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bird advice

  1. A

    911 My bird (cockatiel) got hit by the ceiling fan

    HI, my bird named JD just a few mins ago got hit by the ceiling fan. It is night in my country so all the vets are closed. I have applied a antiseptic healing solution, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW??? Someone please help me
  2. Nikelbirds

    I need some help

    Ermmmmmm, so I came here in regards to my two birds (who are both in my introduction post if you wanna see them Not sure if this is the right place to ask stuff since I’m quite new but I wanted to say it here So uhm, first of all, I don’t have financial control over what my birds get, they’re...
  3. P

    Kakariki - Food aggression

    So I've had my Kakariki for just over five months now and for the first 2 months everything was fine. Maybe about 3 months ish he has becoming quite aggressive when I try to remove his food out of his cage, I only do this when I need to change food or give him a top up. He will see my hand...
  4. Shilpa

    Wild bird possibly looking for a nest

    Hi! Its been a while since I have been on here but I have a question. I live in an apartment with a patio and I set bird feeders outside. I also leave out rabbit food pellets, carrots, nuts (for squirrels), and sometimes peanut butter for a special treat. Right around this time last year, only...
  5. A

    They are comfortable with me and like to snuggle but freak out when I try to pet them ?

    Hi all! Ive had my conures just under a month now (kiwi the pineapple conure) (durian the green cheek) as of late ive been getting mixed messages from them. For example they love snuggling in my hoodie, playing with my hair, and are comfortable perching on my hand, etcetera however when I try to...
  6. Hipcricket

    Stinky Poo

    Hi! I have a (possibly dumb) question; does Budgie poop smell?? I keep my cage pretty clean, wipe down daily, change paper every other day, wash everything down monthly. Well I missed a day after dealing with a family emergency and I noticed a slight ... odor? Kind of sulpherous? A little rank...
  7. Moon Bird

    Identifying my conures Band

    So I’m super new to this “site” but I need help...! I have a conure that i desperately want to know the age of or where he’s from to ask questions about him.. I don’t know how to identify him from his leg band though. It’s reads “EA CA 12893” and I don’t know that that means. Can someone please...
  8. MChiper

    Parrot in College? Travel?

    Hi all, I posted before regarding getting a bird for college; I was given very good advice to rather wait until I was in college or after graduation - so I am currently still bird-free. I know more about my schedule and the college policy on pets, etc. - it's very pet friendly and we may bring...
  9. S

    I bought Azalea wood perches & i’m unsure if i should give them to my lovebird or not.. Please help!!

    I bought Azalea wood perches online & at first i didn’t know that they were made out of azalea. I’ve searched online and it says that azalea wood is poisonous to birds, however, when i contacted the shop about this, they told me that it was safe and there’s no way that they would sell something...
  10. AceTheBudg

    What should I do about insurance for my bird?

    I have been trying to find pet insurance for my bird but many places don’t have a section for birds and if they do it’s only the kind with deductible claims. But I want an insurance that pays right then. I was wondering if i should just get a credit card and pay off the vet fees with it?
  11. M

    Severe macaw to the party!

    Hi everyone! I came across this forum and I’m excited to have people to talk about my bird with! I have a chestnut fronted macaw named Safari! He’s 7-10 years old! I’m very excited to make some new friends and learn some new exciting parrot stuff! Wanted to share some pictures! The humans are me...
  12. AMQ

    NYE & Bird(s)

    Hello all, how do you prepare your birds to New Year’s Eve ? my agapornis is scared fast so I need tips for the fireworks outside. I don’t know if she is going to panic because this is the first NYE for her. I am not home this NYE, and although fireworks are forbidden this year, I think (know)...
  13. L

    Please help - lorikeet

    Hi guys, I’ve this rainbow lorikeet for a little while now, recently for the past few months he has this little hair in front of his right eye that kept bugging him and he would scratch it all the time. Today earlier on I showered him with lukewarm water and a small pump of some very mild wash...
  14. L

    Help! - Rainbow lorikeet food

    Hi, I have a male rainbow lorikeet I just recently started taking care of, I was feeding him apples and other fruits and didn’t know he needed nectar and pollen till recently, today I received his orlux Lori feed which contains both nectar and pollen, I wanted to ask as well as this feed along...
  15. alyssanor


    can you tell me everything i need to know about cockateils how to take care of them what to feed them and stuff like that
  16. CGrillo

    Weird droppings again

    Last time I talked about Luke’s droppings on here he got off of his antibiotic treatment and that I no longer go to the vet I brought him to for his infection. His poops went back to normal and were normal for weeks. He has been on his probiotic and everything was good and I didn’t change...
  17. CGrillo

    Weight Health

    In my last thread in spoke about how luke was back to a healthy weight after his antibiotics caused him to not eat. Luke now seems to be making up for all the food he hasn’t eaten on his meds and seems to be stuck at 1.5 oz When they should weigh around 1.1-1.4 oz. He doesn’t seem to get much...
  18. CGrillo

    Is this a bruise?

    This week a noticed a reddish brown mark appear on Luke’s beak. The mark isn’t flaky or anything and it looks like it’s flat and apart of the beak. You can see another section of his beak is trying to grow so I think he might have hurt himself but I’m not sure. He does come out of the cage and...
  19. CGrillo

    Molting Cause Watery Droppings?

    I’ve spoken about Luke recovering from an infection in previous threads. He’s been off antibiotics since Monday and we are between vets at the moment. I don’t want to drive myself crazy because most of his his poops seem to look good but there will be these few random watery droppings either...
  20. CGrillo

    Food to help budgie gain weight

    Luke lost some weight by not eating his food on his second round of antibiotics (which It was put in the food and is a bitter tasting medication). He was pretending to eat so I didn’t realize he wasn’t eating until I could physically feel his keel bone when I went to pick him up. He is no...