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  1. rebecca252

    Should I move my budgie out of the flocks cage?

    Hi! So, currently, I have three budgies in the same flight cage (Percy, Calypso and Grover). Calypso and Grover seem to be more bonded to one another, as Percy used to be bonded with our other budgie, Nico, who passed away last year. At the time, I thought Percy would benefit from living with...
  2. MPCacatúa

    Updated Cage Setup with New Play Area :)

    They are loving their new play area that I set up connected to their cage! Grooming after a nice misting this afternoon :)
  3. BlueBird67

    Meet the budgies!

    :budgie5:: I do not currently have a photo of Opal, COMING SOON! :budgie6:: This is Layla, often known as the alien. She is extremely tame and flighted. Her gender isn't determined yet, so a DNA sexing may need to occur. :budgie7:: Chiku is a semi tame budgie. His mutation is considerably hard...
  4. AussieBird

    A Flock Update

    Thought i might as well do an update. The things i had planned to do keep getting postponed, and things got turned upside down when Belinda (the kitten) joined the family. I will start with the oldest and work my way down. LJ: This guy is still as adorable as ever! And i've never seen a budgie...
  5. J

    Separating Budgies

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right thread. My newest budgie Sky has been in the same cage as my original budgie Blu, but I think Sky has been stressing Blu out a bit lately, being a bit territorial and so on. I have separated them this morning, they've not hurt each other or...
  6. N31

    New cage help?

    I bought my budgie a new cage recently, I’ve had him a few yearshe has a tall cage but he never goes further then half way down, spends all his time with one toy even though he has a fair few and rarely comes out of his cage other then to sit on the top. I bought him a bigger cage with more...
  7. Jxdeeyy

    Food bowls

    Hi, so I want to change my budgies bowls to stainless steel bowls. But the one they have in there now with their vegetables they always manage to chuck it on the floor! First it was only one of them doing it but now they both do it as a game! :lol: They have plenty of toys (shredding and...
  8. ilmatar

    How do I tell when my budgie is moulting?

    I'm not sure how to tell if my birds are moulting or not. There was a period of time where there were a lot of small feathers around their cage (and in the floor near it), then it sort of slowed down. Now it seems to have picked up again. Maybe my male budgie is actually moulting? He shook his...
  9. Birb Mom

    Birds not Bonding?

    I have two budgies, one named Sky and one named Cloud. I also have a cockatiel named Max. All males. Ever since I got Max, the dynamic between sky and cloud has slowly changed. Cloud has gotten closer to Max and they are now an inseparable pair. anywhere that Max goes, Cloud follows. The only...
  10. JayBudgiz

    Budgie cuddles and kisses

    I have two pairs of bonded budgies, one pair only months old and the other years ahead. They all love cuddling up against each other and are so cute so here are their photos. Don't forget to post some snuggling photos here too!!
  11. Kile

    Vet Visit

    We have a vet visit this afternoon scheduled for Boo and the budgies just to check up on them and make sure everything is alright with Boo. I noticed yesterday she began to limp as if her foot was injured and it has continued today. Could have sprained something but I also want to make sure it...
  12. rebecca252

    Budgies being food aggressive?

    Hi! I’m the owner of three budgies who live in a large flight cage together (we previously had four, but unfortunately one passed away), and they usually get along pretty well, but they get aggressive with one another when food is involved , I.e when I hold millet, they often squabble and even...
  13. Jxdeeyy

    Moving budgies into new cage!

    I have recently bought a much larger cage for my 2 budgies. I’ve put a few perches and toys in there - along with treats to try and entice them in (all of the toys in there they are familiar with and the natural wood perches in there are the same as those in their current cage). They were a bit...
  14. Nimbus

    Moving/road trip with budgies

    Hey everyone! I've had my two budgies, Sam & Pippin, since March. In those 8 months, we've come a long way together! They readily eat from my hand, love (a select few) veggies, and hop onto my laptop to scream at my online classes. My family will be moving pretty soon, hopefully around the end...
  15. Jusgetinby


    Hello I'm new bird owner this year. My story the love for birds is.... My daughter asked me if she can bring her pets to live at our home from her dad's house, of course I said yes, she is a responsible pet owner. So she decided to bring her 4 birds from her Dad's to live at our home...
  16. S

    Looking for rehome for my 2 pet Parakeets/Budgies

    (Irving, TX, USA) I currently have two young-adult male budgies named Dodo (green) and Berry (blue). I adore them so much but I came to a sad realization that it is better to re-home them. I am guilty of even thinking about it, but it isn’t fair for them otherwise. Long story short, I live...
  17. medibirds

    Can parrotlets live in the same area as a budgie

    *keep in mind i said same area instead of same cage* So i have been considering these little birds for quite some time, and even though they are l o u d, i would still consider it as a bird to add to my flock, but the question is that do these little guys get along with budgies? im a little...
  18. Jean20057

    Duct tape?

    I was wondering if duct tape is safe to use in the same room as my budgie. The thing that I'm really worried about is more of the smell than anything. She wouldn't be able to get to it, she wouldn't be around it in the respect that she would be able to step on it or fall on it or anything like...
  19. choomchoom

    When should I introduce my budgies?

    I have a male budgie (Hoshi) who lives with my parents flock, but he will be coming with me when I move out. So I rescued another male budgie (Shoya) so they could hopefully be friends. However, Shoya is dealing with an eye injury right now which I've posted about previously. He seems sad and...
  20. Kiwi's Mom

    Video Budgie Bath Time!

    Kiwi and Blizzard took a bath in the sink! I was pretty suprised when Blizzard bathed :lol: She usually only bathes on her own in the water bowl. :budgie::budgie9: