my family a few years ago. Her previous owner said how she was so adventurous and also loved to eat her greens. But when I put some leafy greens in her cage for...
  15. C

    should i get 1 or 2 cockatiels ?

    hello! I am planning to get cockatiels in the future but I am not sure whether I should buy one or a pair? actually, I go to school so I will not be having much time to spend with the tiels. But if I get a pair of them (as chicks) I will not know which one is male and which one is female as it...
  16. Nikelbirds

    I need some help

    Ermmmmmm, so I came here in regards to my two birds (who are both in my introduction post if you wanna see them Not sure if this is the right place to ask stuff since I’m quite new but I wanted to say it here So uhm, first of all, I don’t have financial control over what my birds get, they’re...
  17. SaffronConure

    Potentially rehoming pair of cockatiels in WV after bird lung diagnosis

    Hi, I have a pair of bonded cockatiels who need a new home lined up asap. My mother has recently had repeated lung infections, and a CT scan has revealed signs of bird lung. I never wanted to be the type of person that rehomes a pet, but it is looking like I won't have a choice. It's absolutely...
  18. J

    New cockatiel trouble

    Hi everyone, I just brought home a new cockatiel a week ago. At the pet store I was told he was tame, and I quickly found out that wasn’t true. I did so much research on cockatiels but still I think we rushed it and got him out of his cage too early and now he’s just terrified of our hands and a...
  19. T

    Normally affectionate & calm cockatiel attacks

    Hi all, I came and joined specifically to get some insight into what happened - please let me know if this should be somewhere else. I have a 4 1/2 yr old male cockatiel, Zima, who is normally a sweet and affectionate boy who loves his scratches and cuddles. For context he has two cages; a...
  20. MPCacatúa

    Question! Budgies and Cockatiel Share a Cage?

    Hey guys! I am on a wait list to get a cockatiel and am so excited!! I am currently the 8th person on the list (getting closer!). I have 4 budgies in a large flight cage of 31” x 20.5” x 53”. I have been researching if I could house them together and have been getting answers in both directions...