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  1. Eqiine

    Feet looking less crusty after misting

    Hey! I just wanted to share a bit of my surprise. (In retrospect, this is so glaringly obvious). I’ve started misting my Tiel down every day or so (it’s starting to really warm up here) and I’ve just realised how much better her feet look. They used to be scaly and dry-looking, but now they...
  2. V

    Bathing with my cockatiel question

    My cockatiel won’t take a bath unless I take her into the shower and she basically watched me and then joined finally… I have heard not to let the water go in their nares, but she loves to let the water just hit her whole head and pour on her from the shower head . Is it okay to let her do it...
  3. Shroomie

    Rockstar rocking a mohawk

    I woke up, got all Rockys stuff in order... then I heard a huge splash! Turn around and he is dancing in his waterbowl! What a dirty bird! He is molting so I bet that bath felt very nice! He'll be looking brand new after he dries a little.
  4. outmaww

    A lot of questions... and baby's first real bath :)

    I've had my baby 'tiel for about a month now, and things are going... fairly well, I'd say! Her name is G.B., and she's a common gray. I've been gathering a few questions to ask that I've tried researching and didn't get very good answers for. So I figured to just put them all into one post to...
  5. E

    Cockatiel screams while bathing

    When I bath my cockatiel he loves it, but at the same time he starts screaming like when something hurts him. I don't know why does it happen, I'm so confused because when he sees the water running or the spary bottle, he wants so bad to get a bath :/
  6. B

    Need advice on bird bath

    My Java Rice Finches have decided their water dish is their bathtub and they bathe daily. So I bought a birdbath thing I can attach to the side of their cage, less invasive than sticking my hands in all the time to take it out and put it in. Problem is, they won't touch it, not even close. Their...
  7. C

    At what age can a budgie take a bath?

    My baby budgie is now more than 1 month old. He looks so dirty and has a lot of food formula stuck on the side of his beak. Can I give him a bath?
  8. Beakz

    Makes weird sound after bath

    My girlie loves her baths (which she usually has under the running sink water) I’ve noticed lately that she makes a wheezy sound? Like if she aspirated water, she’s done this a couple times and it really scares me, and after this happens she wants to continue bathing and will throw a fit, today...
  9. asrielshaven

    How do your IRNs like to be bathed?

    Looking to introduce my baby Indian Ringneck to bathing soon! He's still young, but we still need to keep those feathers clean :p What methods do you all use? I've heard from several sources that these birds are not the biggest fans of water, but of course each one's an individual. I was...
  10. AbnormalAvian

    Reluctant Bather

    Jedi HATES baths. I just spent nearly 30 minutes helping him with his pinfeathers, and when I was done, he had pinfeather dust all over him and smelled kinda gross. I offered him both a bowl of water as well as a spray bath, but he still refused. Eventually I just sprayed him down despite him...
  11. Katalina

    Hello! I've got a complicated Cockatiel.

    Hello all! I've been lurking around reading a lot of really helpful posts here, but I have to admit I have a few more questions than I've found answers for. I apologize in advance if this is too long. So the backstory: December of last year (2018) I re-homed a 9 year old cockatiel. I'm at least...
  12. Asula

    Is my conure bathing too much?

    My conure bathes every day. Usually that's fine but lately im noticing her feathers are looking fringed and a bit on the down side. It's only her wing and back feathers. So, I'm wondering if it's because shes bathing too much or if it's some kind of vitamin deficiency? Any help would be greatly...
  13. Rallio

    New bird mom and 3 month old cockatiel - hello!

    Hello to everyone! As the title suggests, I've got a young cockatiel (Ventus) and it's my first time bringing a bird home. I've had mostly rodent friends until now, so I am somewhat prepared for the "building trust with a prey animal" dynamic. Ventus (in my profile pic!) is a super sweetie...
  14. S

    Advice Needed: My Cockatoo Hates Baths and Other Things

    I just got a cockatoo a few months ago. His name is Snowball and he is a sweetie. He has a few small issues, that I'm curious on how to fix. The first is what I posted this for initially. Snowball HATES bathing. He wasnt that well taken care of, and for 23 years at that. When we got him, I...
  15. birdashes

    Hates showers ... but likes ‘air’ bathes?

    Hi! Wow it’s been awhile since I was on here... So my RB2 hates showers. I rarely shower him due to how much he HATES them. I think he is mostly afraid of the spray bottle, but I’m not sure. It’s very frustrating , because he gets to the point where he really needs a bath but it scares him.. so...
  16. Cockatango

    Dislikes wet food & baths

    Tango is 18 months old and is mainly living off seeds. I try to give her fruits and veggies, but she doesn't seem to like wet food. She's fine with broccoli or lettuce, but foods like fresh apple, grapes, or strawberries not so much. The moment her beak touches them, she shakes her head like...
  17. S


    How did you guys get your cockatiel to use a bird bath. I have the kind that hangs on the cage but they won't go anywhere near it, I left it in the cage for two days and nothing. I have resorted to using a mist sprayer but that wets everything around the cage including the carpet. The bath...
  18. Atomiklan

    Vacuum = Bath

    Does anyone else's parrot take a bath every time they hear the vacuum cleaner. Lada's (Eckie) parront warned me about this. She said, every time she runs the vacuum, all her birds including Lada all take a bath (or pretend to take a bath) when they hear a vacuum. Does this happen to anyone else...
  19. ConureMom95

    Baby wants to bathe... but won't

    Hey there! I'm super new to this and I'm a pretty new bird mom. I have two lively conures a green cheek and a gold cap. The green cheek is a bit older and more accustomed to things. He's very adventurous and will try whatever we put in front of him. The gold cap is a bit more timid with things...
  20. I


    Hello guys, First post here :) I have an answered question, no where on Google. My Lorikeet, Rainbow, is bathing too many times a day. When I say bathing, I mean self-bathing. He (or she) just go to the water dish, and starting soaking himself over and over. The water dish is on the top of the...