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  1. TurquoiseBirb

    Back Again (:

    My lil dude has been doing quite well! Step up training went great. He is going through his nippy stage currently but don't they all haha. Anyway, the only naughty thing is he will not stop shaking his water dish!! He doesnt do it to the food ones. He grabs onto the side of the water...
  2. TurquoiseBirb


    My bird HATES hands. Hes soo sweet and curious, and does love people (trying to get my attention currently cause im on my phone which is his new thing) and obviously wants to explore (needs to get his flight feathers back in, because he wont let me pick him up to explore). I've been trying...
  3. sambarbershoe

    Urgent 4 week lovebird not eating

    Hello! I'm Sam I have been hand feeding my 4 week old lovebird baby since she/he was 6 days old and keeping her in a brooder i made with a light bulb and the temperature doesn't go lower than 30C /86F - because the parents had abandoned her. I've noticed she is growing a little slower than...
  4. C

    Baby SunConure makes Dolphin noises?!?

    Hello Everyone, I have recently bought a three week old baby sun conure, named Mango (three days ago). However, on the second day of bringing him home Mango has been making these weird "dolphin" like noises along with poking his head up and down after he eats, when he wakes up, and randomly...
  5. Alexi

    Falling off Perch?

    Hello Everyone! I posted a bit back about my little Cockatiel, Nimbus (He's almost 5 months old) but now I have a new concern and though I've read up about it I'm still curious to see what the lovely people of the site have to say. Nimbus falls off his perch when he sleeps, once or maybe even...
  6. Alexi

    My 4 month old Cockatiel won't wean!

    Hello everyone! My name is Alexi (I'm new here) and I have a 4 month old grey cockatiel male named Nimbus. My fiance and I have had him since he was 4 weeks old and have hand reared him ourselves mostly. We got him from a breeder in Johannesburg South Africa who seemed nice enough even though...
  7. Quill

    New Linnie

    I'm planning on buying a Linnie after my first exam tomorrow. They're being sold for $100 at my local pet store. I was wondering if this Linnie looks healthy enough for me to bring home! I see no mucus or any crust around the nose and eyes are very clear. He is only 10 - 11 weeks old.
  8. M

    Looking for Blue Crown Conure from Illinois

    Cliff the breeder from Rockford ILlinois adopted my female blue Crown 11 years ago. I heard he passed away and MAYBE our Blue Crown is still out there looking for a forever home??!!!! We moved out of state and let Cliff haVe her. Our family was hoping SOMEWAY SOMEHOW we could reconnect with...
  9. haze

    Pictures Say Hello to Biscuit!

    Yesterday I finally got to pick up the baby I've been waiting for! She(?) is a pineapple/cinnamon mix. As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and chirped. She proceeded to flutter onto my arm and then climb up all over me. She loves to lay on her back in my hand and is just so sweet! She's...