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  1. Barnaby Rose

    Thinking about bringing home a new baby :)

    Hey guys... So as the title implies - we are on the brink of bringing a new baby home. Well, not so much a baby.. he is a 4-5 year old male white bellied Caique. His name is Reggie and I am absolutely in love with him.. I just have a few concerns I am hoping someone can help me with. So...
  2. WendyN

    Pictures Joey World

    ..... Playstand decorated with some of his new toys! Getting him familiar with them, he was afraid of the big ones!
  3. C

    Pictures White Belly Caique needs new home.

    We have a male, 12 year-old, White Belly Caique that needs a new home. His name is Melon and he loves people, play time, and bananas. He comes with a large cage and a travel cage, along with all accessories and toys. We are accepting reasonable offers for a rehoming fee. Mainly, we want to...
  4. P

    Two Caiques Looking for a New Home

    We are looking to rehome our two caiques located in NYC. One male one is female ,about 3.5 years of age. They are in great health and extremely intelligent and entertaining. They get along great and share the same cage. Unfortunately, we don't have the time and attention for them that they need...
  5. WendyN

    Foraging tantrum

    Joey gets fustrated if he can't figure out a foraging puzzle toy (like the treasure chest) or retrieve ALL of his treats from the bottoms up cups. He thrashes it and gives it a good beak whipping and scolding. I think maybe it is not his thing or he has expectations of a fast food drive through...
  6. Julie260

    Jealous Behaviors

    Hi friends!! Looking for advice on my White Bellied Caique's new behaviors... A little back story: Mango is 5 years old and I've had him a few months. He's so fantastic, active, and hilarious, and I love him, attitude and all. He was such a catch. We also have a blue and gold baby Macaw (7...
  7. Trishc

    Pictures Hello from Lexi (WBC) from Charleston, SC

    Hi everyone! I'm Lexi and I'm a 9 yo male WBC from Charleston, SC. I'm looking for other caiques to connect with in the Charleston area. I've never been around other caiques and I'd like to try to socialize.
  8. crystaljam

    Caique Parrot - Ottawa, Ontario

    It is with a heavy heart that after 7 years of trying to befriend our 9-year old Caique Parrot after a traumatizing experience, we have decided to find him a home where he can both come out of his cage freely AND love his people. Due to his changing experience, he is not particularly fond of...