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bird advice

  1. Steph6241

    Paraffin Wax Machine?

    Hey everyone! I have a baby parakeet (named Frankie!) and I just got a therapeutic paraffin wax machine for my arthritis - it’s essentially a metal tub of melted and unscented paraffin wax. From researching, I know that both burning candles and melting scents with paraffin wax are harmful to...
  2. Mo Amjad

    Bird baths

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if it's normal for a bird to take baths every day?. My ringneck takes baths in his water bowl sometimes more than once a day. I give him showers twice a week so I was wondering if it's normal or can it be something else? He's free of parasites as I took him to the...
  3. Bri_:3

    my budgie :)

    I have had great progress with Kiwi, she can fly now and she is in the process of learning how to step up. We are training her and making sure she is safe. When we saw her on Sunday, she was flying all around and she seemed to love being in my hair. She kept on flying to the top of my head and...
  4. Bri_:3

    I am getting a Cockatiel very soon and I need help

    I am getting a cockatiel in like 4 weeks. I have no idea where to get one except Petsmart. Is it ok to get a cockatiel from here. I have no idea if it will be hand raised and will scared of me. I live in Indiana, is there anyway I could adopt from somewhere else. I have looked at numerous...
  5. M

    Can Everybody Get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease?

    Hi, I bought 4 pair Budgies and 1 pair Cockatiels since 4 month. I keep them separate room in my house. Today I notice, The Bird owner get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease from these birds. After that now I am very afraid. But I also love birds. But I heard and I read that The Bird Fancier's Lung...
  6. olivia

    Urgent My love bird ate some garlic

    Help my love bird ate some garlic while i was cutting some up and i read online that garlic can be very bad for parrots. Kino's a little love bird so i don't know how much it will affect him, should i call in to the vet pronto or wait to see what happens? I most likely will have to wait a...
  7. WallyCockatiel

    Bird’s pin feathers

    I have a 6-month old, wing-clipped male cockatiel (you can see him in my profile pic), he hasn’t molted yet. I noticed ever since we got him (about 3 months ago) he has these pin feathers all around his neck and head. He is super comfortable with me touching him but I never gave him a scritch...
  8. B

    Looking for advice on first bird

    Hello everyone! I have been interested in bird ownership for quite a while and have been doing a lot of research for the past few months. The problem I am having now is that I am not sure what type of bird would be best for me, there are so many that I am interested in. I have had some people...
  9. Pixiie10

    Urgent I don’t know what to do... HELP

    Hi everyone, I didn’t know under which forum to post this thread so I chose here because I’m still new to Avian Avenue. Anyways, my almost 2 years old female cockatiel has spent almost a month and half sitting on her infertil eggs. I want her to stop how can I do that? I’m very concerned. I’m...
  10. parrotkid

    Make my own Bird Stand?

    Hello, I am in Australia and I read in another thread we won't be able to get Java wood here. I am wondering what any alternatives would be and where to find nice branches? I was thinking Gumtree/Eucalyptus wood but not sure where to get it. Thanks
  11. Pip and Gracie

    How to get bird to eat veggies and fruit?

    I always supply my bird with fruits and veggies but she never eats them, i always find them thrown to the bottom of her cage. How do i get her to eat them.
  12. Pip and Gracie

    My bird hitting her bell

    I've noticed that when my bird plays with her bell she plays with it rather aggressively, is that normal? She will slam her beak into it and it seems like she's almost attacking it. It looks like she keeps going back and forth from playing with it to fighting with it.
  13. Pip and Gracie

    My parakeet wont leave her corner

    I just got a parakeet from the shelter and we set up her cage and transferred her. She is already trained to perch on your finger but she will not let me take her out of her cage and she just stands in the corner and will not eat or play with her toys. It's only been a day but i'm worried and...
  14. Pip and Gracie

    Do budgies have to be in pairs?

    I am getting a parakeet from the shelter and she is alone. I was wondering if I would need to get another parakeet from the store to accompany her? Is it a necessity or not?
  15. Elyse

    Sun Conure’s Foot is Red?

    hello! So lately (since yesterday) I have noticed my 5 month old sun conure Skylar’s one foot is red. It looks kind of irritated but I don’t know. He spends a lot of time on the sides of his cage. I believe this is because he is a baby and doesn’t quite grip the perch well yet. Anyway I was...
  16. Zeke&tiki

    Help! Lorikeet doesn't stop screaming!! Tried everything!

    hi guys! I'm a new member and I'm urgently seeking some advice from people who have successfully been able to get their bird to stop screaming. I've spent so much time and money trying to get my little guy to stop screaming and nothing has worked, and I feel like I'm at the crisis point now...
  17. Rivka

    sun conure nippy

    Hi my sun conure is 6 months and she’s very friendly but she bites me a lot on my fingers, ears and neck. A lot of times it really hurts when she bites. She loves chewing on wood and her toys but I don’t know what the deal with her chewing on me is. How can I make her stop? I know not to yell...
  18. Cayleigh-Anne

    What kind of Mousebird do I have?

    Hi I found a Mousebird but im not sure what kind it is. Please help me identify my birdie. He/she is about 4-5 weeks old. In South Africa
  19. Rivka

    What’s my sun conure doing

    hey so I recently took my sun conure to the bet bcs she’s been sneezing a lot and they gave me medication to give her and said it’s prob a upper respitory infection. Anyways she’s already off her medication and is supposed to be healed by now. I’m worried bcs she’s still sneezing lots but she’s...
  20. EarthToEcho

    Are we bonded?

    How do I know if my bird is bonded with me? I like to think he is, but I worry that its only because I'm the main person in his life, and I'm not sure if he's actually bonded to me. What are some ways I can tell if he is or not? (pictures for fun :)