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  1. rebecca252

    Best budgie cage set ups?

    Can people post the best budgie cage setups they’ve seen (or their own!). I’m looking for inspiration for my Prevue flight cage. Thank you :)
  2. rebecca252

    Is this a good cage set up?

    Hi! This cage is a Prevue flight cage, for my three babies, Grover, Cal and Percy. Does anyone have anything they would add / take out / change? I’m striving to make their cage the best it could possibly be. feel free to post your own budgie cages below!!
  3. rebecca252

    Budgie dilemma

    Hi, I have three budgies - two bigger English ones, and a smaller pied English one. The two bigger ones seem to be picking on the smaller pied one, Percy, even though he is the eldest. What could be the reason? Do you think we should get another pied? Note - we got the two youngest only two...
  4. rebecca252

    Budgie Gender??

    Hi, so this is my approx eight weeks old budge, Calypso. We originally went to pick up two boys, but on the way out of the breeders, he mentioned that Cal looked a little like a girl in the sun (his/her cere?). What do you all think? I think she’s a girl, purely off the cere, and how different...
  5. Kiwi's Mom

    Keeping birds cool in hot weather

    Today we installed our air conditioning (type that goes in window) just to find that it isn't working. It has regularly been 80° Fahrenheit inside of the house, and whenever I let Kiwi and Blizzard out, they start holding out their wings and panting after flying a short distance. What can I do...
  6. S


    My little birds kiki (female) and zephyr (male) have been having yellow and red/ orange urine! I’ve tried giving them veggies for two weeks to see if it helps (spinach, lettuce, carrot) but it doesn’t seem to help clear it up! They also get a food mix of pellets and seeds the pellets are...
  7. vivdaniel

    My budgies sometimes fight, should I be concerned?

    I have two budgies male and female and they have been living together for about 2 years. They like each other and I see them kiss or preening each other. But sometimes they fight, it is not really violent or for a long period of time. Also when they are outside the cage they hang out mainly on...
  8. F

    Hello! Advice welcome!

    Hello, everyone! I joined this group because I'm a fairly new bird owner, with a bonded pair of cockatiels and, as of yesterday, two baby budgies! My tiels are Dio and Ladybird, the white is male and the yellow is female. I have yet to name the budgies for obvious reasons. I currently have them...
  9. Lovebird27

    Rainbow SUPRA budgie?!

    So, this person put in the description of this budgie “Female Rainbow Supra”. What does “supra” mean? How is it different than a regular rainbow?
  10. Nimbus

    Pictures Bonding!

    AhhhHhHh I’m so excited! Pippin seems to have finally connected my hand to coming out of the cage, and generally good things. Sammi’s still absolutely terrified of hands - but she’s pretty comfortable getting onto my arm! I had both birds on my arm for 45 minutes of my online LA! They even...
  11. Lovebird27

    German Fallow budgie :)

    So I fell in love with this color and mutation. Can anyone help with the base color ? Is it blue or D blue?
  12. Nimbus

    Pictures The Palace Has Arrived!

    The girls’ flight cage arrived today!! Took me about two hours to assemble because I’m an idiot and put several different things on backwards. Pictures! And the new cage beside the one they were previously kept in: Still adding toys and perches, any recommendations for cage accessories?
  13. Nimbus

    Recently Purchased/Rescued Some Budgies

    Hi! I’m new here, please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong. I recently rehomed/rescued two budgies, Sam and Pippin. I’m fairly sure Pippin’s a male, but I’m not certain on Sam’s gender. If anyone could help identifying/confirming their genders that would be awesome. We purchased them from...
  14. Lovebird27

    Why is this budgie greyish white?

    Hey gang, So, I came across these budgies and was intrigued by there colors. I would like to know what mutation influenced this greyish color. All I known it’s a Texas Clear Body. Does this happen to every blue TCB? Or do other factors come into play here? What about the green bird, is it a TCB...
  15. Lovebird27

    Color of the a budgies cere with certain mutations.

    I’ve come across several budgies that I can’t sex. I also noticed that some mutations influence the color of the cere. For instance, this violet budgie has a vibrant blue cere which lets me know it’s a male. On the other hand, the budgies on the other pic seem to have an identical cere. Which...
  16. Lovebird27

    Are these grey o clearwings budgies?

    Are these greywing or clearwing budgies? How can we differentiate them?
  17. flockof.4


    Hi there. I’m Meghan, and I have four birds. One parakeet, one cockatiel, and two green cheek conures. I did have another parakeet but he unfortunately passed away in mid January. He was my very first bird. His name was Blue (budgie) and I got him July 16th, 2018. I wanted to get him a friend...
  18. Lovebird27

    Can someone help me with the sex of this budgie?

    What sex is this bird? Owner told me its a male, but I thought males had more of a “blue hue” to them. I also noticed the color changes if the mutation reduces the eumelanin.
  19. Lovebird27

    Can someone help me with this mutation?

    Hello everyone :),these are not my birds but Inwould love to know their mutation.
  20. Lovebird27

    What mutation is this?

    Hello, I am wondering what mutation this is. Can you guys help me out? Thanks.