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A lot of questions... and baby's first real bath :)


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I've had my baby 'tiel for about a month now, and things are going... fairly well, I'd say! Her name is G.B., and she's a common gray. I've been gathering a few questions to ask that I've tried researching and didn't get very good answers for. So I figured to just put them all into one post to avoid the hassle. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply!

1) Took her first sink bath today!! I've been doing spray baths, but she won't stand still for them and I haven't really been able to get her clean. Today, I filled the sink with a little water and turned on the faucet just barely, and she jumped right in! Splashed around, spread her wings, got herself all nice and wet. She seemed to really enjoy it. My question is how do you dry them? She hates towels, always has, since I got her from the breeder. I just let her dry out in the air this time and had her play with her toys on a blanket in an attempt to make sure she didn't get too cold (little girl was shivering). But it was very successful today! I'm looking forward to how this will pan out in the future.
Here's some pics of the wet little baby! She looks like she's drowning in her feathers lol

20220623_102105.jpg 20220623_102100.jpg

2) Hissing. So much hissing. She's only started doing it this past week: hissing at fingers when we try to get her down from shoulders, hissing at anything moving too quickly, hissing at me brushing my hair, hissing at everything that frightens or inconvinences her, but especially when she's taken down from shoulders. It's gotten worrisome. When we take her down, she will hiss and beak, and if we don't get her up quick enough, she's started to actually bite, hard. This seems to have come out of nowhere, but I know there's a reason for it. Any ideas?

3) She sometimes yawns a LOT in rapid succession. When I see it, I think of a cat trying to cough up a hairball, so I worry there's something stuck in her throat. But it doesn't seem to cause her pain, she doesn't make any coughing noises or of the sort, and it doesn't happen too often, just enough that I wonder if it's something to worry about.

That's just a few questions I've had that I didn't want to make seperate posts for. Thanks for reading!!


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You do not need to dry your bird. It will happen by itself. The reason she might be hissing on your shoulder is because she is getting territorial of it and deos not want to get off. The other times she hisses is likely because she gets spooked or scared. If she is getting agressive of your shoulder, don't let her be on your shoulder for awhile. It's definitely a habit you don't want to create.