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  1. DocAndAppa

    My new Caique has abandonment issues

    Hi all! I'm new here as a junior bird owner after newly getting my beautiful five year old Caique, Appa. I bought him from the previous owner, the owner of the local bird shop, who found out she had two male Caiques so she had to sell one. I have about a month of working from home where I am...
  2. Stephutten

    Adult Caique questions

    Hello all! I posted here over 3 years ago when I first got my Caique and had concerns. He is happy and healthy and definitely a caique! He is over 3 1/2 years old now, will be 4 in June. Not sure if he is considered an adult yet? I have been waiting for the very hormonal behavior that...
  3. aidan16

    opinions on na'ringa (my caique) gaining confidence?

    Hey y'all! Wanted to pop in for some advice, things have been going well! Na'ringa has been gaining weight which is a relief because it means shes eating well! I weigh her every morning before she gets breakfast. I've had her for about a week and two days, when I got her she weighed 118 grams...
  4. aidan16

    Welcome Na'ringa home!!! :'D <3 (Plus... nutrition slander??)

    My baby is finally home!! After a week of anxious (I mean ANXIOUS) waiting and preparation, I got to take Na'ringa home yesterday evening!! I've gotten a gram scale and am monitoring her weight, have her pellets (mixed with her previous food) and chop diet, and I have her wellness exam scheduled...
  5. Turkey2017

    Big Enough Cage for 2 Caiques?

    Hello! So I'm in a super exciting position where I'm building a house and I'm going to make a bird room especially for my babies. I have 7 parrots total, but this thread relates to my pair of wbcs. I'm thinking about building them a habitat rather than just using a traditional cage. I want it...
  6. aidan16

    Seeking Tips and Advice for First Time Bird Owner!

    Hello! First, apologies, because this will be quite a lot to read! :shy:My name is Aidan, and I was looking into getting potential advice and input from experienced bird owners! I've wanted a pet bird my entire life, and I am finally in a financial and realistic place to do so! I am getting...
  7. S

    Will I lose my bond with my Conure if I get another parrot?

    Hi all, I have a 6 month male GCC who I have had for 4 months now and love dearly. We have an AMAZING bond and spend a ton of time together. He goes almost everywhere with me (including work). We have considered getting another bird as my husband would like a bird to work with and bond with...
  8. DaBirdMan

    Calling all Caique Owners

    Spending a lot of time researching throughout the years to find the perfect breed of bird for me and my family i have come to a top 3 list and number 2 on that list is caiques. I have a ton of reasons that I just LOVE them i cant list them all as the list could go on for a while but ill list a...
  9. Cinus

    Bringing home a new Caique - some questions

    Hello everyone! I have had my female caique Moki for some months now and she is currently 9 months old (I've had her since she was 3 months old). She has a really big cage, full of toys and she gets plenty of attention/out of cage. However, as a common human being, I work a 9-to-5 job, meaning...
  10. Turkey2017

    Young Caique Obsessed With Nose

    I recently acquired a six month old white bellied caique and she is an absolute dream. However, she is obsessed with my nose. Like to the point of spending all of our one-on-one time trying to grab it. She’s not being aggressive. She straight up is just trying to lick inside my nostrils. Of...
  11. L


    Hi guys! Last Thursday I adopted a caique called gizmo, he is 8 months old. He is settling in really well, he loves spending time with us I have started to convert him to a pellet diet as he was previously on a seed only diet- it is going well! I have been crushing up Harrison’s pellets and...
  12. Cinus

    Caique screech worrying me

    Hello everyone! My black-headed caique is female and around 5 months old, and one month ago he started doing a different sounding screech which has me worried that she's unhappy or she's some kind of sick. Basically, she acts normal and has been playful and energetic as usual, doing it's...
  13. P

    Pictures Caique back feathers yellowing

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to this forum and wanted to inquire about some change in back color feathers on my 5-year old female caique that I'm concerned about. I have only recently noticed this in the past 2-3 weeks where her usual all emerald green back feathers have been turning yellow. Not...
  14. Cinus

    Baby Caique not too playful?

    Hello everyone! 6 Days ago I got myself a female baby black-headed Caique (3 months old) from a reputable breeder in my country, along with a huge cage with many toys and perches. I was able to choose which baby to take home and this one was just so curious about me so I ended up bringing her...
  15. Cinus


    Hello everyone! I'm from Portugal and my first feathery-adventure occured in 2020, when I tamed a Agapornis roseicollis during the pandemic. Most recently, I have acquired a Caique parrot! Since the beggining I used to come into these forums a lot in order to learn more and have some doubts...
  16. P

    Should i get a quaker for 6 month old BHC?

    Hi, I have a male 6 month old BHC (hand reared) and want to get a quaker. i have two large cages but he's only fond of one. I know you can't exactly trust your birds, even though he doesn't display any agressive behaviour towards strangers or other animals. even if they don't get along, they can...
  17. shyanashay

    Is 7/8” Bar Spacing too Big for a Caique?

    I’m thinking about getting this cage for my caique. Only concern is that the bar spacing might be too wide for his toys, perches and stuff like that. Thoughts?
  18. EmiLemon

    Mirror-Crazed Caique

    Hello! About 6 weeks ago I adopted a caique, Loki, who I was told is around 3 years old. I didn’t get into parrots until a little over a year ago and am learning as much as I can when I have time. He has bit me twice and both times, looking back, were avoidable (if I had researched more I...
  19. EmiLemon

    New Caique Owner!

    Hello! I have a cockatiel, Nova, that’s 1.5 years old and recently adopted a caique I was told is around 3 years old. I didn’t get into parrots until a little over a year ago and am learning as much as I can when I have time. My caique, Loki, is such a fun and intelligent little guy. I’ve only...
  20. mochiballs

    Regression at 2years old?

    Sulley, my caique, has just turned two years old and has regressed back into eating only food that has been pureed much like the baby bird food and being hand fed with a spoon. He's been to the vet and is healthy and they believe it's just behavioural. Has anyone dealt with something like this?