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Looking for rehome for my 2 pet Parakeets/Budgies

Surya T

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Surya T
(Irving, TX, USA) I currently have two young-adult male budgies named Dodo (green) and Berry (blue). I adore them so much but I came to a sad realization that it is better to re-home them. I am guilty of even thinking about it, but it isn’t fair for them otherwise. Long story short, I live alone, work full-time, and travel occasionally. There’s nobody else to care for them in my absence. I do think they deserve more quality time and interaction than I am able to provide now. I want the very best for these beautiful little fluff-balls.

Things I’m looking for before giving for adoption:
1. Dodo and Berry are used to staying outside the cage for most of the day, except for sleeping and eating. So, they MUST be allowed to fly inside the house or a room.
2. Should be kept in a sufficiently large cage. I can give the cage I have. (not sure about the dimensions, but big enough for both)

1. Currently they are eating Kaytee FortiDiet Pro-Health seeds - every day.
2. Fresh veggies and fruits like spinach, broccoli, fresh beans, apple (de-seeded and cut into small pieces), water-melon, etc - at least on alternate days.
3. They love millets like Kaytee spray millets - at least alternate days.
4. Very small amount of shredded cheese or boiled egg (mashed) - weekly once
5. Mineral block - fixed inside the cage. I have additional 2 blocks that I can give.

More about the birds:
1. Dodo and Berry bond well together. No fighting or biting.
2. I got them in July 2020 when they were young. So, they will not be more than 7 months old.
3. They are perfectly healthy and clean. No plucking.
4. They do sit on fingers and eat food. But not accustomed to frequent hand interaction otherwise. Berry enjoys occasional scritches, but Dodo is still not used to it. Dodo is the shy one.
5. Both of them enjoy weekly shower (with water spraying bottle)
6. They love 1-2 hours of afternoon naps every day (I usually make the room darker, they fall asleep that way)
7. They need to be covered with a cover or blanket at night before sleep.I would happy to give away to someone who can really take care of them in a happy, interactive environment. I can share more pictures or videos if you are interested. Thanks! (edited)



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Julia A
They are lovely! I know it's hard having to give up a bird... But I'm sure they will find a great forever home! If you were closer I might just think of getting them. Best of luck though!


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Southeastern U.S.
They are beautiful! I have two male budgies as well, and just love them to bits. So I can only begin to imagine how hard this is for you. I'm afraid I do not live anywhere near TX, either. You are such an excellent advocate for your boys that I'm sure you will find a very good home for them!


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Aww, they are adorable! I wish I was able to give them a home with my three budgies, but unfortunately I don't live near Texas and I have enough birds as it is lol :laugh:
I hope you find a great home for them!