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bird advice

  1. S

    Urgent Cyst?

    My 45 yr old Amazon was biting his shoulder for almost 1 years and a small scab like developed l. We took him the vet and he said he didn't see any growth. Then it got large so we took him to a new vet. She said it looked like a tumor. After that it grew large within days. We sent her pictures...
  2. urvogel

    going on vacation and cant take my cockatiel help

    im gonna be on vacation with my mum for 4-5 nights and cant take my cockatiel with me and now i cant sleep for two nights stressing about it, the good thing is i have someone to take her while im away (my dad) but my problem is he never had a bird so for her to have out of cage time is not an...
  3. nekogaby

    Color in my bird droppings

    Greetings, I hope you are doing well. I have a 20 year old Psittacara finschi, he is my whole world. This year I took him for revision with an avian pet and he told me he seemed healthy but changed his diet to a more fruits/vegetables based one. From what I recall, his droppings have always...
  4. urvogel

    Urgent broken blood feather

    Hello i recently got a baby cockatiel from a private pet breeder when i came home today he somehow managed to break one of the tail blood feathers and was bleeding luckly i managed to stop the bleeding, ona scale of 10(10 being the worst scenario) the bleeding was 4, the broken feather fell off...
  5. berrynkiwi

    No more pellets left for my birds

    I ordered pellets for my budgies around 6 days before it ran out and the order said it would arrive in 3 days. There was a huge delay and it now says it will take 5 more days for the pellets to be delivered to my house. Unfortunately, there aren't many pet stores near my area and the ones that...
  6. berrynkiwi

    How do I get my budgies to eat bird chop from their bowl?

    I've had my (2) budgies for 8 months now. They eat vegetables happily but when I make chop for them, they don't eat much, even though I use different the veggies (and grains) every 3 days. However, when I feed them veggies from my hand they eat all of it!. How do I get them to eat the chop I...
  7. Rio&Friend

    Something problem to my bird eye (sad update#7)

    I don't know what happened but suddenly my bird eye is injured. Please tell me :budgie:ASAP
  8. J

    Bird lost his bottom beak

    We don’t know what happened but I’m pretty sure he was at the top of the door and one of the kids closed the door while he was on top. Anyways we are devastated. Took him to the vet and ran us up almost $2000 but we love him so it’s totally worth it. We haven’t seen him back yet but the dr said...
  9. C

    My budgie doesn’t seem interested in me

    I have been working with my budgie for a few months now. He used to jump up onto my hand and seemed interested in being with me. He started biting when I put my hand in the cage roughly 2 weeks ago. I have worked on the biting and he does it less now. But he doesn’t seem interested in me anymore...
  10. Tenleigh

    4th of July with birds

    Hi! I only had my cockatiel for a couple months, he’s just a baby and haven’t experienced fireworks or bright lights and sounds. Are birds scared of fireworks, should i be worried for 4th of July?? Any tips or information would be so helpful!!
  11. B

    Cockatiel suddenly became aggressive!

    I got my sweet pied cockatiel at just 7 weeks old, he was the only surviving chick of the litter so got lots of 1 on 1 time as well as hand fed.Ive I've had him for about 2 months? He has always been extremely tame, loved cuddles and pets, and has never shown any aggression. I have one other...
  12. snapeybird


    So it was around 10:30am and my bird was chill, it was fine sat next to me on a perch, very tame and lovely, but he started freaking out for no reason and flew into at least 3 walls and now it's bleeding from the image you can see here, I'm not sure what to do, I've put water on the injury and...
  13. shinji_03

    Air freshener question

    I've had my green cheek conure for about a year and I haven't tried using air fresheners/fragrances in his room until now. I got a Febreze Light Lavender plugin with no heavy perfumes, but I read online that they still aren't safe around birds, despite them not having aerosol. I currently have...
  14. parry_blue

    New bird energetic

    Is something wrong with my bird? I just got my second parrotlet today. My first parrotlet is very chill but my new one is super energetic. He is around 5 weeks, He was very scared and chill and first, suddenly he flies around the cage, rips tissues, bumps into the cage, and more. Then, around 5...
  15. S

    My 1.5 months old cockatiel not taking formula, she is eating seeds by it's own

    Yesterday i got a lutino cockatiel, it's name is phoenix (i don't know the gender as the pet shop owner said it can be told after 4-5 months), i am giving him seeds and he drinks clean water. He is able to eat and drink on his own and also through my hand when i pick him and put some seeds on...
  16. 123delrey

    stressed out cockatiel :(

    recently, my family got a new cockatiel after our beloved conure passed away. this cockatiel is 10 years old and we adopted him from a shelter. we have had him for about a week and he is very anxious. he will start screaming at the top of his lungs, he bites and attacks everyone, he chews on his...
  17. T

    Bed bug treatment

    Hello I have a mild bedbug problem and a lovebird. My apartment was treated today and I took my lovebird with me to be safe. It has been about 4 hours since they finished treating it. They only sprayed certain areas so the whole apartment is not saturated. All the windows are open and fans are...
  18. B

    My lovebirds are terrified of me and fly away whenever i come near them (how do i tame 2 lovebirds)

    Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong catergory i wan't sure where to put it as this is my first post (on any forum website) Details: 2 Black masked lovebirds. Pet store we got them from said they were about 8 months (don't know if true or not) Both male and are bonded to one another. I...
  19. P

    Need help choosing between a Budgerigar and a Cockatiel!

    Hi everyone! I’m new here. We’ve been thinking of purchasing a new bird for a while now and we’ve narrowed it down to a budgie and a cockatiel. We used to have a green budgie, but unfortunately he passed away back in 2020 after 9 years. We love budgies but we feel that a new one might never...
  20. BirdiLover

    Bird has a foul smell on the beak, what to do?

    Yesterday I noticed that my greenfinch was lethargic and started smelling foul around the beak. He pooped normally which didn’t smell unusual but he didn’t want to eat, drink or do anything. After a few hours he became active again and started to recover from this lethargic state. He even wanted...