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  1. devin711

    Advice on Adopting an Older Cockatiel

    Recently someone in my neighborhood posted about needing to rehome their 11 year old cockatiel (no indication as to why), who had also just lost it's best friend. I've always been interested in owning a cockatiel, but I'm not sure of the risks that may come with his bond to original owners, his...
  2. M

    Are fox nuts safe for parrots?

    Just a question my mom had cause she was eating fox nuts and wondered if we could give it to Cookie, our cockatiel.
  3. Y

    Support Group?

    Anyone know of any online support group for people who've lost pets? (Preferably those like us who've literally lost pets, not who've just had a pet pass away.) I don't feel like anyone 'gets' it. Maybe a lot of people just don't aren't that attached to their animals, but I love mine. I...
  4. A

    Urgent Injured cockatiel

    I've had a cocktail for almost 6 months now and he came with an injured wing that won't let him fly and hel will never be able to but he tries to ans hurt it more and I don't know what to do to stop him from trying to fly since he will never be able to again. Also he has 3 toes on one foot and 4...
  5. A

    Baby cockatiel foot problems?

    I got this baby cockatiel that I am taking care of, Idk exactly how old it is but I am guessing around 3-4 weeks.. shouldn't they be standing on their legs by now? most of the time I see him leaned back resting more on his bone(Tarsus) than on his foot and he doesn't move too often is this...
  6. Scots

    1 year old cockatiel passing undigested seeds and losing weight (64g)

    My 1 year old female cockatiel has been passing undigested seeds and losing weight recently. I took her to the vets when it start and he told me to take her off seeds all together and only feed fresh foods like greens, rice, pasta etc, but she will not eat anything apart from seed. plus I’ve...
  7. alyssanor

    how do i tame older cockatiels

    how do i tame a girl and boy cockatiels , the male is 2 years old and the female is 4 years old , they are just 2 days new in my home.
  8. alyssanor

    can i rename a 2 year old

    can i rename a 2 year old cockatiel. i am getting him from a home who no longer wants him but im to sure about the name mickey!
  9. K

    Target training scared bird

    Hello! I have a 5 year old cockatiel I rescued her almost 2 months ago. She’s not hand tamed, she will come eat millet from my hand but that’s all, she will not step up or do any other interaction with me. sometimes we struggle, because if I want to get her in her travel carrier or out of the...
  10. B

    Sudden behaviour change?

    My cockatiel,bee, is 15 months old.shes usually very cheeky and mean but the last few days she's been extra cuddly , and has even hidden in a blankie even tho she doesn't like being covered. She plays and forages like normal and droppings look normal I'm worried but I also think she might just...
  11. lizcockati

    Cockatiel died after 2 days- should i report the breeder?

    Hi everyone, I am absoloutely heart broken that my new cockatiel passed away the other night. I originally found the breeder on a pet website Pets4Homes. The breeder had many birds crowded in small cages. I dont want this to happen to anyone else and really need some advice on what action to...
  12. T


    We rescued this beauty and thought it was perhaps a boy. He was neglected and not hand tamed. He’s approximately 1 1/2 years old. We worked with him and he’s completely tamed now. In the last week “he” has been doing this to my teenager. Do we have a girl who’s wanting to mate? Lol.
  13. H

    Is this baby cocakatiel look healthy

    Hei i want to buy a new baby cockatiel i just want to ask you guys is this baby cockatiel healthy.is the anus healthy and do you think he's fluffing or not tell me what you guys think
  14. MarthaG

    Urgent Help...he ate tape

    My PeeWee has ate some tape around his mirror I made for him and now he has diarrhea and acts a bit ill. There are no vets near me, not that I can drive to. Any advice? Is there anything to give him for his diarrhea?
  15. sayu1920

    Cockatiel's Behaviour Changed

    Hello, my baby Fu (2 years 3 months old) is acting out of his usual behaviour since the last 2 days. He's a bit more aggressive. Usually he's a very energetic baby and he wouldn't let me out of his sight, however, since yesterday he had been closing his left eye a lot and would bite me whenever...
  16. Y

    Is my new Cockatiel really 3 months old and weaned?

    So I just got a new cockatiel yesterday and the pet shop owner says he was weaned and about 3-months old. I did notice him eating seed during my visit to the shop, and he also ate some seeds when we got home, except I noticed he seems to have a hard time cracking them. He's mainly been eating...
  17. scremme

    Cricket’s Strange Behavior

    So a few weeks ago we noticed our cockatiel Cricket acting kind of strange. One night he was eating and tried regurgitating. Nothing came up. He then began to exhibit some very strange behavior. He would begin feverishly “preening” his chest, close to his crop area. But he wasn’t actually...
  18. honeykat13

    How to teach my cockatiel to not scream when I'm gone?

    So I have a new tiel (his name is Ollie) who is very attached to my husband and I. We've had him for about a month now. Due to the virus, my husband has had a hard time finding a new job, so he's been home most of the time. But a week ago he got a chance to work at a temporary job for a couple...
  19. honeykat13

    Pictures Beak Length

    For some reason I'm paranoid about my tiel's beak getting too long, so I try to keep an eye on it. When does it get too long and I should start getting concerned? This is his beak now. Does it look okay? Thanks!
  20. niamhk

    Conure being aggressive to cockatiels

    Ask Yoshi my GGC is quite aggressive at times to the cockatiels. Today he pulled a few of Kiya’s feathers out and at one point they were both on the net and Yoshi went to Kiya so she jumped off and then Yoshi bit hold of her tail feathers and I had to get over to help Kiya. luckily she was fine...