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  1. S

    I want to adopt a caique

    (Im reposting that here where it is more relevent) I want to adopt a little feathered friend and I kinda fell in love with caiques... But I've read a lot about them and I am a bit weary of their agressivity. I am wondering if behavioral issues can be avoided/alleviated with a combination of all...
  2. S

    Im new and I need halp ><

    Hi! Im a passionate bird lover and I joined to gather information on birbs :) I want to adopt a little feathered friend and I kinda fell in love with caiques... But I've read a lot about them and I am a bit scared of their agressivity. I am wondering if behavioral issues can be...
  3. Caique-Walk

    Birdie Bean Biscuit & First Molt

    6 month old Charlie is going through his first molt. He loves his birdie bean biscuits, especially when they are still frozen. Yumm.
  4. bingbong

    Looking for a reputable Caique breeder!

    Hi! im looking for a good Caique breeder. I live in Iowa and would be willing to drive 4 hours away. Shipping a bird makes me nervous but I am willing to. Does anyone know of a good breeder or petstore? any help is appreciated.
  5. M

    Object in Nostril?

    First of all, Judas has decided he doesnt want pictures taken easily tonight. Anyway, I checked the forum and I know now I should probably take him to the vet but I'm in the middle of packing my suitcase for overseas and theres no time for me to get him to one! I leave 10am sharp tomorrow...
  6. Fowler

    Caique adopter

    hi everyone I’ve been using this sight for quite some time for information, insight, tips and solutions to questions. So thank you avian Avenue for existing. So I figured why not join. My last name really is Fowler my new avian vet thinks it’s funny.. I do to now that I’m a bird mom. Anyways...
  7. Caique-Walk

    hello from caique town

    Hello all, I have been lurking about in the shadows for a while and finally decided to make an account. Everyone seems highly knowledgeable here. :laugh: This is my 4 month old Caique, Charlie. He has been with me for 3 weeks so far and has proven to be a lovely companion. He is a cuddly clown...
  8. Atomiklan

    Pictures Maybe not a Caique

    So it has been several months now. I have had a little bit of experience now with both my new Finches and also Lada the visiting Eckie, and so I thought I should do an update on the eventual Caique journey... I have had many of my old questions answered through hands on experience and now have...
  9. accio-birdies

    Avoiding Jealousy?

    Hibou and Forrest get along very well for such different species! For the most part they are completely uninterested in each other, but they will sing together, eat together, and sometimes they'll try and preen each other, but I avoid super close contact to be on the safe side. Don't worry, they...
  10. BirdDad

    Need Help–Entertaining Bored Caique

    I'm watching over my sister's caique while she's in America. I've been watching him for three days now. He doesn't like me like he likes my sister, but he's not aggressive towards me at least. I'm trying my best to entertain him. I've got him little toys to play around with outside of his...
  11. accio-birdies

    Introducing Crazy Town

    Guess I shall start with a hello! I've been lurking around this forums for answers to all my bird related questions since I got my first cockatiel. It's really about time I made myself an official member.... My name is Jess, I am a 26 year old mother of two extremely annoying (but rather...
  12. Alex S.

    Hi all! I'm new :)

    Hi everyone! Although I've been lurking for quite a bit and learning A LOT, this is my first post! We've finally made the decision to bring a caique home and we're super excited (somehow these forums haven't scared us away... o_O). He's still being weaned so it may be another two weeks until...
  13. Atomiklan

    Puffy cheeks

    Whats up with the occasional puffy cheeks? Is this just feather fluffing? Overweight? Secret chipmonk-esk anatomical feature? hahaha Guessing of course its just feather fluff, but just curious.
  14. Atomiklan

    Wild Caique Sighting in NC!!!

    Ok so I may have baited that title a bit... :ashamed2: I fully expect everyone on this site to laugh at me. I'm even laughing at myself for this one. With all the excitement and research I have been doing on Caiques I had a really funny experience the other day. I woke up in the early morning...
  15. Atomiklan

    Caique Beak Trim

    Seems as though Caiques can develop needle like beaks sometimes and with their nippy nature and occasional spouts of aggression, I can see how this will eventually lead to some nasty bites. Yes yes, this is all part of parrot ownership. You WILL get bit eventually, but if the severity of the...
  16. BirdDad

    Shaking Leg - Is he okay?

    This is my sister's 1 and a half year old (presumed) caique. He does this every time he wakes up, for a few seconds up to maybe a minute sometimes. He also usually bobs his head like he's trying to regurgitate while doing that, I just haven't caught it on video. Is this behaviour okay? I've...
  17. Atomiklan

    Caique decisions - Vet recommendations

    I reached out to Dr. Greg Burkett, who is ironically a Caique owner himself. He has a single 20 year old BHC named Elvis. Is was great to get some additional information directly from a vet, especially one with personal experience with this species. I requested permission to post our...
  18. Atomiklan

    Male or Female?

    So I am still deciding on one vs two Caiques, but that is not necessarily to topic of this post. If I get two, I am pretty certain I will not be getting MM or MF MM = Potential aggression between each other. MF = Mated pair could lead to aggression especially during breeding season. So, if I...
  19. Atomiklan

    The journey continues!

    So still no official decisions yet, but I am making a lot of progress. I have been spending some time with a Sun named Brett at the local pet store near my office. I do feel a little bad going over so much. He's very cute. Here are some pictures: I also spent a little bit of time with some...
  20. Atomiklan

    New PRO vs CON table

    This pro vs con table is still evolving everyday as I continue to think about things so please check back in a few days. I welcome additions to this table which is actually why I am posting this. Yes I know LOTS of things are still missing from this table. Its tough thinking back and recalling...