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bird advice

  1. EarthToEcho

    Bird Meetup Groups

    Does anyone know of any Bird Meetup Groups around the Charlotte area? I've been looking for one but have had no luck! Also if there isn't one and I want to start one, what would be a good way to go about that? Thank you!
  2. AlexaC

    Aggressive Meyers parrot

    Hi! I have a Meyers parrot named James who is very aggressive. He is 9 years old but we've had him about 4-5 years. In all this time, he has been very aggressive with us and I don't understand why. I'm the only person he actually let's touch him and hold him but he does try to bite sometimes...
  3. egg

    Sun Conure training

    I'd like to start this thread by saying my sunny is a sweet girl who gets along well with her owner (me) and the other member in the household, and will happily relax with home visitors as long as she is with her owner. I feed her well, she has plenty of toys, and a nice, large cage with room...
  4. pkrang

    Confused about what to feed cockatiel?

    I recently bought a handfed cockatiel from a bird specialist and plan to pick it up soon. I asked an employee about what exactly to feed my bird and he said to feed it about 3/4 seeds and 1/4 pellets (because as he stated "too many pellets will calcify its liver") but from all the research I've...
  5. T

    Macaw issue

    Hi my name is Tiffany and I was wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I'm going through with my scarlet Macaw . I have gotten both her and a blue/gold macaw together as a surprise present , of course I myself didn't really know how to care for one and so I researched and etc. the macaws...
  6. Peri-Keet

    Is my Red Rump ugly?

    I have a baby Red Rumped parakeet/parrot who I love dearly, but everyone who I show pictures of him to is saying he's "kinda ugly" or "the ugly duckling". It happens usually after I show them pictures of mature red rumps, or other red rumps with more iridescent colors. I'm still unsure if he'll...
  7. peppermint

    i need some advice

    hi there. i'm new to the forum, and i need some advice [i hope this is the right section for it] 3 years ago i found a baby crow fallen from the nest. long story short, i had no idea what i was getting myself into [i still have no idea what i'm doing].. baby crow was ill, 2 vets said it would...