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When should I introduce my budgies?


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I have a male budgie (Hoshi) who lives with my parents flock, but he will be coming with me when I move out. So I rescued another male budgie (Shoya) so they could hopefully be friends. However, Shoya is dealing with an eye injury right now which I've posted about previously. He seems sad and lonely, and I would love to introduce them now so that he will heal faster. But I'm afraid Hoshi might bully him, or they'll bond more to each other and dislike me. I'm not sure what to do or how long to wait before letting them meet...All advice is welcome <3


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So I rescued another male budgie (Shoya)
When did you bring hom Shoya?
They need 6 weeks quarantine when you bring a new bird home.

If the quarantine is up, then you can house the cages in the same room and allow them to enjoy each others vocals, but I would hold off on physical introductions until the injury has healed.

, or they'll bond more to each other and dislike me.
If you have a nice relationship with your birds and carry on devoting time and attention to them, the relationship will likely not go away. It may become a little less strong as they could prefer their own kind a little more, but they won´t suddenly dislike you for no reason. Little birds don´t usually do that.