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  1. S

    Pictures i don’t know if my lovebird egg is gonna hatch

    i need help, my beautiful lovebird laid 3 eggs, 2 of them are infertile and one of them look like it’s fertile but i don’t know if it’s going to hatch.
  2. Fawnia

    Green Cheek Hates Hands... But Loves Me!

    Hello, it has been a week since I have had my first 4 month old GCC ^^ He is awesome, very playful and loves being on me. The first thing he does when I open is cage is try to get on my shoulder. He is starting to learn too that nipping can hurt me, so he stills tries to nip, but not so it...
  3. haze

    Help!! Night Fright Question

    My baby is coming home this weekend, and an issue I had previously overlooked has begun bothering me. I am a student, and I am concerned that my alarm clock going off early in the morning might trigger my bird to have a night fright. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Hoping it...
  4. haze

    Help!! Is she feeding it?

    Hi, my budgie’s first egg of her clutch hatched yesterday evening, and I am unsure if she has been feeding it. Its crop appears empty but the bird’s belly looks very round, although that could be from absorbing what was left of the egg. I have only checked on it a few times but I have yet to see...
  5. A

    My GCC will no longer "step up"?

    Hi there everyone! - I'm new to Avian Avenue and I have a new green cheek conure that I've had for just a few weeks (my first bird, too!). I didn't ask his exact age but it sounded like he is only several months old, less than a year at least. When I got him he would eagerly step up either onto...
  6. haze

    New Baby!!

    Yesterday I put down a deposit on a baby whiteface cockatiel! They hatched only a few days ago, so when they start to get their pin feathers I will choose which one will be coming home with me. The breeder says they should be nearly weaned by the end of December, so that’s probably when my baby...
  7. T

    3 week old love bird won’t eat. Help!!

    hi guys, two days ago I was given a 3 week old lovie orphan. I’ve hand raised cocktails in the past with no issues but my new lovie won’t eat formula! I’ve tried syringe and spoon, changing formulas but I’ve had no luck. I’ve only managed to half fill his crop twice in two days. He won’t open...
  8. Nestum

    Pictures Drinking water

    I remember saying that my new cockatiel was 1month old but he's actually 2 months and a week. I only learned that you shouldn't take birds who aren't fully weaned after the fact, so now it's my responsibility, but I only need to handfeed him once a day at night. It has been very smooth...
  9. J

    Bird/Baby Relationship

    Hello, we have an Ekkie, and she is deeply loved here, but she is getting pretty aggressive with our son. She climbs over any barrier we put in to separate her from our son (15 months). He absolutely loves her, and keeps his distance most of the time. She has bitten him a few times now when we...
  10. PrinceMonroe

    How low should I put perches for a baby?

    how low should I keep perches for a baby and how long should i keep them low for? going to start setting up cora's cage soon and I was thinking maybe two feet from the bottom for the highest one. I'm also probably going to pad the bottom with extra newspaper for a while in case she falls.
  11. F

    Squeaking before pooing and stretching

    Hello everyone! Recently I became the proud new owner of a beautiful green cheek conure, Manny. Manny is fully fledged but is still very much a baby. He eats on his own, knows how to step up and is a wild man for the most part. The only other bird I’ve had is a cockatiel. With my tiel I know...
  12. Kiko&Mango

    Our Little Ones Have Arrived

    Our 2 baby girl caiques just arrived this morning and we're overjoyed to have them! However, we have a few questions and are hoping people here have had experience and can give us some guidance. They just arrived this morning and are not fully weaned. We have the syringes and formula but they...
  13. M

    Feeling sadness and guilt. Looking for thoughts.

    *Long read-thankful for any advice* Four weeks ago my life was changed when I brought home my baby conure Billie. Two days ago it changed again when she passed away. She was just four months old, and my heart is broken to pieces. Our little family was me, my boyfriend, and Billie.. who we had...
  14. T

    Baby Lovebird Advice

    I've got a bit of a wild story, and I'm looking for advice from some lovebird experts... I live in Phoenix, AZ, and for those of you who do not know, we actually have a thriving population of African lovebirds (the populations started from birds that escaped from pet stores). They only survive...
  15. Saya

    Growing up and growing wings

    My baby starling (they are legal to keep as pets) has, in the past 4 days, gained the ability of flight (he's about 3 to 4 weeks old). He has started getting into really high places where I'd prefer him not be such as on top of ceiling fans and on cabinets. He is the sweetest little thing and...
  16. Hriday_the19th

    3-week GCC {help!!!}-IlivinINDIA.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I did my research on which bird would be best for me and fell in love with green cheeks and am planning to buy a new this week. so went to this so-called aviary who was more of a bird breeder who doesn't like to be called so. he showed me 4 green cheek...
  17. E

    Should I get it? or no?

    58 days hand rasied male Eclectus baby. As a beginning, please give some advise on this bird base from these pictures. Thanks everyone! Parents are healthy and no peaking feather histories. I think he got a really cute face. <58days> <55days>
  18. L

    Help taming my baby lovebird??

    I have just recently purchased a male lovebird from a bird store two days ago. The vendor said he was still a baby so it would be easy to train. He said in order to train it I have to grab it from its cage and take it outside and get it used to my hands? I am skeptical about this because the...
  19. L

    Help taming my baby lovebird??

    I have just recently purchased a male lovebird from a bird store two days ago. The vendor said he was still a baby so it would be easy to train. He said in order to train it I have to grab it from its cage and take it outside and get it used to my hands? I am skeptical about this because the...
  20. issajoy

    Macaw weights?

    Hi everybirdie, I was wondering what most of your macaws weigh, and how old they are, ect. My Ollie weighed 787g when she was weighed at the vet at the beginning of November, I weighed her today for the first time (scale FINALLY came in the mail), and she's only up to 830g. I was wondering if...