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  1. E

    Pictures Curious about my Budgies tail feathers

    This is my Budgies tail feathers, the rest of his tail is fine, there's just a gap in between where there isn't any feathers. Is this just a normal part of moulting or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  2. LiefDuivel

    When does sneezing become a concern?

    Hey all! My budgie, Genji, has been sneezing extremely frequently (10-20+ times a day!!) but the thing is, they're 90% dry sneezes. Occasionally he has a wet sneeze that is completely clear and doesn't run. I've checked for anything in his nares and he's totally clear. There's no sneezing fits...
  3. StygianEchoes

    Looking for Reputable Toy Brands

    Hello! I want to buy my budgies some nice new toys, and just wanted to know what brands I should consider and those I should avoid. I‘m iffy about buying things on Amazon, for fear of them being made out of low-quality material that could poison my birds. (Even plain wooden ones like these. I...
  4. Ch4pl3

    New user, long time bird lover.

    Hello friends! I'm Chaple or Ch4pl3, I've owned birds since I was around eight and a half. My most current birds (budgies) are named Chancey and Starlet, both are beautiful greens and yellows. While I enjoy training dogs and handling birds as a hobby and relaxing activity, my heart lays in a...
  5. S

    Nice to meet you all! From a shocked small flock owner!

    Hello All! So nice to meet you all. I’ve been a long time lurker of the forum but thought I’d make an account as looking to get some advice! After researching for quite some time I decided that parrotlets seemed like the bird for me! They sounded like the perfect little characters and I really...
  6. N

    Help in taming? Worried I lost trust :(

    Hello everyone! as my name suggests I am very new to birds. I have done YEARS of research so I felt prepared when I brought home two budgies who had been rehomed by a family. Their owner passed of a stroke. I love these guys so much and have upgraded their cage and eating habits. But today I...
  7. Gersha

    Budgie noises

    Not sure if this was my budgie or a mouse who made these noises, but it started around 5 am when I heard strange squeaking and small sneezing I think. I shined a light in the cage and noticed one of my birds eggs hatched but I cannot see the baby and am not sure if the strange squeaking came...
  8. Raisins

    Did anyone here have their budgerigar's lipoma removed successfully?

    So, over the course of months, I've realized that one of my budgie's lipoma has actually grown by a small margin, even though I feed her the vet prescribed seed mix, along with vegetables. Our vet said that surgical removal of her lipoma was extremely risky for an animal her size, but I'm...
  9. babybagel

    Help! Mated budgie pair not eating!

    Hi, I have mated pair of budgies (first time parents) who so far have 4 healthy newborn babies. But just recently the male has almost completely stopped eating and seems to be looking for something, although I'm utterly baffled to what it is. Since the male is not eating, he won't feed the...
  10. susanoo

    Pictures Hii! <3

    Hello! I'm Macky! I have 4 precious budgie babies and I often have questions, so I joined this forum! They're doing just fine right now! I think I'm doing a wonderful job at taking care of 'em! But I may have questions in the future, so it'll be good to have this resource! :) These are my...
  11. B

    Pictures Looking for Specific Naturally Molted Lovebird Feathers for Crafting

    Hey, I'm looking for some naturally molted feathers from these specific mutations of birds for a crafting project to add some feathers to a trinket jar. Wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some?: :rflb: Normal / Wild Coloration Peach-Faced Lovebird Feathers Example pictures...
  12. berrynkiwi

    How do I get my budgies to eat bird chop from their bowl?

    I've had my (2) budgies for 8 months now. They eat vegetables happily but when I make chop for them, they don't eat much, even though I use different the veggies (and grains) every 3 days. However, when I feed them veggies from my hand they eat all of it!. How do I get them to eat the chop I...
  13. Raisins

    Confused after the vet visit

    I brought one of my budgies to the vet today because she had dirty feathers around the vent and I have been worried about her increasing weight. They did an x-ray on her and diagnosed her with a lipoma. They understandably prescribed a diet. The prescribed seed mix seems to have the same...
  14. BudgieLove

    Eating their greens!

    Kev & Nellie love eating the seedling grass out of my hand (summer grass?) They are also love snow peas and silver beat….can you get your budgies to eat their greens??!
  15. Rio&Friend

    What gender it is?

    Hi everyone, I brought a new budgie. Its name is rainbow :budgieyf: . We brought her because my yellow colour budgie has become stress, so we decided to buy a new budgie. After we brought, My Yellow colour was finally free from stress. Can anyone tell me what gender it is? Because I feel it is...
  16. HelenVanessaDavies

    Extra Bossy Hen - need advice

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted here. Unfortunately after my dear Percy and Pepe passed away it has been hard for me to post on the forums however I have been reading and reacting to posts. It's a bit of a long-ish story of what is currently going on but I hope someone on here might...
  17. Rio&Friend

    My budgie cannot fly

    I don't know what happened to the yellow bird but one day when I'm away suddenly I saw blue colour's feather fall. Then the next day the yellow bird can't fly really high. He is a great flying bird compare to all the birds but suddenly this happened.. Can anyone please give me the way to cure...
  18. L

    How to tame two budgies

    Hey everyone! I got my original budgie 2 weeks ago and she was bonding with me. She didn’t step up yet but she knew not to be scared. I got her sister from the same breeder 2 days ago. They get along fine and they’re happy and all but my original budgie has forgotten the bond with me. She runs...
  19. FeatheredM

    Night frights

    So my budgies had a night fright when I accidentally bumped their cage, and it was pretty scary. What do you do when this happens? Usually I turn on the light and take off the cover(although I only cover when the light is on) and try to talk in a soft voice, but is there anything else I can do...
  20. FeatheredM

    Enrichment outside the cage

    Sprinkles and quierido are bored:meh: if I let them out they go to the same places and preen. But I want them to have a FUN time out of the cage so they can play, get ecxersise and use their brain power!! Inside their cage it's a toy store with a bunch of varied perches but what about outside...